Monday, July 11, 2011


There is a lot of discussion about the debt ceiling and the clock is quickly running out. They have set August 2nd as the deadline for a decision and Obama says he needs a decision on or before July 22nd to implement the policy whatever the decision.

There are some interesting things being said surrounding this dilemma we now find ourselves in. Most people seem to think they will raise it again just as they always have and we will continue on borrowed time and credit as always. Maybe...but maybe not.

Rep. Charles Rangel is asking 'What would Jesus do?' in regards to cutting Medicare and Social Security benefits. The new IMF Chief has said that if the US defaults there will be 'really nasty consequences.' The Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner on 'Meet the Press' said ''s going to be--it's going to feel very hard, harder than anything they've experienced in their lifetime now, for a long time to come.'

It sounds like they already know that if we don't default, there are going to be very deep cuts coming. Either way, the people lose.

I see articles about the elite preparing for a catastrophic event. If the US defaults, it will certainly be catastrophic - not just for the United States, but for the whole world. We may well see Revelation 18 revealed; I leave it to the reader to read andt listen to what their spirit says. It will indeed be a time like no other.

Greece has defaulted and look at that fallout. There have been many articles lately comparing the US to Greece and maybe there is a reason for this. Our Congress may believe they are in control, but our Congress is controlled by a power more powerful than they whether or not they are aware of it. Greece knows this now too. The Greek military is threatening a coup stating 'they will not be sold to foreign powers.'

Many still want to believe the US is a righteous Christian nation. I would have to ask the question that if we are so righteous then why are we so morally and socially bankrupt - since the very beginning? I believe the United States of America is Mystery Babylon of which the Bible speaks and if so, our future is not very good for those who have placed their faith and trust in this system of things.

Their satanic New World Order agenda will be increased expotentially by taking down the US and while it may not be this time around, it will have to be accomplished sometime. Order out of chaos and they may well be preparing for chaos.

Time will soon tell, and all things will be revealed. These things must come so they can pass for it is written. I rejoice and give thanks for all His ways.

Sunday, July 3, 2011


The Federal Bureau of Investigation has put out a statement that they are on high alert for terrorists acts this 4th of July. They claim that the dead man they threw overboard this year, Osama bin Laden, said he wanted to attack the US either on the 4th of July or the tenth anniversary of September 11th. They say they will be working round the clock to keep us safe from those who hate our freedoms. They will be among the celebatory crowds in plain clothes, in tunnels and underground, watching and waiting for anything suspicious. For those who know what really happened on September 11, 2001, this should make us all a little apprehensive. We know who it is that really hates our freedom and his time is growing short. Woe to all the inhabitants of the earth at this time.

I have read recently that those who molest our children and elderly (and everyone in between also), in our airports to keep our friendly skies safe are getting cancer, and experiencing heart attacks and strokes from the radiation from the body scanners. While I wish them no ill will for their part of keeping the beast antichrist system strong and in tact, I have to wonder why these people willingly do what they do. It is a proven fact that when most people are given power and authority over another human being, the power and authority becomes aggravated quickly. I expect those who control our world are well aware of this phenomenon.

Many Americans this 4th of July are proudly displaying their flags and love for their nation - the greatest nation on earth. Pride always comes before the fall. How can one honor a nation that tortures, kills and rapes peoples of other nations? I cannot answer this. I don't think most think about it or concern themselves with it because they are 'safe' and it is done for their best interest. What you don't know can and will hurt you. In another rather ironic current happening, the US is asking Iraq for 6.2 billion dollars for the overthrow of Saddam Hussein and the costs incurred from decimating their nation. Maybe our crooked politians think that if Iraq pays the US won't have to default on our national debt.

Greece has been granted and is accepting another bailout to the tune of millions, essentially taking the mark of the beast, and is cooperating with Israel in stopping the flotilla bound for the people of Palestine; they have arrested the captain of "The Audacity of Hope" and he is being held in deplorable conditions, but the people are determined to continue. Greece has a short-term memory loss over the angry words and threats they had for Israel when it illegally boarded the first flotilla ship in international waters and killed their citizens. Money is more important than human lives.

I too am watching and waiting, but for something entirely different than this world is expecting. All hope would be lost for this world if it were not for our amazing Lord and Savior. The hope of ALL nations, making us into one bride who patiently and longingly waits for the groom to arrive. The feast will be well worth the wait and worth enduring whatever pain and suffering we are enduring, even if many in the world do not concern themselves with the pain and suffering many are enduring because they are blinded by the lies that have been propagated and given to us since the beginning of time.

The bride is patient because she knows He is coming and will arrive at the perfect time.