Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Many people are searching for answers, solutions, an explanation of what is going on in our world today. People offer up an array of suggestions depending on their perspective of what it is exactly that they think is ailing our world.

If one views the culprit of the misery to be the economy, then people like to say and believe that things will turn around sooner or later. If it's the weather that being discussed as it is with many farmers, then it's just changing weather patterns - nothing out of the ordinary, move along. Others look at it from a political perspective, or societal and so on and so forth. Everybody has an answer about it even if it is denial that things are drastically out of whack everywhere, and I have a response as well. My take is a spiritual one that is written about in great detail in the Holy Bible about this very time in which we find ourselves. It is a book that was written for all people of every generation since the beginning of time that holds blessings of truth and guidance for those that search earnestly. An amazing wonder if you really grasp this fact in its' entire splendor. It's miraculous. And I believe in miracles. With God all things are possible, especially miracles.

There is a generation that is spoken about frequently in the gospels that will not pass away without seeing the Lord's second coming. Alive on this earth today is that generation. And this is the time prophesized about for that generation...a time like no other.

If this is not a time 'like no other' then why o'why are we seeing the things we are seeing - without or without the spiritual eye to see. Surely in the physical world we all can see more crime and hatred, more unrest, more war and bloodshed, more disease, more hunger, more greed, more deception, severe weather, more blatant references to occultism and increased lawlessness in general. Yet we talk about the weather like there's no tomorrow (pun intended). Biggest and main topic of conversation in the work office today, the weather was, with the engulfing storm snarling our daily lives. We can talk about the weather yet we cannot discern the time we are in. Jesus told us about that, too.

So, let's talk about the weather. Is it live or is it Memorex? We are told that emails were leaked alledgedly proving manipulation of 'scientific data' to sell the hoax of global warming. Was this done by a sincere whistle blower or is it done to suit a purpose for their agenda as well. It is harder and harder to tell. Did Russia really leak them from Siberia. They say it was not a job done by an amateur. Wonder whatever happended to Mr. Joseph Moshe who was briskly whisked away to Israel after attempting to blow the whistle and sound the alarm of H1N1 being used as a bioweapon. Whatever happened to the swine flu, and is the pandemic in the Ukraine real or propaganda to make us want to voluntarily take the vaccine thus separating us into those that are believing their lies and those who are not until they try to force it on us. The shots are free and I say anytime your government wants to give you something, it should be seriously considered why.

The (temporary) powers that be are convening right now to discuss the effects of warming temps while almost the whole US is engulfed in a snowstorm of varying degrees - which seems unnatural in the most unnatural way by the way aside from the fact that it is so widespread. Someone made the comment today that the snow looked like the fake snow stores put in the storefronts. I had already thought the same thing...except for the part about the storefronts. We see reports of icebergs twice the size of Hong Kong are heading for New Zealand. What do you do about that, if anything. Fifty foot waves in Hawaii has surfers flocking to catch the possiblity of the ride of their life. We are in for a ride alright. Last week New England had such severe storms in the morning that there was vast flooding with power knocked out to thousands, which subsided quickly, the sun returned and at least three states set record high temperatures for December. One guy that was interviewed who was dressed in shorts while walking his dog in the park described it best when asked what he thought about it, said 'it's bizarro.' I was inclined to agree with him. Many things are bizarro in our world today.

What is the real deal behind global warming...other than the huge profits. God said there would be flooding in these endtimes, and He certainly has the power to do so. They try to explain it with 'scientific data' and can't just like they can't completely explain away their (false) theory of evolution. Although maybe evolution is very real for the strangers that dwell among us and this is why they push it so hard even though it cannot be proven and they admit it...what does a fallen angel look like, by the way and what did they used to look like. But continue they do to try to explain the abnormalities we see while they mock and laugh at us and paint bizarro streaks in our skies. They continue to deceive and confuse. I believe we see both kingdoms at work in the weather - a gauge of sorts of both the seen and the unseen battle that is being waged. By now we know that HAARP is very real. China openly reports about manipulating the weather like Bush Sr. mentions the New World Order that the time has come for like it's normal conversation. Just a few weeks ago China made the heaviest snowfall on record in an attempt to lessen severe drought conditions. Jesus told us there would be droughts as well in these endtimes. It is all written and it is there for all to see and hear. Like that old saying of 'All I ever needed to know, I learned in kindergarten.' I say, all I ever needed to know is in the Bible. The most amazing story ever told - the history of mankind. How we got here, why we are here, what happened to get us into this fallen state and where we are going. There are lots of other books written by many people trying to explain things that cannot be fully explained, not accurately anyway without consulting the greatest book of all time The Bible, and most are a waste of time, energy and money. I hear people recommending different books all the time, but seldom does the Bible get recommended; the one that has all the answers. That's the state of the world in the endtimes which Jesus told us about that as well; when men would not believe sound doctrine. The somewhat success control of the weather is part of their tainted view for world dominance, and even worse than that, it could possibly be a feeble attempt at making themselves like Him. God knows and that is all I really need to know.

Apologies for the rambling. Bottom line is nothing in this world is as it seems but the Lord never changes; only the times and these times they are a'changin quickly and quickly may we soon be changed in the twinkling of an eye.

Saturday, December 5, 2009


John 14:2
In my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.

In more than one place lately, I have seen reference to Jesus’ words of ‘many mansions in my Father’s house.’ Unfortunately, more of them have taken His words out of context and change the meaning. Maybe because Jesus does not speak of one big mansion where all His people dwell with Him, but rather says the word many, people think the mansions are different in some way with different ways used to get there. Nothing could be further than the truth because God’s word is never contradictory but always harmonious with complete syncrinicity throughout the whole Bible.

First off, let me say, I know the Father has good things, great things, in store for His children, and I know and believe ALL things are possible with God, but I do not believe that Jesus is referring to square footage (mansions) as much as He is telling us there is more than enough room for every son and daughter to be sanctified and glorified to dwell in His Father’s House. But the way into God’s Kingdom has only one way to belong in those dwelling places in Heaven and that is through God’s son Jesus Christ for He tells us so a little further on in John 14:6 :

Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

I take Him at His word indeed. Jesus is the only way to the Father’s House. Our amazing Savior who never leaves any stone unturned, further tells us how it is that we come to the Him, the amazing Son:

John 6:44
No man can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me draw him: and I will raise him up at the last day.


God created all the people of the earth and every ear will have a chance to hear the truth with equal opportunity to embrace it or reject it. This is our free will; real democracy in it’s purest form – the freedom to choose. Jesus tells us the way is narrow because it is. Only through Jesus can salvation be obtained. How or why would the Father accept anything other than those that follow His Son after what Jesus did for all mankind and to glorify the Father. Why should He indeed for it was only Jesus’ blood and Jesus’ blood alone that was shed for you and me, and every single person in the whole world over.

Praise His holy name.