Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Watching prophecy unfold while we carry on as usual in a world that is more unusual every day is like living in two worlds at the same time - the physical world which is passing away and the spiritual that is being built up and fortified.  We know everything we are seeing has been foretold and is leading to a great and wondrous grand finale. 

We are seeing volcanic eruptions in record numbers and one of those volcanoes is in N.Korea, Mt. Paektu, is reportedly showing signs of life and is said to be responsible for one of the world's most violent eruptions.  Iceland's volcanic ash is affecting people over 800 miles away with the stench of sulfur and is having moderate quakes everyday with threats of more eruptions to come in the land of fire and ice.  There is one shaking in the Philippines and thousands are being evacuated.  There are hurricanes and tropical storms hitting Baja, Mexico.  The area was just hit with Hurricane Odile and another tropical storm named Polo is soon to follow in the same track hitting them again.  Odile is the strongest storm ever in recorded history to hit that area.  A typhoon hit China that was so intense it shut down Hong Kong.  Here at home Northern and Central California is ablaze with wildfires, while Southern California is baking in triple digit temperatures while the drought continues to worsen. 

I see articles that our government is now purchasing hazmat outfits 'in case of an ebola outbreak' in the US which the CDC is saying it is only a matter of time until it is here, so we know we can count on it.  We are sending 3,000 of military personnel to help fight ebola and I can't help but wonder exactly will be done as an effort to combat this dreadful nightmare that is taking so many lives.  I don't think that is the kind of fighting those military people signed up for, but I do hope and pray they can do some good of some kind. There is a viral respiratory illness making the news that is affecting children and has spread across many states in a short amount of time.  I see headlines of mothers and fathers killing their children and there is no other explanation other than it is pure evil at work.  There is a lot of evil at work in our world. 

I believe God is trying to get the attention of those who are carrying on like all this happening doesn't matter, as He doesn't want any to perish and time is short.  How long the warning alarm will sound is up to God.   It is all up to God and we know we need not fear because He is a righteous and just God who knows everything. 

All trust and faith in the one and only true God, Jesus Christ, who is coming to reign.  Until then, He reigns in the hearts and minds of His people who love Him and worship Him which blesses us with so much love and protection.  This is the same God who took the ancient Israelites out of Egypt from Pharoh's control and I believe He is going to do even greater things to redeem His church.

It is so awesome imagining witnessing every knee bowing to the Lord and every tongue confessing He is the one true God.  That will be the best day ever.