Thursday, May 13, 2010

Praise to our God for all that He has done, is doing and all that is to come.

Today is Ascension Day. The day which the Lord ascended into the clouds after 40 days from His glorious resurrection. Sadly, it is a day that doesn't get much attention or recognition, but what an important event. The actual date may well be misconstrued, as man has a way of doing, but the Ascension is no less real and it is a cause for great rejoicing and giving thanks.

Acts 1:10-11 (KJV)

10And while they looked stedfastly toward heaven as he went up, behold, two men stood by them in white apparel;

11Which also said, Ye men of Galilee, why stand ye gazing up into heaven? this same Jesus, which is taken up from you into heaven, shall so come in like manner as ye have seen him go into heaven.

Just imagine...if we only could, seeing Jesus come in like manner. What an amazingly truly blessed event that will be.

May the peace of the Lord be unto us all each and every day but prayerfully more abundantly on this Ascension Day of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.