Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Disassociating from the Establishment

Many so-called religions have made the dangerous decision to mix their faith in with politics, thereby profiting from the people. The so-called nations who claim to be Muslim (i.e. Iran, Saudi Arabia, etc) or Christian (i.e. USA) have used dangerous, ideological actions of aggression and evil- while claiming to be holy and perfect nations. How can anyone claim to be affiliated in a particular religion based on love, while they are condemning others and even using that condemnation as an attempt to justify their own position? Why would being in a church on Sunday, and showing everyone how sanctimonious you are, seeking the praise, respect and regard of people...why would this be considered a path to holiness, when it actually causes people to become morally bankrupt (which the Bible warns about)?

In order to be a part of your faith (Christian, Muslim, Judaism) you must not associate with any sorts of particular party as part of man or serve false gods or wear any idols. In theory the ones who were part of the religious system (the real ones) were not part of the establishment and the only one they should follow is God. How has this world gone so wrong that many actually believe that being in a particular party will grant you to be part of God's people?

When Jesus was being tempted, the Devil offered him great power, to rule all of the nations of the world, if only Jesus would worship the Devil…of course that offer was refused. The reason is that no amount of power in the world was worth sacrificing his allegiance to his Father. Jesus said later, “What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world, yet loses his soul?” Yet in this country, religious right groups led by men such as Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson are engaged in a massive, and ruthless campaign to take political power into their own hands...and George Bush has in fact given leaders like them “a seat at the table”, holding weekly phone conferences with them, and inviting them to the White House on occasion. This power-hunger works not only to serve the Republican party but also has acted as a means of destroying Christianity, which has been an igniter for the other religions: Islam and Judaism.

They act as though God and their political agenda were in cahoots. As though God were giving his stamp of approval on anything and everything they do, regardless of whether it was based on fear or love. How dare they commit such abomination?! As if they are an exclusive private party that knows god had supposed to have a relationship with the lord. In other words "$@% you, you're not worthy and we are the best." This elitist, careless, blasphemous mindset is what has helped to build the New World Order. This effect of the religious right is shown also from other posts that they have the one world government and one "religion" under the guise of Christianity. This agenda in no way serves Christ, or honors his teaching…instead it serves power and money and the all seeing eye of Lucifer. One simply needs to read what Christ taught to see this. Modern Christian doctrines and mainstream teachings and interpretations are more pornography for consumers to buy and producers to profit from, instead of anything that would help the poor and persecuted.

Seeing such shows like Left Behind, Veggie Tales, and FOX (beast) claim to use Christian values and the lord's name is BLASPHEMY! If you recognize that, you should confront it. “Be not deceived, God will not be mocked, Every person will reap what they sew”. Watching Beast News I have seen guests who use a cross to show their holiness. Ann Coulter and Danny Bonnaduce were a few people who play as this type of victim of the persecution complex. Even though they are paid to lie in public with their fabrication against the 9/11 truth! Do not let this fool you, the source of their tactics can be known from their fruits.

Veggie tales is a children's show on NBC that is usually educational or supposedly educational for young kids and teaches about Gods meaning. It consists of the typical fruits and veggies, and deals with Christian values…but what type of Christian values do they serve? One of the articles shown in the Landover Baptist church admits that veggie tales were such an abomination that it is more about getting money instead of values where you can get it for free like the bible. Aside of their sexual innuendoes that looked like more of an adult toy instead of being a toy for children what type of message are they sending out? So what kind of values does it show with sexual innuendoes? “The Veggie Tales corporation is watering down scripture and promoting a lack of respect for the sanctity of God's Holy Word by producing videos where a talking head of lettuce with a New York accent skips through uncomfortable Bible passages in order to make a story more appealing to children.” I have never heard anything about them discussing real issues like love, compassion, loving one another regardless of sex, orientation, skin color, or other cornerstones of the philosophy of what Jesus says. I think in my point of view something about this Veggie Tales does not take the Lord very seriously and does not seem to show Christian ways even though it seems Christian on the surface. Other media like the Left Behind series is known to be blasphemous.

Left Behind is another blasphemous show consists of Todd Friel and Kirk Cameron. Both claim that they are trying to convert people to serve God. This was based off from a book that is more of a science fiction with spins on rapture and certain characters who are using personality tests which consists of occultic practices. Since the Zionists controls the media the bible rejects the pre Tribulation to Post tribulation myths. Such things use prophecy (but twist them, and so use false prophecy).These deviancies are known to dumb down subjects and make them part of the matrix. Think about it…if you are raised on lies that say they are truths, you will never know the nourishment that real truth gives…and you will remain complacent, unaffected and unmotivated on a diet of false truth. Examples of those are not only typical but common among the “herds”. By withholding the person's name and location I have found a blog written in a way with the illusion of the left/right/liberal/conservative viewpoints.

One of the most illogical and ungodly garbage is known as "Can a Christian be a Democrat?" Now what kind of condescending post is that? How can a Christian post a drivel that has nothing to do with Christianity! Reading along there were all of these small mini subjects that are less relevant to what is going on around the world. As if subjects like abortion and gays are more important to that post rather than greed and not turning to your fellow man. As I read about his blog it praises about another four more years with the antichrist (Bush). Every subject consists of what the democrats are for and republicans are against. It is considered preposterous and foolish to think with that attitude. One of the smoking guns here was he claims to say about homosexuality and abortion to but there are no cites or references that he can back it up:

Example 1:
2. Gay Marriage (Democrats for, Republicans against)- this is a difficult issue to understand when it comes to equal rights. The bible is obviously against all forms of homosexuality and polygamy, no matter how badly we might want it to be otherwise.
Government has adopted marriage in recognition of a civil act between one man and one woman, and therefore has no ethical right to manipulate it from its origin. This is another issue, despite indecisiveness, that bears no middle ground. Would it be politically correct to have "Pedophilia Pride Day," if it's "just who they are" and it's "beautiful?"
"The bible is obviously against all forms of homosexuality and polygamy, no matter how badly we might want it to be otherwise. The Holy Bible is written in black and white and God's laws are non-negotiable. In a political sense, marriage should not make two people superior over anyone else." "Well, the only difference between domestic partnership and marriage is that domestic partnership does not infiltrate God's law. It denies moral legitimacy to those who refuse the natural law of marriage, and this upsets them. "

The hypocrisy of reading and analyzing that portion of the post, it never shows anything what it says or ever referenced from the bible. Mormons are allowing polygamy and certain Mormons who are practicing it shows they are against what it says on the bible. Questioning his logic, denying the right of people's love and condemning them for loyalty instead of being alone. Once again it falls within the fallacies pedophilia pride day which has nothing to do with gay marriage.

Example 2: I cannot verify this personally, but I have heard (from a reliable source) that from the official ACLU website, there were instructions on how to get a young boy into bed with you. Now, if you are a Christian Democrat (still keep in mind that we're not all perfect), is this the kind of organization and are these the kind of people that you want to walk hand-in-hand with to the voting ballots? When we vote, we usually don't get all that we hope for. Each of us are caught in a "pickle" of balancing the goods with the bads. As a republican, I know (less my preferences) that no matter what republican I vote for, that I will not have something this absurd on my hands. Democrats, give me one example of republicans being so disgustingly absurd as this.

This does not make any sense at all. If he proved to me what reliable source he is talking about, that is called pedophilia and it has nothing to do with the ACLU. It does not make any sense about voting ballots. What is it about the voting ballots: if you vote republican or democrats it will be better or worse…? The truth is that the elite chooses who will run as president for the bidding and it has been that way for a least a century. This blog has proven to me with this type of logic he is still stuck in the left/right matrix. With the so called Muslim nations like Iran would they do the same thing like the so called Christians?

In the documentary made by the CBC called "Gay in Iran" there is an approximation 7% of Iranians who are considered gay or living in a gay lifestyle. Illuminati president Ahmadinejad claimed statements such as there are no homosexuals in Iran. Such preposterous statement from a man who claims to be Muslim or living in a Muslim state. Punishment for Iranians being homosexuals in public will consequently result in death such as stoning. Other barbaric punishments they used were lashing the back 100 times. With homosexual Iranians they are treated not only the worse from police but also clients who beat them. It is a real sad case of people who uses any justification from the Koran to condemn others. Using this action they are no different than the Pharisees and legalists back then. This similarity is especially true this country which is no difference than any other place around the world, yet claims to be the best and the brightest beacon of freedom in the world.

Bush (the self proclaimed Christian and antichrist) has used Christianity in a way that twists and manipulates fellow Christians that brought into a war of catastrophe. With fellow Satanist Karl Rove, he helped him to be portrayed as a man of the cloth. From Yb's post wolf in sheep's clothing people should know Christ by the actions and not its tongue. With the use of 9/11 as the match to light the world on fire, he had created a scapegoat with the use of another religion connecting with the Taliban which has nothing to do with the Muslim religion at all, then head towards Iraq, always siding with the Zionists of Israel. As usual the so called establishment Christianity is abandoning the teachings of spirituality and siding with a political party by man.

If you are supposed to be part of religion why would you wear a cross, claim to be a holy person and yet proudly associate yourself with an establishment that does not make any sense? It is ok for you to be a part of a healthy ongoing relationship with the Lord. So called Muslims, Judaism and Christians who serve to a falsehood politician do not deserve to be labeled as holy nor do they deserve to be associated with Christianity, Judaism or Islam. The religious right are known to be among the unholiest people, who use hate and fear to establish themselves in politics for their own agenda instead of being established with the Lord. Shows like Veggie Tales and Left Behind are just a few that claim to use abomination against the lord. Nations who used to condemn others of their orientation proves to be more sanctimonious and morally bankrupt. It is proven that not knowing the lord and serving to an establishment that is Godly only on the surface is unholy and detestable. Everyone thinks that they are on the right track, but only the genuine people can explain in detail, without shame, why they are on that track.

Rev 3:1-6

“I know your works, that you have a name that you are alive, but you are dead. Be watchful, and strengthen the things which remain, that are ready to die, for I have not found your works perfect before God. Remember therefore how you have received and heard; hold fast and repent. Therefore if you will not watch, I will come upon you as a thief, and you will not know what hour I will come upon you. You have a few names even in Sardis who have not defiled their garments; and they shall walk with Me in white, for they are worthy. He who overcomes shall be clothed in white garments, and I will not blot out his name from the Book of Life; but I will confess his name before My Father and before His angels.
“He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.”’

(by N with the help and interpretations by Kevin)


faithful forever said...

Sandra, I put it here also:

N, my heart is rejoicing that you are here with us again; it's been too long.

Beautiful work guys. Thank you for the blessings.

Love to all.

Sandra said...

Thank your for your contribution to this site. It is very inspiring.

That link was exactly what YB has been telling all of us for quite sometime. We have been posting links about the army unit that is being stationed in the U.S. on this blog. Now Naomi's explanation of why it is happening and what this administration has been up to is frightening but our faith is in the Lord and he will give us peace. I am probably on a list since I signed the petition for impeachment of Bush, signed a petition against the bail out and wrote to both of my U.S. Senators on my opposition to the bail out and warning the Senators from my state that they are falling for the same lies and fears that Bush gave them on Iraq and the weapons of mass destruction. One of the Senators from my state voted against it. Of course the vote took place on Oct. 1st which Namoi states was the start of the coup.

Even though I believe that nothing will change until the Lord comes back I have to try and voice my opposition to this administration. I have been actively voicing my opposition and sending letters. Naomi seems very disturbed by what is going on and wants basically a uprising and people to wake up to what is happening. My feeling is that the majority of the population will consider it just a conspiracy fallacy. They won't take it seriously until it is too late.

First they came for the communists, and I did not speak out--
because I was not a communist;
Then they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out--
because I was not a socialist;
Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out--
because I was not a trade unionist;
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out--
because I was not a Jew;
Then they came for me--
and there was no one left to speak out for me.

Thank you for giving me the link..
Your sister in Christ

N said...

Thanks everyone its been a while since the antichrist site shut down and I am very saddened that Stephen's site is gone with the exception of the blog. I forwarded it to my friends via email and the evil facebook but my parents are too hard to talk to about this. My mom is worried very worried about the economy.

peace and blessings sisters

Sandra said...

Here is a link to a song about the bailout in response to Naomi Wolf:

Love to all

Ali said...


I enjoy being in this community because there is a spectrum of thoughts here. Though this time I was surprised to see an especial post by you . Now If you allow me I'd like to mention some issues here both as being a Muslim and as an Iranian.

#1: In Iran there is no such a thing as "Stoning" or "lapidation" for punishment in the judiciary law. As far as I know, Stoning is a Torah Command not Qur'an command. I read Quran often and I have never come across such a word before. Please bear this in mind when investigating the issue!

" The Torah of the Jews, which is contained in the Old Testament of the Christian Bible and as such serves as a common religious reference, prescribes death by stoning for a long series of offenses... " -Wikipedia

#2: In Iran the punishment of Homosexual ACT is death by being Hanged IF and only IF:

Three grown-up witnesses make 3 official testimonies against the people involved in HOMO act plus all of those judicial bureaucracies that have to be completed and proved.

Dear N, I have lived in Iranian society for 27 years. In fact it is not hard for me to believe that you are buying the Zionist media propagandas but I am happy that we both have much more extended public sphere than our mainstream media: The gift is here. This very place.

#3: The following video is self-explanatory. Ahmadinejhad never said that thing. In fact that was mistranslated from Farsi to English. I cut the word and suggest you to watch the video.

And finally the following quote would be good for both of us N:

"Patriotism is loving your country in all time but your government when it only deserves it" . -Mark Twain

Keep the faith,

N said...

thank you for correcting me about the origins of stoning. Part of me writing is also growing, learning, and also admitting to errors.

Checked your link
It had been hard for me to understand Ahmednejad from his saying because the translator was too overpowering. I wanted to understand what he is really saying himself without the translator's assistance. Do you know any links that would at least him speaking w/o the assistance of the translation. Usually they should have it somewhere.

#2: In Iran the punishment of Homosexual ACT is death by being Hanged IF and only IF:

Three grown-up witnesses make 3 official testimonies against the people involved in HOMO act plus all of those judicial bureaucracies that have to be completed and proved.

I feel this statement is a bit more vague for me to understand. Is there any specifications about whether it is a public place which I am assuming. Either way killing an inmate by execution for doing homosexual acts is no difference than a man who is on death row for killing a cop.

I hope I answered your question correctly
peace and blessing bro,

faithful forever said...

I give thanks to the Lord for bringing us together in this culture of faith as only He can do and what a blessing it love instead of hate.

I wish there was something I could say that would make your mother feel less anxious about the economy other than not to fear because the Lord knows everything and He will not let these evildoers succeed. Her daily bread and the mercies that He provides are more than enough and to trust in Him. I am praying for her as well as all those who are anxious. The Son of Perdition is going to cause all to not be able to buy or trade or sell but the Lord is with us and whom shall we fear?

My heart broke with news the other day that a man in California had killed his whole family and then himself due to stress from financial devastation. We must simply put our trust and faith in God above everything - especially money.

People are cranky and on edge everywhere it seems with constant talk of losing 401K money and investments and etc., but it is an opportunity to learn how to lean on the Lord and fully accept that He will provide us all we need as He always has - we have just never given Him the credit for doing so because we have become so far removed from Him. They cannot take our spirit unless we let them and I refuse to let them. In all the uncertainty, there is certainly Jesus who wants us to come to him as little children in faith and love.

Amen, Ali. 'The gift is here. This very place.' And the gifts that the Lord has in store puts this current strife in perspective.

Wanted to share this video with my amazing brothers and sisters in Christ here whom I so dearly love:

Kelly said...

The DOW drops drastically again today, and people on Wall Street quoted as saying "They might as well go work as waiters."

Another article saying Bush is putting together a 'transition council' to ease the new president into power. The press secretary said it's vital, now more than ever, with the economic turmoil and threat of terrorist attacks, to ensure a 'seamless' transition. I don't know about you all, but seems like whatever they say, the opposite happens. I am not buying it. Yes, councils for presidential transition are routine..but it's tugging at my spirit and I can't deny that.

Faithful Forever--the story about the California man killing his family and himself is devastating, people are truly at their wits' end and have no place to turn. I completely agree that we've been brought together and God's people the world over have a duty to spread love and peace when things are literally falling apart.

It really is a daily struggle for many now, to go to work to provide for their families, to put food on their tables, all while seeing their 401ks and retirement funds dwindling.

The only, only way to see the light at the end of the tunnel is by embracing God's promise that He would never leave us, nor forsake us. I know I am not alone in saying that I sense an incredible peace and joy inside, despite the economic mess unfolding around us. Stay strong!

Ali said...


Let me describe #2 in this way:

That Iranian Judiciary law is not applicable to private sphere. In fact Islamic society's Laws & jurisdictions are dealing with the "Public Sphere". If you watch the video Ahmadinejhad also mentions it.

That is to say if a HOMO wants to come-out "practically" in public and does kind of HOMO Act and in this incident 3 persons witness the act and make testimonies against him, there is a possibility that the court gives him capital punishment IF the courts find the conditions met.

N, I'd like to direct your attentions to the 'number of' above-mentioned conditions that have to be fulfilled and proven.

This Law is protecting our Public sphere. Our private sphere of course is ours and one can do anything in his house.

I thank God for this law that protects the cornerstones of our families as well as our society.

Now I try my best to translate that statement of him for you:

Statement: " In Iran we don't have Homosexuals as they have in other places."

Translation: "In Iran's public sphere we (and thus you) will not find Homosexual people in the public sphere of society as you might find them "for example kissing in gay bars" [public spheres] of other western societies.

Keep the faith,

faithful forever said...

Our beautiful sister Kelly,

I marvel at this incredible peace and joy inside amidst the ensuing chaos. It is not an 'aha, I told you so' sort of feeling as I get no satisfaction from that whatsoever, but rather that all His words are true and they comfort and console; and this is our God whom we give all thanks and praise to.

Our local paper today has a clip about how the National Debt Clock has run out of digits to record the growing figure. It is in New York near Times Square that was put up by a Manhattan real estate developer Seymour Durst in 1989 to call attention to what was then a $2.7 trillion debt. The Durst Organization says it plans on updating the clock next year by adding two digits to the sign.

India has been killing Christians and over just the last four weeks over 100,000 have been killed and some 20 million driven into Pakistan with very little news reporting the dire situation.

Indeed, He will never forsake us and this is where our joy comes from. This is a chance to either turn from Him or to Him. I pray for the latter.

A time like no other.

Be of good courage and keep shining with help from the Lord above.

young brother said...

Nari, I'm so glad to see that you've posted this. Ali, your experience, and your motivations are a tremendous asset to our group. Thank you for being involved.

The people gathered here are like a warm fire in a cold night.

Just this morning, PeterZ shared a link to an amazing youtube video. There is an Ohio man who got a new $20 bill in 2004, which was normal, until he used it as a bookmark in a book about Angels...the next morning, he noticed that the Watermark had changed...instead of Andrew Jackson, it showed George W Bush with a little horn coming out of his forehead. He has gone through the local news service, but every time he tried to go above them, to higher levels of news agencies, he was shut down. Please watch the video here

faithful forever said...

Young Brother, I can't wait to watch the video; what a story. No surprise that he was shut down.

More on Black Friday:

Exciting watching prophecy unfold, isn't it?

I had a quick conversation with someone today who I have been dropping little hints to as to what is going on and his reply was 'he does not want Jesus to come back - not yet.' I wonder how many people feel this way and I can't imagine not wanting Jesus to come back. It is my heart's biggest desire.

I like that young brother:
The people gathered here are like a warm fire in a cold night.

This is a gift from our Lord and Savior, the Almighty Jesus Christ. All thanks and praise to our Lord.

faithful forever said...

That is so amazing. I did not know that the watermarks had those faces in them like that and that one that Larry has is most definitely Bush. Wow. I will be checking all my bills now.

The truth is being revealed. Thanks for posting that and for spreading all the truth that you possibly can.

With love.

N said...

That bill is very scary and it is very true to see its real form. Just wait until youtube yanks it off. In case everyone you should screen capture it as documentation.

Has anyone else seen army people roaming around in the downtown area. I saw some army guys walking around in groups during the night. I had some suspicions about whats going on. It was one group I saw and then another group just outside of the library. Ironically enough I did not see any military vehicles at all. Since there are two bases Hunter Army and Fort Stewart. I talked to a person at the cafe about this and he was an army officer and tells me about the troops are more likely doing some drill. I guess they are going to do mandatory curfew for downtown.

faithful forever said...

Our brother N,

Forgive my ignorance, but are you in Florida?

Mandatory curfew for citizens in downtown? Was that the first time you had seen the army guys?

Sorry about all the questions, but this is big.

If I am not mistaken, the G7 is planning on meeting this weekend and maybe it is then that ~they~ are going to devalue the dollar.

The Wall Street traders keep referring to this as a 'bloodletting' and it will be nothing compared to the real 'bloodletting' when our currency will not buy anything.

Oh yeah, interesting times indeed.

Thanks for the warmth all my brothers and sisters - love you all.

young brother said...

N is in Savannah Georgia.

You know that Brigade of troops that has been sent to be "on call" for domestic dissent? The one that throws Posse Comitatus out the window? Guess where they're stationed? Ft. Steward Georgia. Be careful, Nari. Please remember we are not to confront evil with evil, but to overcome evil with good. Jesus also commanded his own to be "shrewd as serpents and gentle as doves". I have faith that you'll keep your head cool, but it's just so scary to have it happening in present time. This was much more easy to digest when it was still in the future!

read this article about the troops in Ft. Stewart here.

FF, you are such a blessing. The watermark thing is very very creepy (but AMAZING!)

faithful forever said...

It seems like we have been waiting and watching for a lifetime, but now that 'it' is upon us, it is happening at a very quickened pace.

Too many emotions to be able to even begin to describe it so I won't try other than to say I know the Lord our God is with us and with knowing and fully believing that, what is there to fear.

YB, you know I feel exactly the same about you - and then some. I love you.

Stay of good courage.

faithful forever said...

Can't explain what this is about or what it means, but here it is anyway:

Ali said...

Ben Freeman Speech (Zionism/WWI/Palestine)

Keep the faith,

Ali said...

Four Murdered US Presidents:

Keep the faith,

faithful forever said...

Greetings Ali here in our blessed culture of faith and pray that all is well with you.

Thanks for the videos and going to check them out now.

Another earthquake today:

Love to all.

faithful forever said...

Ali, I really enjoyed the four Presidents video and it reveals a lot of truth. Ever since ~they~ killed JFK we have had administrations that have furthered the agenda of the NWO to bring us to this very point in time where we are now. It is very apparent which master they serve - mammon.

Hurricane Norbert has struck and will strike again later today with a tropical storm Odile, that is expected to turn into a hurricane also that is hovering off the Mexican southwest coast:

Stay of good courage.

Kelly said...

The video of Bush's face on the 20 dollar bill is pretty wild...I mean, it's highly unlikely someone could produce a counterfit like that, I definitely think it holds substance...and isn't entirely surprising. The love of money has caused alot of suffering across the globe...when people place money and power before the love of their neighbor, we're bound to have problems.

The G7 meetings are surely significant, both monetarily and spiritually. I don't trust our leaders, especially Bush and Paulson, and really feel something major is going to come out of this...not long until the 'election' so we shall see...

NathanDave said...

Hi all,

Well folks, I think this is it. I have been laying low trying to love my life one day at a time, whatever is left of it. And, I have been reading my Bible, and I believe that the financial crisis is the signal, that YB's instincts were right on, and that the final act of this tragedy is about to play out. We need to take stock and begin to prepare ourselves.

That means that we must not resist what is coming, nor should we support it. Our position, I believe must be more nuanced than that. We must give to Caeser what is his, and give to God what is God's.

We are all being called to the Valley of Megiddo, the place of decision. We are asked to choose between life and death, between eternal life and the fire of Gehenna. The evil ones have made their choice, they are going ahead with their plan to storm heaven by destroying God;s people. They were given a chance to reconsider. They have only become more stubborn, and like Pharoah they will bring Plaques down upon them and their supporters.

It is time to choose. All the nations are assembled before the Son of Man, in the Valley of Decision. They are being separated, sheep from goats. Yet even now, there is still time.

Prepare people of God it is almost time to claim the victory our Lord won on the Cross The Gates of Hell will not prevail against us!
I cannot wait for that great day, the Dya of the Lord.

faithful forever said...

Whatever 'it' is, is being fine tuned right now and it is impossible to know exactly how it is going to play out, but it looks like it is going to be a planned economic crash (and the ugliness that goes with that) that will lead to martial law.

That is about all we can do Kelly, is wait and see. While this is frustrating in some ways, we know our Lord has a plan and that is more than sufficient for me and we know His timing is perfect as are all His ways. If satan knows his time is growing short, we rejoice.

This is a time of testing to have it revealed which master you have faith and trust in.

His Spirit, His words, His ways and His people comfort, strengthen and edify and I am honored and humbled to be among all that gather here.

1 Corinthians 12:13 For by one Spirit we are all baptized into one body, whether we be Jews or Gentiles, whether we be bond or free, and have been all made to drink into one Spirit.

All thanks and praise to God.

Bush's face in the money just could not have been faked in my opinion. I mean nothing is impossible I suppose, but it looks too authentic to have been doctored. I do wonder how he noticed it though. I never even knew there was a shadow picture there before. Like I said, I will be checking and wouldn't it be something to find one. An original deception dollar young brother!

We must continue in earnest to further His Kingdom in any way we can, keep spreading truth and pray about everything, as He instructs us to do. He is with us and will protect us. Those that will be martyred will still be clothed in white robes by our Savior. He suffered and died for us and we have to be prepared to do the same for Him.

Love to all in our Lord's precious holy name.

faithful forever said...

Amen nathandave. Indeed, I too can barely wait for that great and awful day of the Lord.

I love you my brother in Christ.

...soo good to hear from you again, and Kelly too - you both make Sunday a day to look forward to!

Kelly said...

Nathandave--I know exactly what you mean, how you're trying to love each day you're given...and have also been reading the Bible more, and I also feel the financial crisis was a major turning point as well.

FF--thank you for the kind words. Though I may not post all throughout the week, whenever time enables me to, I do come here and read as much as I can.

I got to thinking about Bush's post 9/11 speech...the night of the attacks, and how that speech still resonates with me, how utterly dark and frightening that day was, as at the time, I lived in close proximity to the chaos in Manhattan..

I Google'd the speech he made that night out of curiosity..I just wanted to read through some of his words..and got to a point in his speech that really stood out to me, it is below:

"America and our friends and allies join with all those who want peace and security in the world, and we stand together to win the war against terrorism. Tonight, I ask for your prayers for all those who grieve, for the children whose worlds have been shattered, for all whose sense of safety and security has been threatened. And I pray they will be comforted by a power greater than any of us, spoken through the ages in Psalm 23: "Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil, for You are with me."

A) He comes in "peace." Literally, using the word peace. B) He says we stand together 'to win the war against terrorism.' This strikes me a great deal, as him already 'knowing' what was planned and thus, referring to the planned attack as part of the greater 'war on terror' which was imminent. A little too rehearsed, and very disturbing now that I look at it seven years later..after some of the 'shock' from that day wore off and I'm older and wiser now. C) He finishes his speech with a Bible verse, one that I've always held close in times of trouble. Notice, he doesn't refer to Jesus Christ or God or the Holy Spirit..but of "a power greater than any of us." Something about this stood out to me...

As Nathandave was saying, I also feel "this is it."

NathanDave said...

Kelly, I cannot help but think that we have crossed a point of no return. Word is that Rove is running Palin's campaign....not McCain's but Palins. Read somewhere that she represents the symbolic "whore of Babylon" Confirming what Sandra said about Rev 18 being fulfilled.

Great articles from Latter Rain:

Anonymous said...


Stay blessed


faithful forever said...

Lots to take in:

Ali said...

FF, Sandra, YoungBrother, Nathandave, Kelly, N:

I love you all.

Keep the faith,

Ali said...

US seeks more military budget for war?

Keep the faith,

faithful forever said...

I know how you feel Ali, and isn't that truly amazing in itself when none of us have even met...this is a gift from our Lord and one that I am thankful for more and more with each passing day.

More money needed to spread democracy across the globe...disgusting and shameful. Many cannot afford to feed their familie, and/or are losing their homes but money for more war.

Heavy sigh.
Come Lord Jesus, please come quickly.

Keeping the faith and the love no matter what comes.

faithful forever said...

People around the office are in a celebratory mood because the stock market has spiked 500 points.

Gas prices are down and all is right with the world...

more heavy sighs.

faithful forever said...

I am desperately missing my people.

LA is on fire again and please keep those people in our prayers as well as the Christians who are being persecuted and killed in Mosul, Iraq as well as India.

The Lord is coming not to bring peace but to divide and it is becoming ever more apparent in our world.

Looking forward to the radio show tonight as I keep you both in my heart, thought and prayers.

I know Les Visible is not perfect as none of us are, but I wanted to share his newest post as I believe it will resonate with most here the way it did me:

faithful forever said...


I thought of you when I read this:

When Bush says "These measures are not intended to take over the free market, but to preserve it," you know the opposite is true.

young brother said...

Sorry for dropping out. What an amazing much happening. It's overstimulation!

Anyway, PeterZ and I will be doing our radioshow tonight at 7pm Eastern Time (4pm Pacific). Everyone is invited to listen, and encouraged to call in!

To listen live at 7pm, go here.

To call in: 1-888-747-1968.


Kelly said...

Faithful Forever--

When that news broke today, I read the same exact quote you posted above...and thought the same exact thing.

He and Paulson are up to no good, we can be sure of that. Nancy Pelosi quoted as saying that there were essentially 'rules' signed in to ensure the American people aren't negatively affected by the news today.

It really disturbed me even hearing 'take over' come from Bush's is all just too apparent. The presidential debates tomorrow almost seem petty..just pawns in the bigger game. It's pretty obvious.

Kelly said...


Just after I wrote that, I realized I had 2 twenty dollar bills in my bag.

Both 2004 series. I got the urge to hold them up to a is Andrew Jackson, undeniably.

Guess what is on the other? And I kid you not...I am in complete shock right now and am not sure what to do..

I just showed it to my friend, and they're like 'you're crazy, no way' but I held them both up to the light and they are absolutely, positively different..and the one with 'Bush' has his distinct nose and cheekbones, as well as the 'horns.'

Though I am in complete shock, I feel almost relieved...

faithful forever said...

And I understand your feeling almost relieved while in shock.

I am also strengthened and edified by our one voice with Bush's quote.

I have found one of the bills now also with Bush's face on it; actually several from a little stash from selling my son's truck earlier this year that my daughter thought to look at...and there are several. She is creeped out but believes her mother a little bit more now than she did before. She is 15 and please keep her in your prayers because she says 'she's freakin'.

Love you my sister.

Young brother, I echo your thoughts also about the overstimulation and we must take rest in Him and I was missing you desperately.

Same goes for Sandra...missing you.

I love each of you so much and hold all close in my heart and prayers.

faithful forever said...

From the 'House of Lords' with no specifics, but it is really 'big':

As disappointed as I was before about Les Visible, I am even more so know (look at his picture and tell me what you think):

Love and peace to all.

faithful forever said...

young brother said...

It looks like "Les" is a fan of the Texas longhorns. heh heh heh.

I believe that there is no one who is outside of God's reach. If his heart is good, but there are dark spiritual forces influencing him, he may still be delivered. Pray for him. I've got a similar problem plaguing me right now... (so pray for me too, if you don't mind). The spiritual world is getting stronger, more clear, and closer every day.

FF, and Kelly, It's amazing that you've found several duplicate $20 bills with the Bush profile. My eyes are peeled for one now.

faithful forever said...

I am sorry to hear you have something plaguing you young brother and indeed I will keep you in my prayers more than usual. I believe you will be able to overcome whatever it is with the help of our Lord. Satan is extra busy and it is ever more apparent.

Many trials and a time of testing is upon us as it is the whole world.

Love and prayers to all always and forever.

faithful forever said...

Good article:

faithful forever said...

The Dow closed down 733 points even in spite of the bailout. I heard that it is in part because we are not consuming enough lately as people are holding onto their money instead of spending it. I find it revealing that it is always our fault for either consuming and spending too much or because we are not spending enough. Maybe we are not spending enough because Bush hasn't told us to go out shopping lately. Maybe it's because Condi hasn't been shoe shopping lately.

The election and the economy are being made our focus while the Afghanistan and Iraq wars are like they almost have ceased to exist. The only issue that is reported on is that the war on terror in Afghanistan is being lost.

I leave you for now (if anyone is there) with words from Timothy:

1 Timothy 6:17 Charge them that are rich in this world, that they be not highminded, nor trust in uncertain riches, but in the living God, who giveth us richly all things to enjoy; 18 That they do good, that they be rich in good works, ready to distribute, willing to communicate, 19 Laying up in store for themselves a good foundation against the time to come, that they may lay hold on eternal life.

Amen. Trust in the Lord, having faith in all His words makes us rich beyond measure.

I pray for all; those that know Him to remain strong and of good courage and for those who do not know Him that they may seek Him in this time of trial.

Love in His precious holy name, our only true and just hope, Jesus Christ.

Ali said...

Mark of W:

Keep the faith,

young brother said...

Ali, That video was hilarious! (in a sad, world-going-to-hell-in-a-handbasket kind of way). FF, Thank you very much for your prayers. I am in a process of recognizing and rejecting that plaguing spirit, and I have faith that God will see to conclusion whatever good work he has begun in me (which is what gives me hope for Les). Isn't it amazing that the only way this system can survive is if we keep behaving in a selfish, and godless manner? I smell the "mark of the beast" in this whole fiasco!

faithful forever said...

You know my young brother, it is a blessing that you can recognize that old plaguing spirit in order to reject it. I rejoice in our Lord and continue to pray for you as well as Les.

I have mailed one of the $20s that has Bush in the watermark to you and Peter; swap it out and make a contribution to the radio program if you guys would desire, or just keep it for those who have eyes to see; your call. I just want you to have one.

Love to all.

Ali, our brother in this culture of faith, you are a blessing beyond words.

Kelly said...


You 'read my mind' with the $20 bill..I was going to see if anyone wanted to see it, because I am not so sure I want to 'spend it.' Though holding on to it freaks me out quite a bit..I feel incredibly uneasy about the whole thing.

After discovering his face on it, I just prayed and prayed..I almost felt completely lost and almost felt like I was seeing just couldn't be real..your mind doesn't want it to be real.

God definitely placed something on my heart, and that was, what I was seeing was a literal "mark of the beast" as evidenced by the watermark on the bill. How amazing, but utterly terrifying.

I talked to my mom about it..and she somewhat believes me, and has been looking for 'marked' twenties also...she brought up a valid point, which I'm still wondering about. Were those screened marks placed there by the Federal Reserve, "beast system," or did God allow certain people to come across them to see the truth?

I had showed the bill to a close friend and they did not see it, although to me, it was clear as day...I will pray for your daughter, FF, because I felt the spirit of antichrist was the love of money and capitalism years ago, but seeing it materialize has been overwhelming to me, and I can imagine, her.

faithful forever said...


Once again that one voice is an incredible blessing. Thank you for the prayers for my daughter and your consideration strengthens me in a big way. She is telling all her friends with no fear of consequences and it is amazing watching her witness with no regard to what others think of her. My son seen Bush right away but not the horns, but his reaction was a whole lot less severe than hers. He seems to just quietly accept what his mother has been saying with little shock involved.

I talk with a few people openly about my views at my work place, and all three of them, with no prodding from me, seen it. One lady who I love and adore told me that she thought of me over the weekend while listening to one of her favorite preachers on the radio when he said that there is no prophecy that is yet to be fulfilled before the Lord's glorious return. What a truly amazing time to be alive in Christ - like no other.

I am sure it will be looked at in many different ways by different people, but to me it is merely physical evidence of what we have been saying now for years. Indeed, the love of money is the root of all evil. I do not believe that spending it or holding on to it is accepting the mark. He who is in us is greater than he who is in the world. Amen and all praise to our Lord and Savior who is in control. I believe He will calm your spirit Kelly but it truly is a revelation. I hold you in my heart and prayers as well. I simply cannot hardly wait to meet all my brothers and sisters who gather here in His name at the feast our Lord is preparing for us. I know what a tremendous blessing this foretaste is and I give thanks.

faithful forever said...

IF things last this long:

Sandra - come out, come out, wherever you are!

Anonymous said...

Hi all

Been missing everyone here.
So true,what a truly amazing time to be alive in Christ - like no other.
Came across this videos. Its just 2tongues in one mouth. And all you can expect is more lies.

What an interesting time we live in where God is the defendant and man is the accuser.

Stay belessed and keep looking up.


faithful forever said...


And everyone here was missing you (desperately I might add!) and all the great links you provide. You are such a gift and lots and lots of love to you.

I have been thinking about my friend who told me that 'he was not ready to have Jesus come back - not yet' and it reminds me of Lot's wife in a sort of way. I believe Lot's wife was not punished merely for being disobedient by looking back, but more because she really wanted to cling to the unrighteousness that she had grown accustomed to rather than the Lord's will.

Just my thoughts and thanks for listening - again.

Come Lord Jesus, come quickly.

By God's grace and mercy, may we indeed stay blessed and keep looking up.

That is exactly the way it is too Annon, God is the defendant and man is the accuser.

Love and peace to all who gather here. I hold you all in my prayers and heart.

faithful forever said...

Isn't it comforting that they can laugh and joke and carry on while the world is on fire (and at $30,000 a plate):

young brother said...


Thank you so much for sending the bill to us! Ironically enough I saw one with my friends the night before, but what you sent will be of great significance.

Kelly said:
"God definitely placed something on my heart, and that was, what I was seeing was a literal "mark of the beast" as evidenced by the watermark on the bill. How amazing, but utterly terrifying."

You're exactly right. It is amazing to feel the Spirit of God rise up, to feel His word clarify, and to get such unexpected confirmation that we're on the right track.

Let me share my experience with this mark. I watched the third debate with several friends. Afterward, we were talking about it, and I started to share the story about Larry and his $20 watermark discovery...I asked a friend if he had a 2004 bill, and he gave it to me. I showed my friends the watermark with Andrew Jackson (and it clearly was him)...then I told them about the Bush watermark and they were doubtful (as they are at times)...but then I asked my friend if he had a second $20 bill, which he did. With no logical reason to believe that it would be Bush, I held it up to the light...and it was Bush with a horn! I felt shook to the core by the improbability of it all, and was filled with the spirit, and a sense of real excitement. All of my friends took turns comparing the two watermarks, and while one of them was a bit skeptical, all of the others were willing to admit that they could see Bush's profile with a was wonderful.

What's more, just now (5 minutes ago), I called my mom to wish her a happy Birthday. My mom has been very supportive of my efforts, which has helped me to cope with that overwhelming dismissiveness that we're all familiar with.

While we were talking, I felt led by the spirit to ask her if she had a 2004 $20 bill. She did. When I asked her to hold it up to the light, and asked if she could see Jackson or Bush...she was amazed. Her bill also showed Bush with a horn. Now what are the odds of this? Larry (the youtube guy who first saw this) said that he has checked countless bills since his encounter, and hasn't been able to find another one with Bush. Why are we suddenly coming across several bills from the same year that also have this watermark? I believe it is the hand of God.

Andrew Jackson is known for blocking the Rothschild central bank when he was president. On his tombstone is written "I killed the bank". This is very significant. The timing of this banking crisis (or attack of creditors against the population...whichever you prefer) is too great to be dismissed. We are being ushered into the next level. Praise the Lord! How blessed we are to be aware, and to have each other to encourage. All of the wicked will be Cut Off. They will be Removed. They will be Overcome by nothing less than the Power of God, and his Spirit that is in his children. Their number is up. It's just a matter of time.

1 John 4:17-19

Herein is our love made perfect, that we may have boldness in the day of judgment: because as he is, so are we in this world.
There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love.
We love him, because he first loved us.

faithful forever said...

AMEN Young Brother. Your words make my heart sing as all the truth does. Their number is up and it is just a matter of time.

I knew there was a reason why Jackson had to have been chosen, and even after listening to the radio show when Peter had mentioned Jackson's epitaph, I still did not make the connection. More and more truth and more and more amazement. How awesome is our God. He never disappoints.

I cashed my paycheck the other day, and every one of the $20s has his mark except for one.

Whoo hoo; shout and rejoice in the Lord.

Love love love you Kevin.

faithful forever said...

Great verse by the way and the strength that is coming from the Lord is empowering and I give thanks and praise that we the humble may have boldness.

I am in awe 24/7 and loving every single minute.

faithful forever said...

p.s. I am thankful and blessed by your mother's encouragement. Next time you see her give her a hug from your sister in Illinois. And you are more than welcome for my little contribution. As I said, you can either make a small donation to the radio station or enjoy a pizza and a beer on me - while we still can!

Stay of good courage for our redemption draweth closer and closer.

Love to all.

faithful forever said...

The US is docking a Navy warship in the Black Sea outside Russia starting today for three days. This after talks broke down this week between Russia and Georgia:

An interesting note about the mark in the $20 bills - not everyone can 'see' it. There are two co-workers who are staunch Bush supporters that both claimed separately that it 'takes a wild stretch of the imagination to see that.' They both agreed though that it is not Jackson. hmmm, no eyes to see nor ears to hear?

faithful forever said...

Seems today (the 18th) is going to be a big day. The little horn is ready to take over the revived roman empire (the EU):

Revelation 17:12-17
12And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast.
13These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast.
14These shall make war with the Lamb, and the Lamb shall overcome them: for he is Lord of lords, and King of kings: and they that are with him are called, and chosen, and faithful.
15And he saith unto me, The waters which thou sawest, where the whore sitteth, are peoples, and multitudes, and nations, and tongues.
16And the ten horns which thou sawest upon the beast, these shall hate the whore, and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn her with fire.
17For God hath put in their hearts to fulfil his will, and to agree, and give their kingdom unto the beast, until the words of God shall be fulfilled.

faithful forever said...

Finally some news about Iraq and it's not good:;_ylt=AjkQoYGRgvkvrpadV9Yz.ZJvaA8F

Ali said...

YoungBrother, FF:

I wanted to check that video that I had sent before but it was removed!

Have some news from Russian news agency today:

1- U.S. guided-missile destroyer arrives at Georgian port of Poti.
2- S. Ossetia checkpoints allowed
to respond with fire to Georgian provocations

Keep the faith,

faithful forever said...

~They~ are certainly having a very busy weekend spinning their web of destruction around the whole world.

I hate that when videos/articles get removed and it happens frequently. At least we still have the internet, and I am sure that is only because it makes it a little easier for them to monitor us. Bring it on - ain't skeered! If you can find a link about Georgia and S. Ossetia, I would appreciate it very much, Ali.

The world is on fire with prophecy.

Excerpt from world economic summit article:

"We need a new global financial order," he said. "The European Union and the U.S., we can make a difference together." (The pres. of the EU said that).
Sarkozy also stressed the urgency of what he said was a "worldwide crisis" that demands a "worldwide solution."

Keeping the faith and loving you all (and missing you too!)

Anonymous said...

Don't just sit there but become involved:

In Jesus love and Peace. Not with just words but with works. Jesus wants us involved not sitting on our ass waiting for his return.

Anonymous said...

Hi all.

I came across this and found it interesting. Scroll down and watch this wierd stuff.

Stay blessed and keep looking up.

young brother said...

anonymous said "In Jesus Love and Peace, not just with words, but with works. Jesus wants us involved, not sitting on our ass waiting for his return"...How exactly do you think Christians should be "involved"?

Should we behead our wicked leaders in an angry mob? Would that be action befitting the body of Christ? Remember we are commanded not to confront evil with evil, but to overcome evil with good...How, then, does the "light of the earth" effectively rid the world of this present darkness? Politics? Rebellion? Violence?

I think truth is the greatest weapon we can use. It is our responsibility to train our senses, to do the work of preparing for the next step. If we were just sitting around and waiting, we wouldn't be here. The people who meet here research, dig, study things that most people just couldn't be bothered with. Read
1 Cor 2 and ask yourself, what would Jesus do? 1 Cor 2:12-14

Now we have received, not the spirit of the world, but the Spirit who is from God, that we might know the things that have been freely given to us by God.These things we also speak, not in words which man’s wisdom teaches but which the Holy Spirit teaches, comparing spiritual things with spiritual. But the natural man does not receive the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him; nor can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.

This is a very, very touchy subject. I don't plan on being part of any violent rebellion, should one occur. It won't work, because violent rebellion is like trying to use fire to put out an inferno.

faithful forever said...

Wow, that article Annon; it just doesn't get any stranger than that! You couldn't even make it up. Almost anything is possible and just as the Lord says, there are many antichrists in the world. Unfortunately, ~they~ are most likely going to use Obama to incite race riots. That guy is just a tool (of satan), and on the 31st no less. It wouldn't surprise me either if something did happen on one of their celebration days. While watching the prophecy unfold and be fulfilled, nothing is better than focusing on the Lord and His promises but it is intertwined to be sure.


Thanks for posting and I really enjoyed the video.

Since the is very little probability that you have any knowledge of what any of God's people are doing or not doing to further His Kingdom in these turbulent times, I am just going to overlook the remark but wanted to address it just the same. May each of us follow where the Lord leads us.

Stay blessed and keep looking up.
(Amen Annon).


Posting at the same time as you my young brother. The Lord is shining His face upon you more every time you get done struggling that which plagues you. He will use all things to His good as evidenced by watching your testimony grow stronger. You come back even stronger.

Love in His name to all.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that you guys got offended with my comment about not sitting around waiting for Jesus return. I was not talking about you guys but those who go to church on Sunday and the rest of the week do the bidding of the wicked one and his system thinking they are righteous and will be raptured up.

I would not have said in Jesus love and peace if I wanted a violent takeover. It is only with love against hate that we are identified. When people give hateful speech we counter that with peace and love.

I will leave now with love and peace in Jesus.

faithful forever said...

Since you didn't specify to whom you were referring, one would naturally assume you were referring to those you were speaking to. Sorry for any misunderstanding and I find it interesting that you find that interesting. What is/was your objective here?

Anonymous said...

Faithful Forever,
To spread truth if I have to have an objective to being here. Did not know it was a closed community. I did not think that by saying to become active not only with words but action was so offensive. No where did I say to become hateful and violent. We all should be putting our love of Jesus into action.

1 John 3:16 - 3:24

This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us. And we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers. If anyone has material possessions and sees his brother in need but has no pity on him, how can the love of God be in him? Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth. This then is how we know that we belong to the truth, and how we set our hearts at rest in his presence whenever our hearts condemn us. For God is greater than our hearts, and he knows everything.
Dear friends, if our hearts do not condemn us, we have confidence before God and receive from him anything we ask, because we obey his commands and do what pleases him. And this is his command: to believe in the name of his Son, Jesus Christ, and to love one another as he commanded us. Those who obey his commands live in him, and he in them. And this is how we know that he lives in us: We know it by the Spirit he gave us.

So now I will leave you but did not want to be rude and not answer your question.

faithful forever said...

I would very much prefer to have you stick around and this is not a closed community. This was nothing more than a simple misunderstanding. While this electronic medium is useful beyond measure, it is also somewhat limited in the benefit of human contact. Please accept this as an example of that limitation and join our little community. I would love to hear how you came across the site and if you have been reading for a while, and if you have, I for one would love for you to share your thoughts and insights. We are on the same side; of this I am certain. Please accept my apology and I pray you consider joining us.

Times are perilous and we are all in this together and I pray and hope that this will become a place for you to share it with.

Peace and blessings.

Going to look at your link...and thanks in advance. I never tire of truth and I also see that you recognize it as well. Love in our Savior's precious name.

faithful forever said...


Great video with one of the most important questions of all: Who would Jesus bomb? We both know the answer to that. People who support their nation blindly do not know the Lord very well and we must pray for them.

Isaiah 40:17: “All nations before him are as nothing and they are counted to him less than nothing, and vanity.”

This, of course, is a tough pill for nationalists to swallow. Loyalty to God first, always and forever.

Enjoyed that video as well; thanks again. Hope to hear from you soon. I believe you are here for a reason as all of us here are.

Sandra, if you are there (and I am hoping you are), I hold you close in my heart and my prayers.

Love to all.

faithful forever said...


I hope it was the watermark video that you couldn't access and I have found one for you. It is not the exact same, but the info is the same and it still has Larry; I love Larry:

Love you too my brother. Stay blessed in the faith.

young brother said...

Anonymous, all I had to determine what you meant was your words and your link. The video you linked to was advocating a populace takeover and revolution.

Anonymous said...

It was an intervention for real. However, this was more than a slip of the tongue.I remember reading somewhere that rubbing the nose that way is a body language for a lie, or a coverup, literally hiding the mouth behind the hand.

Stay blessed and keep looking up.


Ali said...


So kind of you, But I was looking for that hilarious video that had coins in it.

Thanks again my sister,
Keep the faith,

young brother said...

Annon, very interesting. I didn't catch that at all. Very keen insight. "intervention" Late comedian Bill Hicks once said that he believed every time a new president was sworn into office, on his first day, he was led to a tiny little smoke filled room in the Whitehouse that is rarely ever used. It's a dark room full of various men, and it has a small projector. Without a word, the new President is shown to his seat, and then he is shown film clip of an angle of the Kennedy assassination that isn't available to the public...afterwards, he is simply asked, "Any Questions?"

There is a lot of truth to a joke like that. But all secret lies will be exposed before the whole world. This process has already begun, thank God.

young brother said...

For the record, Anonymous, I'm sorry if you were offended by my earlier "Avoid violent rebellion" response. Thank you for clarifying your stance.

Also, I came across a very good article about Colin Powell's condemnation of Islamophobia this weekend on Meet The Press. The article is here

The video interview is here.

Anonymous said...

Your question how to regard?