Monday, December 10, 2012


 The end of the world is getting a lot attention lately because the 21st of December is quickly approaching.  It’s always interesting to hear what people say about it, and now to see what they are doing, such as the reports of people gathering and praying in groups in nations like Mexico, Russia, Cuba, China and others. Who these crowds are praying to and for what, only the one and only true God knows for sure.  He knows every single heart and its’ desire.  My heart desires the Lord.  My heart does not desire this world.  I wish this world would pass away on December 21, 2012, but I don’t think it will. 

When people talk about the end of the world, it is usually with fear and a strong sense of the unknown.  They don’t realize that the end of this system of things that is ruled by satan would be a very, very good thing.  That is, if your name is written in the book of life. 

I don’t like to hear people call it the end of the world.  It is really a new beginning.  It will be a restitution; a day of Jubilee, a day when the rightful owner takes back what is His.  It will be a day of restoration; restored back to paradise before satan was allowed to enter in.  What our God desires for a change; His will being done on earth.  It will be all about Jesus.  Finally, and so long in coming, He will finally be given His due. 

After everything He has done, giving His life so we may have eternal life, and the suffering He endured while totally blameless and sinless, His righteous judgment and vengeance will come at the perfectly appointed time, and I pray and yearn the day to be drawing near. 

While most of the world lives in fear of this world passing away, His people know there is a better day with a far better way to come.  A new day which consists of a thousand years of peace upon earth where He will be our God and we will be His people, and He will dwell among us.  It is all about Jesus.  And whether or not you believe in Him, and whether you want Him to receive the glory He so richly deserves.  What an awesome day it will be to see every knee bow to Him and hear every tongue confess He is God.

While the world prepares for the celebration of the newborn King, His people prepare a place in their hearts and minds for the rightful owner to take His throne.  Yes, come and adore Him as the arisen Savior of the world, and pray He is drawing nigh. Come Lord Jesus, come quickly and redeem your people who love and worship you.  All creation is groaning.