Saturday, August 1, 2015


I read from numerous sources that September is going to be a time of change or a turning point with a major event happening.  Some believe the antichrist will be revealed; some are saying the economy will crash that will usher in their new world order and some are saying there will be a time of Jubilee with the beginning/end of the Shemitah year.  

Whatever lies ahead, I know God does not give us a spirit of fear.  He tells us that it will be a time like no other and many hearts will fail for seeing what comes upon the earth.  There will be a major shaking and of this we can be certain it will be rough. His wrath is reserved for the wicked and He knows exactly who they are. 

Many are still asleep spiritually and will not be prepared.  We will have a lot of work to do and all glory to God to be a part of it.  I seen a Chaplain named Lindsay Williams is calling for churches to abandon their non-profit status and start speaking truth.  I thought what a nice idea, but I do not see that happening since  most pastors are too steeped in traditions and teachings of man to speak truth. I believe churches that take part in pagan celebrations like christmas and easter have no truth in them, and it is hard to find one that speaks truth according to His word and not just give lip service.  Maybe that is why Jesus says He doesn't dwell in buildings made by man's hands because He isn't welcome there.  His people know we are His true church.  I have spoken to pastors from various denominations and they have all said the same thing which is they are taught to stay away from prophecy because it is too open for speculation and interpretation.  Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.  His people hear His voice because He has given us ears to hear. All praise to God.

In an unprecedented move, the pope will address the Congress of the United States in September.  I know many people revere this pope who seems to be tickling the ears of many people and bringing in refreshing change, but he seems to be more of a false prophet if he has truly said the things I have read he has said such as there is no hell because it is a contradiction of a loving God, and you do not have to believe in Jesus to go to heaven as it is only a good heart that is required.  Can you have a truly good heart without Jesus? 

If there is a change upon us, we can rest assured that our Lord will be there to guide us just as He guided the ancient Israelites out of the grasp of Pharoah.  No worries; only prayers.  We serve a mighty God and hopefully soon all the world will see how mighty He really is.