Monday, October 27, 2008

5 Dollar/10 Dollar

If anyone has the 5 or 10 dollar bills please check it out...I have two of them watermarked and did a comparison and one of them is NOT of abe lincoln (looked like dave rockfeller). The other one was a 10 dollar bill and check on the ones that is supposedly hamilton. (Please correct me on this one) The image does not look like hamilton. I have seen the 20 dollar bill not only from youtube but also from the ones I withdrew...keep that in mind that they are usually mocking us...I try to find a way to upload it on this site...

Gog and Magog

Ok, here is my post. Remember, these are MY refelctions and are not meant to be taken as the last word.

I believe that George Walker Bush is the world leader who Ezekiel the prophet symbolically names Gog from the land of Magog. I believe he will pull (Meshech can mean to pull in Hebrew) and draw (Tubal can mean to draw out in Hebrew) the world into the final war to end all wars, which will be followed shortly after by the second coming of Jesus Christ. While the story of Gog and Magog is an ancient one, dealing with power, conquest, and the oppression of the weak, I believe the move towards the final confrontation and destruction of Gog, described in the Book of Ezekiel and the Book of Revelation, is currently under way. I believe the war of Gog from Magog began in 1991 when Bush’s father, George HW Bush attacked Saddam Hussein in Gulf War I, and shortly after proclaimed the creation of a New World Order. However I believe his son, George, will take on the final personality of Gog and will consign, by his actions, the Beast of Imperialism into what the Book of Revelation calls the lake of fire forever, signaling the arrival of the Kingdom of God in its full majesty, what has traditionally been called the Second Coming of Jesus the Christ.

This New World Order that Bush senior referred to is a Satanic/Corporate/Fascist organization, often called the Illuminati, that is designed to enslave the majority of humanity and establish a Kingdom of Some Humans (elites, the so-called Illuminati Blood Line, etc.) as gods (the fulfillment of the prophecy encoded in the story of Adam and Eve, where the fruit of the knowledge of Good and Evil makes one equal to god). For a further explanation of this, see

This Kingdom’s primary legend centers around the Grail and the Grail Bloodline, made famous in the book The DaVinci Code. In opposition stands God’s vision of a Kingdom in which God re-creates humanity in the image of his divine son, Jesus, making all human beings divine. As such, the NWO is the biblical Anti-Christ (against Christ), the Final Beast of Revelation, Gog and Magog. It is called by all three names in the New Testament. I believe the incarnate symbols of this reality are the person, George Bush, and the nation he rules, America: Gog from Magog. This essay will not focus directly on the details and history of the NWO, but instead on the identity of Gog and Magog, and some possible implications for the future. If you wish to research the phenomenon of the New World Order further, I suggest, or the numerous works of David Icke.

I believe that the final phase of the war of Gog from Magog began on 9-11 2001 with the World Trade Center attack in New York, continued in Afghanistan and Iraq, but its deadly conclusion has not yet happened. I believe this will commence when Israel attacks and occupies the remaining Palestinian territories with the approval of America, and help from NATO.

This appears to be under way as I write this essay. I believe that shortly after that a conflict will emerge in the Mid East region between NATO, the Shanghai Cooperative (China, Russia and many of the former Soviet Republics, India, North Korea-the Biblical Kings of the East), Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, a coalition of Arab States; in other words all the nations of the earth will gather in the Mid East for a final battle that has traditionally been called the Battle of Armageddon. This will not be a war of a “good side” versus a “bad side” but a war of dominion and conquest as the Kings of the World fight for their share of the New Empire, the NWO. In the end, Gog from Magog (Bush) will lead all the nations of the earth to their doom, what is symbolically referred to in Revelation as the Lake of Fire. I believe this war can still be mitigated or avoided all together if conditions change, and conditions have changed somewhat. I believe that the prophecy has been delayed at least 6 years because of the prayers, works, and sacrifices of truly religious people in this country and around the world, and the sacrifice of innocents (martyrs) the world over through whom God has chosen to reveal his goodness. God has allowed many to suffer in order to wake up the rest of us to the colossal evil that we all allowed to grow unchecked by our greed and selfishness, and to give us a little more time to have a change of heart and mind. The poor in such diverse places as Africa, Palestine, India, Thailand, the Americas, and other desperate places around the world, embody the spirit of the two witnesses from Revelation, and I believe have been used by God to delay the inevitable. However, our time may be running out.

I believe the Gog Magog prophecy does not refer to a direct invasion of the Zionist Nation-State of Israel by a country such as Russia as many so-called prophecy experts have claimed. However, Gaza and the West Bank will be occupied by NATO to herald the impending catastrophe. The reason I believe this to be true is because the language in the prophecy is highly symbolic, and if Ezekiel was speaking of a direct invasion of a restored nation of Israel by a Northern Power, then I believe Ezekiel would speak more literally and directly. For example, Ezekiel states that Gog attacks the mountains of Israel, yet falls on the mountains and in the open fields. Also, Gog’s horde is buried in a field, and yet the birds eat the flesh of kings and generals. These statements are contradictory, and must then be interpreted figuratively or they make no sense. Also, there are real questions among Torah believing Jews whether the Zionist State of Israel breaks the covenant established at Mount Sinai, and should be peacefully dismantled at once.

The site referenced, and others like it, raise the possibility that the Zionist State was established by the NWO to be a counterfeit of the real Israel. The confusion caused by the Zionist Counterfeit could be used to fool honest religious people around the world into believing that God had delivered Israel to the Jews as a divine promise, and that he has ordained that they destroy their enemies. As a result, the Zionist State may actually be in league with the imperial NWO, Gog from Magog, and therefore would be working against the God they claim gave them their land. Paradoxically, this may also mean that the Palestinians are one representative of the Israel that is attacked by the hordes of Gog in the prophet's account, but there are many others.

Gog’s attack as presented by Ezekiel the prophet on Israel, for the reasons cited above, appears to be symbolic of a wider attack against God’s people around the world: the weak, the powerless, the poor, and the outcast which will lead to Gog’s ruin, and the final ruin of all kingdoms and empires forever. I believe this is also symbolized and foreshadowed in the story of the Exodus, when Pharaoh enslaves and oppresses the powerless children of Israel, and they are redeemed by faith in the power and majesty of their God, who creates his people at the foot of a mountain (Sinai) in order to create a powerful mountain of people who can war in Spirit and Truth against the Anti-Christ systems of empire which oppress and devour the powerless of the world. The culminating event of Gog;s war may have been foreshadowed thousands of years ago in Egypt, and may well happen in our lifetime.

The operating plan of the Illuminati, symbolized as Gog and his coalition, is to destroy, seize, and sell entire countries and people’s (mountains) to corporate interests, and bludgeon the people with a repressive police state, with a never ending war on terrorism as its excuse for existence. For a full description of this phenomenon and how it has been developed and perfected in America, and exported around the world, see Naomi Klein’s fantastic book, The Shock Doctrine.

The goal of Gog (George Bush) and his coalition will be to turn the entire world into a corporate police state, herding the poor, outcast, and marginalized into massive ghettos and work camps, the likes of which have never been seen before, and never will be again, all in the name of corporate profit, naked power, and the hegemony of the NWO and their clients. The final war will take place when the coalition of Gog turns their “swords” on each other, perhaps because of treachery, fear, but most likely greed. It appears it will happen after some massive sign by God that he is coming in power, perhaps a massive earthquake, but this may be symbolic as well. While the war will have physical manifestations, it will be a spiritual war of light versus darkness, good versus evil, flesh versus spirit. True Israel around the world will be empowered by God with the weapons of Word and Spirit in order to fight the darkness, as they have always done throughout history, but the power of empire always has prevailed or retreated to plan its next attack. However, now the Holy Mountain of Israel, which is symbolic of God’s people, will spread with power throughout the whole earth, and overcome completely those who hate them: the kings, despots, and religious hypocrites that comprise the Babylonian/NWO Imperial System. Fallen, Fallen is Babylon the Great!

Monday, October 20, 2008

The Deception and Disinformation Exposed

The truth about World War 3 and the NWO

There has been a lot of deception mixed in with truth being spread around by the Zeitgeist films The first one and now the new one called Zeitgeist Addendum. The have very good information on 911 and the Federal Reserve and even the deception of the religious systems, but beware. These videos are very well done which shows that they are not amateur, and were obviously funded by powerful groups with there own agenda
Here are some good videos that unmask the sources.

Zeitgeist Addendum = NWO Propaganda

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Disassociating from the Establishment

Many so-called religions have made the dangerous decision to mix their faith in with politics, thereby profiting from the people. The so-called nations who claim to be Muslim (i.e. Iran, Saudi Arabia, etc) or Christian (i.e. USA) have used dangerous, ideological actions of aggression and evil- while claiming to be holy and perfect nations. How can anyone claim to be affiliated in a particular religion based on love, while they are condemning others and even using that condemnation as an attempt to justify their own position? Why would being in a church on Sunday, and showing everyone how sanctimonious you are, seeking the praise, respect and regard of people...why would this be considered a path to holiness, when it actually causes people to become morally bankrupt (which the Bible warns about)?

In order to be a part of your faith (Christian, Muslim, Judaism) you must not associate with any sorts of particular party as part of man or serve false gods or wear any idols. In theory the ones who were part of the religious system (the real ones) were not part of the establishment and the only one they should follow is God. How has this world gone so wrong that many actually believe that being in a particular party will grant you to be part of God's people?

When Jesus was being tempted, the Devil offered him great power, to rule all of the nations of the world, if only Jesus would worship the Devil…of course that offer was refused. The reason is that no amount of power in the world was worth sacrificing his allegiance to his Father. Jesus said later, “What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world, yet loses his soul?” Yet in this country, religious right groups led by men such as Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson are engaged in a massive, and ruthless campaign to take political power into their own hands...and George Bush has in fact given leaders like them “a seat at the table”, holding weekly phone conferences with them, and inviting them to the White House on occasion. This power-hunger works not only to serve the Republican party but also has acted as a means of destroying Christianity, which has been an igniter for the other religions: Islam and Judaism.

They act as though God and their political agenda were in cahoots. As though God were giving his stamp of approval on anything and everything they do, regardless of whether it was based on fear or love. How dare they commit such abomination?! As if they are an exclusive private party that knows god had supposed to have a relationship with the lord. In other words "$@% you, you're not worthy and we are the best." This elitist, careless, blasphemous mindset is what has helped to build the New World Order. This effect of the religious right is shown also from other posts that they have the one world government and one "religion" under the guise of Christianity. This agenda in no way serves Christ, or honors his teaching…instead it serves power and money and the all seeing eye of Lucifer. One simply needs to read what Christ taught to see this. Modern Christian doctrines and mainstream teachings and interpretations are more pornography for consumers to buy and producers to profit from, instead of anything that would help the poor and persecuted.

Seeing such shows like Left Behind, Veggie Tales, and FOX (beast) claim to use Christian values and the lord's name is BLASPHEMY! If you recognize that, you should confront it. “Be not deceived, God will not be mocked, Every person will reap what they sew”. Watching Beast News I have seen guests who use a cross to show their holiness. Ann Coulter and Danny Bonnaduce were a few people who play as this type of victim of the persecution complex. Even though they are paid to lie in public with their fabrication against the 9/11 truth! Do not let this fool you, the source of their tactics can be known from their fruits.

Veggie tales is a children's show on NBC that is usually educational or supposedly educational for young kids and teaches about Gods meaning. It consists of the typical fruits and veggies, and deals with Christian values…but what type of Christian values do they serve? One of the articles shown in the Landover Baptist church admits that veggie tales were such an abomination that it is more about getting money instead of values where you can get it for free like the bible. Aside of their sexual innuendoes that looked like more of an adult toy instead of being a toy for children what type of message are they sending out? So what kind of values does it show with sexual innuendoes? “The Veggie Tales corporation is watering down scripture and promoting a lack of respect for the sanctity of God's Holy Word by producing videos where a talking head of lettuce with a New York accent skips through uncomfortable Bible passages in order to make a story more appealing to children.” I have never heard anything about them discussing real issues like love, compassion, loving one another regardless of sex, orientation, skin color, or other cornerstones of the philosophy of what Jesus says. I think in my point of view something about this Veggie Tales does not take the Lord very seriously and does not seem to show Christian ways even though it seems Christian on the surface. Other media like the Left Behind series is known to be blasphemous.

Left Behind is another blasphemous show consists of Todd Friel and Kirk Cameron. Both claim that they are trying to convert people to serve God. This was based off from a book that is more of a science fiction with spins on rapture and certain characters who are using personality tests which consists of occultic practices. Since the Zionists controls the media the bible rejects the pre Tribulation to Post tribulation myths. Such things use prophecy (but twist them, and so use false prophecy).These deviancies are known to dumb down subjects and make them part of the matrix. Think about it…if you are raised on lies that say they are truths, you will never know the nourishment that real truth gives…and you will remain complacent, unaffected and unmotivated on a diet of false truth. Examples of those are not only typical but common among the “herds”. By withholding the person's name and location I have found a blog written in a way with the illusion of the left/right/liberal/conservative viewpoints.

One of the most illogical and ungodly garbage is known as "Can a Christian be a Democrat?" Now what kind of condescending post is that? How can a Christian post a drivel that has nothing to do with Christianity! Reading along there were all of these small mini subjects that are less relevant to what is going on around the world. As if subjects like abortion and gays are more important to that post rather than greed and not turning to your fellow man. As I read about his blog it praises about another four more years with the antichrist (Bush). Every subject consists of what the democrats are for and republicans are against. It is considered preposterous and foolish to think with that attitude. One of the smoking guns here was he claims to say about homosexuality and abortion to but there are no cites or references that he can back it up:

Example 1:
2. Gay Marriage (Democrats for, Republicans against)- this is a difficult issue to understand when it comes to equal rights. The bible is obviously against all forms of homosexuality and polygamy, no matter how badly we might want it to be otherwise.
Government has adopted marriage in recognition of a civil act between one man and one woman, and therefore has no ethical right to manipulate it from its origin. This is another issue, despite indecisiveness, that bears no middle ground. Would it be politically correct to have "Pedophilia Pride Day," if it's "just who they are" and it's "beautiful?"
"The bible is obviously against all forms of homosexuality and polygamy, no matter how badly we might want it to be otherwise. The Holy Bible is written in black and white and God's laws are non-negotiable. In a political sense, marriage should not make two people superior over anyone else." "Well, the only difference between domestic partnership and marriage is that domestic partnership does not infiltrate God's law. It denies moral legitimacy to those who refuse the natural law of marriage, and this upsets them. "

The hypocrisy of reading and analyzing that portion of the post, it never shows anything what it says or ever referenced from the bible. Mormons are allowing polygamy and certain Mormons who are practicing it shows they are against what it says on the bible. Questioning his logic, denying the right of people's love and condemning them for loyalty instead of being alone. Once again it falls within the fallacies pedophilia pride day which has nothing to do with gay marriage.

Example 2: I cannot verify this personally, but I have heard (from a reliable source) that from the official ACLU website, there were instructions on how to get a young boy into bed with you. Now, if you are a Christian Democrat (still keep in mind that we're not all perfect), is this the kind of organization and are these the kind of people that you want to walk hand-in-hand with to the voting ballots? When we vote, we usually don't get all that we hope for. Each of us are caught in a "pickle" of balancing the goods with the bads. As a republican, I know (less my preferences) that no matter what republican I vote for, that I will not have something this absurd on my hands. Democrats, give me one example of republicans being so disgustingly absurd as this.

This does not make any sense at all. If he proved to me what reliable source he is talking about, that is called pedophilia and it has nothing to do with the ACLU. It does not make any sense about voting ballots. What is it about the voting ballots: if you vote republican or democrats it will be better or worse…? The truth is that the elite chooses who will run as president for the bidding and it has been that way for a least a century. This blog has proven to me with this type of logic he is still stuck in the left/right matrix. With the so called Muslim nations like Iran would they do the same thing like the so called Christians?

In the documentary made by the CBC called "Gay in Iran" there is an approximation 7% of Iranians who are considered gay or living in a gay lifestyle. Illuminati president Ahmadinejad claimed statements such as there are no homosexuals in Iran. Such preposterous statement from a man who claims to be Muslim or living in a Muslim state. Punishment for Iranians being homosexuals in public will consequently result in death such as stoning. Other barbaric punishments they used were lashing the back 100 times. With homosexual Iranians they are treated not only the worse from police but also clients who beat them. It is a real sad case of people who uses any justification from the Koran to condemn others. Using this action they are no different than the Pharisees and legalists back then. This similarity is especially true this country which is no difference than any other place around the world, yet claims to be the best and the brightest beacon of freedom in the world.

Bush (the self proclaimed Christian and antichrist) has used Christianity in a way that twists and manipulates fellow Christians that brought into a war of catastrophe. With fellow Satanist Karl Rove, he helped him to be portrayed as a man of the cloth. From Yb's post wolf in sheep's clothing people should know Christ by the actions and not its tongue. With the use of 9/11 as the match to light the world on fire, he had created a scapegoat with the use of another religion connecting with the Taliban which has nothing to do with the Muslim religion at all, then head towards Iraq, always siding with the Zionists of Israel. As usual the so called establishment Christianity is abandoning the teachings of spirituality and siding with a political party by man.

If you are supposed to be part of religion why would you wear a cross, claim to be a holy person and yet proudly associate yourself with an establishment that does not make any sense? It is ok for you to be a part of a healthy ongoing relationship with the Lord. So called Muslims, Judaism and Christians who serve to a falsehood politician do not deserve to be labeled as holy nor do they deserve to be associated with Christianity, Judaism or Islam. The religious right are known to be among the unholiest people, who use hate and fear to establish themselves in politics for their own agenda instead of being established with the Lord. Shows like Veggie Tales and Left Behind are just a few that claim to use abomination against the lord. Nations who used to condemn others of their orientation proves to be more sanctimonious and morally bankrupt. It is proven that not knowing the lord and serving to an establishment that is Godly only on the surface is unholy and detestable. Everyone thinks that they are on the right track, but only the genuine people can explain in detail, without shame, why they are on that track.

Rev 3:1-6

“I know your works, that you have a name that you are alive, but you are dead. Be watchful, and strengthen the things which remain, that are ready to die, for I have not found your works perfect before God. Remember therefore how you have received and heard; hold fast and repent. Therefore if you will not watch, I will come upon you as a thief, and you will not know what hour I will come upon you. You have a few names even in Sardis who have not defiled their garments; and they shall walk with Me in white, for they are worthy. He who overcomes shall be clothed in white garments, and I will not blot out his name from the Book of Life; but I will confess his name before My Father and before His angels.
“He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.”’

(by N with the help and interpretations by Kevin)