Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Our changing world...in so many ways our world is changing.  Some in ways seen and some events are happening that are unseen, but they are all happening to bring about change.  Not change the man in the White House spoke of, the man who now has accepted more money from Wall Street than all 9 GOP candidates combined according to Michael Moore on Democracy Now!  People are fed up and people are ready for real change. 

There are some interesting dates and events upcoming.  Some real, some questionable but all interesting in their own way for these incredible times we live in.

The earth's magnetosphere is being hit with solar flares that are causing Northern Lights as far south as Ohio which is not that unusual, but reports are coming in from the southeastern states such as the Carolinas and Georgia.  Scientists say the ionosphere is becoming weaker allowing the solar winds to penetrate deeper into our atmosphere.  Mars will be hit with a CME on Wednesday the 26th.   There is also a new moon on the 26th with an alignment of Earth, Mars and the Moon.

Many claim the actual end of the Mayan calendar ends on October 28th. If so, I don't know what that may mean if anything but something I came across recently.  There is a movement that wants to shut down the system on October 28th but I don't think they are gaining much ground.  But I bet the G20 that met recently n France made plenty of ground with their plans for economic strangulation in order to bring about their new world order.

Some are calling for a run on the banks on November 5th.  On November 9th they are going to do a first-time ever national test of the emergency broadcasting system.  Meaning for 3 minutes they will take over and shut down all cable and satellite transmissions.  Feel safer?

The weather continues to wreak havoc on millions of human life as well as sea life.  There are still mass fish kills being reported from around the world, even here on the east coast shores of the United States.  Thailand's flooding is expected to remain for another six weeks with Bangkok residents being told to be ready to flee their homes.  The earthquake in Turkey was a very shallow quake and with the magnitude of 7.2 must have felt like the earth was being ripped out from underneath their feet.  Prayers for all who are suffering.  We know the Lord knows of and holds every tear in His hands.  Dublin is having flooding issues as well.

Obama has announced an end to the Iraq war at the end of the year.  Not because he wants peace, but because we were going to stay past the deadline and Iraq announced there be no more immunity granted for our soldiers.  Better get out while the getting is good.  Afghanistan has said it will side with Pakistan in a major turn of events.  Hillary Clinton is out there making jokes about the death of Ghadafi like this should make us all 'proud Americans'.  I read Turkey is reportedly getting ready to invade Syria on behalf of NATO and nation continues to rise against nation.

Are the protesters going to bring about the change we desire?  I do not know.  I continue to watch and wait with a renewed groaning everyday that only the Lord understands.  I believe all creation is groaning too even while it is still filled with His glory.

A time like no other indeed is upon us.  And it is all in His hands.  Everyday we grow closer to His glorious return and this is why we are seeing everything we are seeing.