Thursday, September 4, 2008

Will America Be Attacked on 9-11-08?

Could America be the victim of another surprise attack on September 11th, 2008? I believe it's not only possible, it's extremely likely. Knowing how risky it is to make such a bold statement, I am willing to stake my claim at Prophecy by saying that yes, it will happen.

I have been pondering and hesitating over the post you are about to read for a very long time. But that is because I haven't heard the deep, separate, and echoey voice of God saying "Yes, America will be attacked by that Wolf who cries Terrorist (George Bush) on 9-11-08". I also don't know what will happen on the day itself.

What I have experienced are ideas, observations, and random thoughts that are more solid than my normal thoughts. These thoughts make me feel as though I know with certainty things that I have no business of knowing. I have always been very skeptical about those thoughts, and ashamed to experience them, because I knew that thoughts like that are a symptom of insanity. But I have come to believe that the prophets of the Old Testament also have those thoughts. And I'm willing to take the gamble and stake my reputation on this prophecy. We'll know for certain next Thursday.

Below is an account of when those "more solid thoughts" about Bush and 9-11-08 struck me:

1. In late November 2000, while the first Bush election was still up for grabs, I was in the car with my cousin Matt, and we were listening to "Antichrist Superstar"...Suddenly, I was compelled to tell him, "If Bush somehow wins this election, and then proves that he has been lying about all of his Christian morals of peace and compassion, and he somehow invades Iraq, you just watch, he'll turn out to be the Antichrist, because God wouldn't stand for it." I didn't take my own advice, and didn't really come to believe that Bush is the Antichrist until December 2004, but that was the first heavy thought.

2. On 9-11-01, when everything was falling apart, and everyone was in some state of shock, I had a certain thought that the Antichrist was behind the attacks, and that there would be another event, but not for another seven years (9-11-08). Sure enough, with Anthrax, and Snipers and School shootings plaguing America in the years between, there has not been a single attack on America that has been linked to Al Qaeda in the seven years since 9-11. I didn't believe that Bush was the Antichrist on that day. Like many, I suspected that it was Osama Bin Laden. But I knew the Antichrist was behind the attacks.

3. A week after 9-11-01, I went to church with my Mom, and instead of the normal Wednesday night Bible study, Trinity Broadcasting Network was holding a nationally televised prayer meeting in the sanctuary. At first, I just sat and listened to the angry, hurt, and vengeful prayers. I hoped that someone in line would set the course straight and pray for forgiveness...but none did. When I realized that none would say that, I got in the line. As I stood there I prayed that I was being rash, that there wasn't a spiritual cancer in the heart of the congregation that forgot forgiveness when it was needed the most. I prayed that someone else, anyone else, would say what was on my heart. None did.

At that time, I saw a very clear vision of America's destiny. I saw two paths ahead of the intersection of 9-11, and I knew that our reaction would determine which path we would go on. I knew for certain that we had to make the right choice, and go on the right path as soon as possible, because God would allow only seven years of this gross misrepresentation of Christ. I knew that if we fed the fear and the hatred in our souls, and if we believed that it was righteous, we would be doomed as a nation. I knew that we would be withered up in seven years time...and here we are. I also saw another pathway ahead of America, the high road. The way of peace, and mercy, and love. The way that normal Americans were when they responded to the victims of 9-11. I knew the greatest obstacle ahead of us was learning how important it is to love our enemies. And I knew that if we couldn't learn that, like the unforgiving servant, we would be judged as guilty by God himself.

4. In late December 2004, when the Tsunami hit, I felt like I was snapped out of a trance by the massive tragedy. It was then that I prayed for God to show me what was really going on in the world; if these were signs of the end; and if the Antichrist really was in power somewhere. I had an incredible hunger to get to the bottom of this "end of days" question, and to seek the truth at any cost. In short, I finally gave weight to some suspicions that I had for years...and my life was forever changed because of it. Two days later, I first saw the "Bush Is Antichrist" website, and a lot of things about the world seemed to come into sharp focus and make more sense.

5. In August 2005, eight months after coming to believe that Bush is the Antichrist, I started doing some real research about the 9-11 attacks. I soon realized that amazingly enough, 9-11 itself was carried out by a shadowy Western elite (and George Bush was in on it...which explains the strange behavior of the Secret Service that morning, along with a whole series of spiritual and moral questions). I later found out that Adolph Hitler created the Nazi dictatorship out of a German democracy based on "false flag" terrorist attacks, and the promise of enhanced security. But more on the serious Hitler/Bush connections in a later post.

6. Leading up to the 2006 elections, The head of the house I am living in was speculating that the Bush administration would stage another false-flag "terrorist attack" before the '06 Congressional elections. He felt that Bush couldn't afford to lose control of Congress to the Democrats that year, and so he would have to attack, or risk impeachment. My view was different. We all had our moments of speculation and analysis. We all wanted to know what would happen. This was the fall of 2006. My speculation felt more like a proclamation, and while it seemed pretty unlikely, I was very sure that it would happen. This is what I said:

"I believe that the Bush administration will wait until they're ready. I don't think they will be impeached unless it's part of the plan, But when they do strike, Karl Rove is going to be in legal trouble, and Bush is going to be going through some sort of Impeachment process. His impeachment will probably still be in debate on the house floor when it happens. Why do that? Because it would create a wave of sentiment for the Bush administration. They will go through the motions of being held accountable to what's left of the law, and then we will be attacked, to break the sovereignty of the law by the urgent need for security. The next major "Terrorist Attack" against America will happen right near the end of his term, because why would Bush waste his official time in office? He has no reason to attack until the clock is almost up, and he has to have some sort of excuse to continue in office, and that excuse will come from chaos. He will at least try to spin declaring Martial Law as a "public service", or a "last resort"...but it's really a massive power grab. I also think he struck a deal with some of the corporate heads who are a part of this Bohemian Grove / Bilderberg conspiracy. Bush promised to keep things peaceful for a set amount of time, so that they could maximize their profits, and maximize the debt of the masses during that time. I believe it's going to happen on September 11th 2008".

And here we are today...The economy is in shambles: we are experiencing a worldwide food and fuel crisis, an above-average abundance of Natural Disasters. In May of this year Asia experienced two extremely devastating natural disasters, Typhoon Nagis, and an earthquake in China. In June the Mississippi River flooded many areas along it's coast in the great floods of '08, and Dennis Kusinich introduced 35 articles for impeachment against George W Bush. In July, Karl Rove was held in Contempt of Congress because he didn't show up to testify in regards to the recent Justice Department scandal. So my improbable "speculation" has been coming true exactly so far.

On August 8th, The morning of the Olympics grand opening, Georgia (believing they were backed by NATO) began bombing the separatist region of South Ossetia (which is largely composed of Russian-speakers, and is part of the pre-communist Russian empire)...Russia fought back with a massive demonstration of military might, and there is talk now about how we are in a New Cold War. On August 18th, Perez Musharraf stepped down as president, leaving Pakistan in a "political vacuum". Things are shaky right now, and they could tip over very easily, but people are still looking away, still hoping for deliverance in the next presidential administration.

If there is a terrorist attack on September 11th, it would cause at least part of the "9-11 truth" movement to hit the streets in hope of starting a revolution. An attack on that day might also cause some gun-loving evangelicals to snap, and go on a crusade to kill liberals and "secular humanists" in the name of the Lord. Seven years is, after all, a very significant time-frame for people who are fascinated with the apocalypse in the mainstream church, and there are plenty of dangerous people who are obsessed with Armageddon, and have been taught for the past seven years that the "War on Terrorism" is righteous. So in some ways, 9-11 is the Achilles heel of America. After the reaction from the masses, Bush would have no choice but to declare Martial law, and use those Halliburton-built concentration camps to "quell domestic dissent".

In the movie, The Devils' Advocate, Al Pacino (the Devil) says, "I'm a surprise, they don't see me coming". Bush's plan is simple, and devious: it is to take over the world. He has the same ambition as Adolph Hitler...but for some reason, most people aren't willing or able to see that about him. He will strike on 9-11, and use the strike as an excuse to gather more power. And most just don't see him coming. But some do, praise God.


faithful forever said...

I am in awe of your courage and your conviction on this matter. May the good Lord continue to guide you so in turn we may be blessed.

I know you had two choices here involving this matter and I am glad you did not choose the safe route which would have been to lay low, keep it to yourself and see what happens on 911. Again, I am thankful that you did not play it safe and have chosen instead to speak out.

With that said, I have been having those random thoughts that are more solid than my own like such as when I would register my child for school, or mark an appointment on the calendar that 'it won't matter' or 'it won't come to pass' so I completely understand your insanity concept. I don't believe either one of us is crazy.

Thank you young brother for taking a stand and laying your heart on the line. I have been forewarned and may many see your message so they too can better prepare spiritually.

I love you my young brother in Christ. I pray for preparedness for all His people for the coming days ahead.

faithful forever said...

Those who have been serving the wrong master are not going to have an easy time of it:

Anonymous said...

Instead of shouting "Country First" we should shout...."God First". Instead of making fun of Community Organizers we need to step up to the plate and help. To truly live the words of Jesus: "When you do it to the least among you, you do it to me."

young brother said...

anonymous, Amen!

Forever Faithful, thank you. it was a risky move, but one that has been honestly taken in faith. All of those stories, those heavy thoughts were dismissible by themselves, but taken together with what has happened, I just can't play it safe. Josh gave me a "go-ahead" with his last post, and you posted an encouraging comment in the article below exactly 1 minute before I posted this, so it looks like it was the right move...I guess we'll see soon enough.

faithful forever said...

Indeed, anonymous, God first in all things. I echo young brother's Amen.

YB, I know and believe your bold step has honestly been taken in faith and this is what makes it beautiful and it still will be beautiful even if it does not come to pass which I tend to think something will happen more likely than not. I suppose unless moved in some way, we should treat it like any other day and go about our business although I am seriously thinking about scheduling the day off...that's always a good thing anytime any way! Would love to hear anyone's thoughts on their plans.

You had mentioned the seven years being prophetic and I am wondering if you are referring to those who believe they are bringing about the Second Coming as a way of mocking the Bible and making it believable to those who follow them.

Very observant about the times; actually we were probably posting at the exact time but my dinosaur dial-up took longer - The Body of Christ is an amazing thing to behold.

Keepin' the faith always.
Love and prayers.

Anonymous said...

A good read.

Stay blessed and keep looking up!


Anonymous said...

About the Vice-President nomination of Palin: She is not what ~they~ are portraying her. Get the facts. It is very possible things will start on 9/11. Natural disaster might start it.

faithful forever said...

INN World Report and/or DemocracyNow! reported yesterday that Palin is one of those rapture nuts - you know the ones who believe they are doing God's work by creating armageddon conditions on earth so Jesus can return and ~they~ will be raptured out of the tribulation with the rest of us useless bottom feeders left to be destroyed for not believing as they do. No surprises there either.

Ike is supposed to hit on Sunday if I am not mistaken. Hanna has hit the east coast by now and I hope things are as good as they can be for our brothers and sisters who are there.

Anonymous (if that's not Annon), a big welcome, and thank for the link - going to check it out right now.

Pray about everything...more than ever.

Love and holy kisses.

faithful forever said...

In the words of Les Visible:

You’ve got a lot to think about in these coming months. A lot of things are going to happen and they are going to change your world. And I do need to point out that after God has his morning coffee (already in progress) he is first going to dispense some blessings and after that… after that… he is going to kick some ass.

Anonymous said...

To friends from Stephen's old site: I am glad to have found you. I wasn't sure what happened to the other blog. I seldom posted on Stephen's blogsite, but read almost everything on it. I felt I had lost my community until I found you on this site.

young brother said...

Anonymous, welcome to our new "home". Please feel free to contribute more, if you'd like. It's good to know that you're there even if you prefer to just read.

Hannah came through North Carolina last night. We live about two football fields away from a usually flows a good 8 to 10 feet below the edge of the riverbank...right now it has flooded it's banks and is about half as close to our house as it was yesterday. The river went from a lazy trickle to a massive flow of brown water because of Hannah, but it hasn't reached our house(thank God).

faithful forever said...

A blessing of joy that you are back home anonymous; I am thankful.

Speaking of 'natural disasters,' Ike is due to strike in 4-5 days, putting the 11th right in its' sights. The people of Haiti are being hit really hard and please keep them in our prayers. The suffering is immeasurable throughout the whole world.

A third US naval ship has reached the Black Sea...just after Cheney's visit. Pakistan has blocked off a pipeline from NATO and this could make for an explosive (no real pun intended) situation.

I am glad to hear that all is as well as it can be young brother and I pray that it stays that way.

These days...heavy sigh.

But, rejoice! for the Messiah is coming; amen He is coming to reign forever and ever.

NathanDave said...

Hey all,

I want to leave a list of general comments which are centered around this theme: Rejoice for Jesus has already overcome this world system! And, if God is with us than who can stand against us. Fear not!

The tone of this blog has become increasingly fearful, and as I love all of you in Christ, I feel I need to intervene at this point.

Nuclear War is in no way inevitable. It is the plan of the evil ones to start a nuclear war in order to diminish the surplus population, making humanity easier to control. God knows their plan, and it is the plan known symbolically as Gog and Magog, the war against "God's people, who live in cities without walls." In other words, the evil leaders of today's world system will arise like a "cloud" and attempt to wage a war of extermination against the world's poor and working classes, that is all of US, but especially Christians, Jews, and Muslims. It is going on right now (see Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein), but they hope to build to a crescendo with a massive war of East versus West. And they believe they will emerge from their underground bunkers to rule as Gods over whatever is left, like the Pheonix rising from the ashes (see the back of the dollar bill, The Eagle is similar to the ancient Pheonix).

God knows their plan. He needs US ALL to believe in him and to not rest on our butts! Wake up! Nothing is inevitable! Faith can move mountains, raise the dead, and overcome the gates of hell. The evil ones want us to think this is God's plan, but it is their plan, hatched in the bowels of hell! God is allowing portions of it to succeed in order to arouse his end times people to battle! We must call for God's power to resist the plans of domination. Our God is more powerful than any man made weapon. Believe it, and start acting on it, and stop waiting for destruction. Because what I read in scripture is that those who are thrown into the lake of fire in Revelation are those aligned with Satan, the Beast, and the false prophet, not HIS OWN. God will act but he can only act through his people, and if we really are his then it is time for us to STAND UP like men and women of faith. I can not tell you how to do that, you must figure that out in your own conscience. But I know it does not mean waiting for these bloodsuckers to launch a nuclear war. Sorry, that idea is hell inspired. God did not send his son to die so that we can all be burned in nuclear fire, of that I am sure.

Also, numerology is not evil in and of itself (they are just numbers, man made symbols). While I have no idea what happened to Matt, I do know that numerology is evident throughout scripture, including the Book of Revelation. If one uses numbers for magical purposes(as the evil ones do) then of course one opens oneself up to the possibility of evil oppression.

Kelly said...

Hello all,

It has been some time since I have posted, but have been reading when I have the opportunity, and you are all often in my thoughts and prayers.

I've been watching some of the debates and political news, not wholeheartedly, as I've been incredibly busy with work and just a little sick of the whole McCain/Obama/Palin debate that's waging...I caught a snippet of Mitt Romney's speech at the Republican Convention and felt almost disturbed when he mentioned that America is a Christian nation and doing the will/will go back to doing the will of the Almighty, not sure of his exact words, but it just really stuck in my spirit how 'spiritual' his speech was.

I got into a conversation with an old friend the other day and couldn't believe what I was hearing when she blatantly said that we as a nation will be judged for allowing Islamic extremism to reign freely (whatever that means.)

She lives deep in the South, so suffice it to say, she's probably been swayed by some of her peers that feel as she does. She went on to say that, "I know Bush lied about the oil and such, but it doesn't mean that we as a nation should badmouth this man, he's a man of God."

Then, she went on to say that "some nations kill their people if they badmouth the president, we have it so good here."

This statement completely bothered me, and I got the most eery feeling when she made that irrational statement. I feel that burden of the war between good and evil on a daily basis...whether to respond out of love to people, or to lose my cool and really set them straight.

Jesus made it so apparent how we are to treat others and respond in is so clear...I only pray that I can be given more opportunities to help someone, rather than cut them down.

I can't even remember the last time I posted, but I haven't forgotten you all and wanted to check in...not sure what's been up here or if others have disappeared, but I am doing well (though very, very busy with work) and hope you all are well also!

young brother said...

NathanDave, it's good to have you back. I assure you that I did not intend to plant or develop a spirit of fear here. The 9-11 post has been developing for the past eight years (as you can see), and I was very reluctant to share it online, but I really believe that something will happen. And I believe just as strongly that even when Chaos descends of the Earth in the upcoming days, God will forever be in control. We are already safe, in the shadow of his hand, without needing to be raptured out of the Earth. We will remain safe no matter what terrible thing happens next. My peace, and my hope comes from a lot of different scriptures, and in prayer, but the best example of God's capabilities is the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego.

In the verse you referenced, Jesus promises, "In this world you will have tribulation, but fear not, for I have overcome the world". If I haven't explained that side of things enough, I apologize to everyone. NathanDave is right that we should not be afraid, because "Greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world".

Kelly, Welcome Back!! What great timing you have. It would be a blessing if you could write a blog post that shares more details of your encounter, and your impressions of that woman. What you shared in your comment confirms what I wrote in this post:

"An attack on 9-11-08 might also cause some gun-loving evangelicals to snap, and go on a crusade to kill liberals and "secular humanists" in the name of the Lord. Seven years is, after all, a very significant time-frame for people who are fascinated with the apocalypse in the mainstream church, and there are plenty of dangerous people who are obsessed with Armageddon, and have been taught for the past seven years that the "War on Terrorism" is righteous."

The devil seeks to destroy Christianity. He has led many sheep astray so far, and now he hopes to make them condemn themselves by persecuting the poor, the widows and orphans to the point of death. The normal neglect of the poor is terrible enough, but an Islamic holocaust (even a shortlived one) would be eternally damning. I am reading "American Fascists" right now, and I believe that George Bush has an army of Evangelicals at his disposal, and he intends to use them.

Fear Not, but also Stay Alert! Please contribute in words whatever you can, as you can. This blog is meant to be a group effort.

faithful forever said...

Yeah, we get to hear from nathandave and Kelly on the same day - this is a very good thing...great to hear from you both. Welcome back and I hope you don't stay away so long this time.

It is definitely getting harder listening to the lies for me as well, Kelly. I had a conversation with a co-worker the other day who loves and supports Sarah Palin and she was talking about what a great speech she gave, and I asked her what she thought about her comment that "Iraq is a task from God" and my co-worker said she agreed. These people really believe they own God and He is on our side in battling Islam and all evil. I told her that war can never be from God since Jesus' precious sacrifice and she said that she was not going to argue with me. (I didn't have any intention of arguing, but they see disagreeing as arguing and they have the majority on their side for certain). Jesus' message is that we are to love our enemies and vengence is His. We are to leave righting the wrongs to Him as He is the only one that can that can judge righteously. We fail to adhere to this simple message and twist it for our own righteousness and justification for aggression and oppression. I don't think they will ever listen or get it until Jesus shows them the error of their ways, but we can lovingly try to plant seeds. I ended the conversation with my co-worker as saying that anyone who believes that war is from God since Jesus' death should ask Him for more guidance on the matter. I sincerely hope and pray she does.

my brother nathandave, once again you strike the same chords within my spirit and I really love that and have missed it immensely. Many times I think of your words that nobody knows how this is going to be fulfilled. Indeed, He who is in us is far greater than he who is in the world and our God will not abandon His children, but it will be a very trying time like no other and being prepared for the worst while praying for the best under God's protection is imperative. I don't believe the whole world will be annhiliated by nukes, I do believe they will be used. God tells us that He will quicken the time of the end otherwise none would survive, and I believe He is referring to spiritually as well as physically. He is in control and He tells us not to fear; their plans will not come to fruitition and His words comfort and strengthen me because I do not fear any plans of the evil ones, but the evil ones are indeed plotting.

I find it very revealing that those like my co-worker and who Kelly was talking with have no second thoughts about expressing their beliefs while the truth falls silent in most instances because we know it is not accepted. One day soon this is going to change as the Lord burns up the Earth with the truth according to His word. This is what I am waiting for...patient endurance waiting on the Lord.

Love and prayers to all.

NathanDave said...

Now I know why I find my way back to you all, because this is my church, my fellow believers. I tell you that I too fear an unleashing of hell, and I agree FF, they will be used, but I think they will not go to their intended targets. Something tells me that the weapons will not obey their masters, but will instead turn on them.

Kelly, great post and great follow up as well FF. The hypocrisy of the right, especially evangelicals, is amazing to me. And ultimately what it says is that so-called Christian White Americans will not vote for a black man, period, even though the founder of their supposed Christian faith looked more like Obama than GW. Just goes to show who they worship. America is in a whole heap of trouble if McCain and Palin win.

Interesting, Biden has been openly critical of AIPAC and the Israelis in general. Seems he feels that Israel may have to learn to live with a nuclear Iran. While we still have the vote, vote for Obama and Biden. God may be giving us a chance at redemption.

faithful forever said...

yep, yep, yep, it is so good to have you back, nathandave. Can I beg you and Kelly now to stick around?!

Interesting statement of 'Something tells me that the weapons will not obey their masters, but will instead turn on them.' I can imagine God doing just this. However God fulfills His faithfulness to all His promises will be amazing to witness...all you have to do is look at where we have been already, which has been an incredible journey already and His people are awfully amazing also. God is good.

By trusting in God, we can hope and pray to be sealed by Him, and the angels will hold the destruction on the Earth long enough to ensure that we are not harmed. Yes indeed, how amazing is our God. We will not only get to witness His enemies made into His footstool, we may be counted worthy enough in some small way to be part of it. This thought brings a lot of joy. Witnessing our Lord receive the glory He is so deserving of after being denied by so many for so long after what He has done, is going to be indescribable. This is all about Jesus and His Second Coming, even when the serpent is being watched and discussed.

Thanks for the great conversation, and I am now officially begging you...hope you can stay to fellowship with us.

Love and His peace to all in our Savior's precious holy name.

Kelly said...

Thanks for the welcome 'back' and comments, YB, FF and Nathandave. What's amazing about the whole 'war on terror/extremism..' whatever they want to call it, is it's root in fear and negativity.

The whole scapegoat scenario is just a little too close to the 'blame the Jews' incident during WWII and the Salem Witch Trials, 'let's blame the evil ones for any of society's ills..'

And honestly, YB, I hadn't even read the post yet at the time when I responded today, so if what I said confirmed what you said, (which I now see, it was relevant) it's only God, right?

The gist of what my 'evangelical' old friend said, revolved around her views that on 9/11, everyone stood behind the President, had patriotism and thus..were fulfilling their 'Christian' duty to support America and fight 'evil.'

But, just amazes me, how they never get past that thought and dig into what and who is evil..all of us, without redemption in Jesus, we are all evil. We all have the capability to hurt, destroy, ruin...and pointing the finger at a select 'religion' or 'group of people' is exactly what Satan wants...

A game of 'point the blame' in the name of righteousness and 'fighting evil..' it should be so apparent, but so many just don't get it..

faithful forever said...


It should be apparent and it is as unapparent to them as transparent as it is to us. It is a truly difficult situation. They truly believe that they are following God and will be very surprised to find out they were instead following and marveling after the wicked one. There are only two sides. And all the while they accuse us of not knowing God but it is not them that will be persecuted, it will be us. We probably will be labeled many things like liberals, anti-semites, anarchists, cultish and maybe even satan worshippers. Nothing should surprise us.

Canada's PM Stephen Harper (or whatever his name is, Bush's boy) is making a power grab by calling for early elections in hopes of gaining support for his right conservative government...go figure.

As nathandave once said, the right wing ultra conservative neocons are worse than the Pharisees because they reject the New Covenant. There is nothing new under the sun...but soon every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is the Lord and Savior of all.

I couldn't agree more Kelly, they are playing right into satan's hands and it is a travesty to witness and they are so blinded.

So give more thanks to the Lord for setting us free and showing us the truth.

I'm begging you to stay...hope you can find time more often and I am glad all is well with you; you have been in my thoughts and prayers.

Love and holy kisses to all.

Anonymous said...

Russia gives NATO 21 days to leave Black Sea.
Well, since the warning was given around August 28th, that would make the 21 days run out around 17-18 September 2008.
The push for Armagedon seems to be in place.

Stay blessed and keep watching.

Anonymous said...

And on the other side of the river, the US is to establish naval base in Georgia.

Stay blessed and keep watching.


Anonymous said...

....and Dan Rather has this to say:

Stay blessed and keep looking up.


Anonymous said...

A good read:

Stay blessed


Anonymous said...

One more stuff to read:

Enjoy the read and stay blessed.


Anonymous said...

"The death of the individual"

Enjoy the video.

Stay blessed and be watchful.


faithful forever said...

Joe Biden is a Zionist; the Synagogue of Satan. I do not believe we will be getting any reprieve from this man or Obama:

faithful forever said...

New post by our PeterZ:

Iran is practicing war games Monday through Wednesday:

Annon- thanks for all the great links.

Love to all - always.

Anonymous said...

PursuingTruth said...

I have put up a new post It is an extensive teaching on "The Truth About the Rapture" on my "Questions and Thoughts" blog

faithful forever said...

Greetings all,

Life just keeps getting stranger:


Ike is expected to hit this the US this weekend, most seem to be saying Houston is the next target. Ike has misplaced over one million people in Cuba and killed 79 so far in its path. They are still calling it a 'very dangerous storm' and there are many who are starting to say that it could usher in martial law. Isn't it interesting that those who are awake are all saying the same thing at the same voice harmony. If this isn't it, something is coming to shake the status quo, of this I am sure. I am also sure that waiting for the other shoe to drop is hard, but not as hard as when it does drop. I am thankful to the Lord for allowing me to see that the thread is thinning instead of it crushing me when I didn't even know it was going to fall.

Interesting times and indeed a time like no other.

Prayers and blessings for all His people who gather here with love in His name.

Anonymous said...

I put a link on this blog on Sarah Palin that a Anne wrote negatively on Palin. Fact has checked it out and found something issues false. Here is the link. No matter what your leaning is truth is truth so updating this:

Sometimes people depending on their leaning will believe false reports. Jesus is truth and we have to acknowledge when we find out it was not all true.

faithful forever said...

Very good, anonymous, doing the right thing is always a good thing. It has become ever more difficult to discern what is true and what is not with all the lies and propaganda thrown around but we must never give up trying to do the right thing regardless. Keep shining even though the world does not appreciate being bothered with what is right, we must never give up on it. Thanks for the blessings.

Love to all.

young brother said...


Thank you for posting the correction. you are absolutely right. We must seek the truth beyond any of our leanings.

FF said: "I am also sure that waiting for the other shoe to drop is hard, but not as hard as when it does drop." Amen. I am still clinging to the hope that once the world is shaken, it will be much easier to wake people up to the truth. But still, it will be very terrible, whenever it does happen.

young brother said...

Just a reminder, Peter and I will be on the micro effect for the next hour doing the "Pursing Truth" show. Calls are welcome. Be blessed!

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Anonymous said...

A good read:

Stay blessed and keep looking up.


faithful forever said...

These crazy scientists are looking for something called 'Higgs boson' or the so-called 'God particle' that gives matter its mass; how incredibly bizarre and 4.4 billion dollars spent on it. How stupid are we; God must surely be so disappointed or amused (or both). I cannot help but think of it as a modern day Tower of Babel somehow. Who do we think we are??

The news reported this morning that there are one million (?) buses (that's a lot of buses)lined up outside Houston to begin evacuations as Ike is going to reach the coast on Saturday.

And tomorrow is September thee 11th.

The Christian Right is perfectly fine with Sarah the Barracuda being a rapture nut and believing that Alaska is going to be an Armageddon refuge - whatever that may be. How much longer can the truth be stilled?

Really enjoyed the radio show again last night and thank you Peter and Young Brother for this outreach; love you guys and the work you are doing to further the Kingdom of the Lord.

Love, prayers and holy kisses;

faithful forever said...

Copied from another site but had to share:

Now is the time to grieve. Now, in this brief calm before the storm, is the time to lower our heads and remember what we were, what we had, what we've done. Shed your tears now for those who have yet to fall, for if they have not yet woken from their dream they never will. They are indeed, as another commenter noted, the walking dead, and nothing can be done to save them. There will be no time to grieve for them in what's coming. All of us will be fighting for our very lives.

Grieve now, and get it out of your system, so you waste no more time bemoaning that which cannot now be changed (if indeed it ever could have). Let it all out, so that when the time comes, we can confront whatever challenges come our way with clear eyes and clear minds. Everything that you have - your money, your property, even your family and friends - is now forfeit. Whether you lose it today or a year from now is of no consequence; when the time comes, you will face what you have to with nothing to aid you but your wits and your soul.

Now is the time to grieve, but more than that, it is time to prepare. Time to brace ourselves, and to plan for what comes next. The world is ending, yes, but it is ending to open the way for a new world, and while many of us fear the new world will be the New World Order, I'm telling you now it won't be. The New World Order is the Old World Order with an unfortunate name; it is the highest development of all the pathologies that have animated our civilization for millenia. It cannot survive the rapaciousnss of its overlords; even as their monstrous global Machine is completed, it is beginning to malfunction and collapse. Many will die with it. Those who survive will do so with great hardship, but on the other side of all this is a world so beautiful it's hard to even imagine it today. But imagine it you must, for without some vision to sustain you, you will surely succumb.

faithful forever said...

Iran had an earthquake today:

faithful forever said...

Didn't hear anything about these earthquakes in China; seems the Southwest in China has been having a series of them:

Anonymous said...

Farmers rebelling because there afraid the new RFID tags are "the mark of the beast"

faithful forever said...

Interesting article anonymous; thank you. All things are being revealed - I am so excited.

US is threatening Russia to get out of Georgia, or else. Be sure to note other related articles at the bottom of the page. Maybe it will be Georgia that sets the stage for tomorrow's big revelation:

Come Lord Jesus, come.
Whohoo and amen!

Anonymous said...

faithful forever,
Could you please put the link on the article you copied. Was very interesting but would like to go to the site. Thanks

faithful forever said...


If it was that most recent one you are referring to, it is: and you can pick articles from there. I hope that's what you are looking for. Down at the bottom of all yahoo articles there are more related articles.

You are very welcome. Glad you are here. Blessings.

Anonymous said...

Faithful forever,
It was on "now is the time to grieve". Went to the site you gave but could not find it.

Got this email in my box today from a retired minister. Poor Palin....she is the victim:

Subject: Please pray for Sarah Palin and her church...

Our pastor here in Bigfork, Montana, Hal Curtis, is friends with the pastor of Sarah Palin's church in Wasilla, Alaska. His name is David Pepper and the church is Full Gospel Church of Wasilla, AK.

Three days before Gov. Palin was announced by John McCain as his choice for VP, she came before her pastor to be annointed and prayed over for service to God. She didn't tell the church what was going on....just that she needed their prayer support. During the mere days since the announcement, the pastor and the church have been bombarded with questions from the media. They are trying to get the word out to Christians all over the nation to pray for God's protection of Sarah Palin and of their church. They suspect that the treatment of Jeremiah Wright will pale in comparison to what is coming their way as a conservative Christian body.

When the little Down's Syndrome baby of Todd and Sarah Palin was dedicated a few months ago, their statement to the congregation was 'This little boy is our pro-life statement.' According to David Pepper, Todd and Sarah are very strong in their faith in Jesus Christ and believe God has put them in this position to serve Him.

Let's remember to pray for Gov. Palin and her family as they walk through this very trying time!

Thank you so much!

Vicky Creamer

p.s. Please pass this request on to other prayer warriors!

young brother said...

Forever Faithful,

you quoted from another blog something that drains all meaning and hope for the shaking to come: "if they have not yet woken from their dream they never will."

That is the wrong attitude. Let's allow God to demonstrate how he will work in the tribulation. Let's not withdraw, and fight to save our own lives, let's not bow to the fear that the enemy is hoping to finish us off with. The time for us to use all of this knowledge that we have been gathering is almost upon us. Why would we hide when we are called to stand up?

If God be with us, who can be against us?

Anonymous said...

Major quakes hit Japan and Indonesia

Anonymous said...

Also a quake hit Iran. Could these be from the test of the Large Hadron Collider . Interesting thought when you try to play God.

Joshua Burbrink said...

YB- exactly. Now is the time to rise and to let our light shine as brightly as we can. Beacons of hope that may or may not blip out quickly but I'm determined to go out spreading the word of how awesome our God is.

I guess tomorrow is the day. I'm not sure which is worst-case in my mine. If something happens, or if nothing happens. Do you know what I mean? We will see. If the powers shaping this world do decide to take action tommorow. I'm not sure if anyone will even read this message! But God bless you all and worst-case, I'll see on the other side.

With Love

faithful forever said...

Many earthquakes it appears. Thanks for the links. My apologies anonymous, I wasn't certain which one, but this is the site where the copied material came from; very interesting site:

Young Brother,

I see your point, but I took it a different way.

This is what was said:

Shed your tears now for those who have yet to fall, for if they have not yet woken from their dream they never will. They are indeed, as another commenter noted, the walking dead, and nothing can be done to save them.

We know many will be saved even at the very last minute, but we also know that there will be many who are not saved. God wants that none should perish and I believe His people will bring many to the truth, but some hearts are hardened and will not be turned. It is those who I thought he/she was referring to and thus felt no issue with their words. I didn't see anything in regards to hiding when we are called to make a stand. If you are referring to remaining silent in lieu of trying to spread the truth, I cannot speak for what their intentions will or might be. I know that I do not intend to remain silent and if that posting deterred anyone from going where they may be lead, in complete humbleness I sincerely apologize. The Lord tell us that the tares are thrown into the lake of fire so we know not all will be saved and that is the way I took it.

Does anyone know for sure when the LHC is to actually perform its function? It might be 1:30 a.m. (tonight) but I cannot find confirmation of that. I know they have started it but I don't think the mission has been completed. Articles have mentioned early next week but that might be to tell if the mission has been successful. It seems so contradictory; they are trying to recreate the big bang theory that discredits God with searching for a substance that they call a "God particle" to prove their false theory.

Sarah Palin is a major distraction from the really important matters and is being used to divide people in an even bigger way. It is like they near worship her as a savior for their party. People are desperate and looking in all the wrong places.

Interesting times indeed and getting even more so. And we have so much to look forward to even during the chaos - how great is our God. And indeed, young brother, there is absolutely nothing that we should fear because our God is with us. Absolutely nothing.

Love and prayers; it is a blessing staying watchful with all that gather here in His name and love to all, each and every one.

Anonymous said...

Interesting video

Stay blessed and keep watching.

young brother said...

Forever Faithful,

I think the LHC fired twice yesterday, during the day. The have said that they will fire two at once, at each other, in "a couple of months".

Regarding this comment:

Shed your tears now for those who have yet to fall, for if they have not yet woken from their dream they never will. They are indeed, as another commenter noted, the walking dead, and nothing can be done to save them.

This is not speaking about the wicked, who will never repent. This is clearly speaking of all those who are in darkness. I strongly believe that there are two types of people in darkness: the wicked, and the lost. The lost will be certainly found, and the wicked will never change. But the lost are those who haven't "Woken from the dream", and if something happens today (or whenever "The shaking" happens), they will wake up, and they will need help, and guidance.

FF, I know your heart is good, but the commenter on the other blog is not thinking about the big picture. You have dedicated your life to the big picture, so this should be a word of encouragement. In Luke 10:2-3, Jesus says:

"Then He said to them, “The harvest truly is great, but the laborers are few; therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest. Go your way; behold, I send you out as lambs among wolves."

The lost are the "harvest" which truly is plenteous. We are called to be laborers, and to help gather the harvest. It will be dangerous, be we will surely be in the shadow of God's own hand.

I'm keeping my eyes peeled today. I really did not want to be presumptuous in claiming that an event would happen today, it's what I honestly believe. If I'm wrong, I'm sorry.

faithful forever said...

I for one appreciate your eyes being peeled today and everyday as they have been for a time now, young brother. If nothing happens today, please know that you have not lost any credibility in my eyes, for whatever it is worth, and no apology is necessary.

Thanks for your words on the copied material. As I said, I see your point and it is well taken. Thanks for the information on the LHC.

I seen part of an interview with Bob Woodward and he is talking about new weaponry that has been used in the surge in Iraq that sounds like it uses ELF (extra low frequency) and he said that it is the same technology that was most likely used on the trade center buildings. And we are using it on people. This has been discussed before but now it is being confirmed.

Amen Josh, I am with you: "...but I'm determined to go out spreading the word of how awesome our God is."

Love to all.

faithful forever said...

For anybody who might be interested:

Anonymous said...

I am watching MSNBC and they are rerunning their broadcast of 9/11. On the taped rerun a reporter just said that the chief of emergency believed that there were bombs in the building and they were set off after the plane crashed. That is probably the reason the buildings fell. Isn't that what so many people have been saying and here it is on tape that there were bombs in the building that went off.

faithful forever said...

Interesting anonymous. I guess no matter what is witnessed, you have to have eyes to see and ears to hear. It is all still so unbelievable sometimes...and yet here we are.

Anonymous said...

Decided to put this link here. The flower opening in the night was to pretty to put the anger in this piece on that comment section. He sure gets angry but I think we all can get frustrated at times over how manipulative the American people are:

young brother said...

Well, everybody, it looks like yesterday went off without a hitch. I'm partly embarrassed, but mostly relieved, and I think that NathanDave is right that we should be stepping up our work in the physical world.

I'm not going to share any more dates or specific predictions on here, and I'm very glad that I didn't do a "thus saith the Lord" about 9-11-08. When I decided to write it, I was a little scared that it was a "thus saith the Lord", and I would have been disobedient by not sharing it. Now I know that it would have been better if I had kept it to myself. But even though I was wrong, God's will was done yesterday, and it will be done today, and tomorrow, until He decides to shake things up. Let's press on, sharing the wonderful news of Christ, and what the Kingdom of God is all about. Please forgive me for my error.

faithful forever said...

Young Brother,

Please do not let this discourage you in your quest.

God will show us what we need to know when we need to know it. We are all learning how to distinguish our voice from the Lord's.

Love in His precious Holy name.


Thanks for the Olbermann video and I adore your thoughtfulness of not posting by the beauty of the flower the Peter posted.

Keep looking up and let nothing deter us from this mission of truth according to God's word.

Ike is a monster storm and due to hit tonight. We are getting rain here in Illinois that the forecasters attribute to the outer bands and the eye is the size of Texas. Please pray for all affected.

Love to all.

Sandra said...

Maybe you got your date wrong but there is going to be a damaging hurricane IKE that is coming ashore in Texas and it is close to a category 3. It might not be a terrorist attack through individuals but through mother nature. We are not always perfect interrupting our messages.

I had a message through a dream a couple of days before 9/11/01 which warned me something big was going to happen but in the dream I was told not to worry or be afraid because I would be protected. I told people the dream. Than 9/11 happened. I did not know what was going to happen or when but I was warned something was going to happen and be prepared. People reminded me of the dream I told them. I told them I had no idea that would happen but I knew something horrible was going to happen to the country.

God Bless