Thursday, November 27, 2008

End of the End Times?

The first "antichrist" described by Scripture was in the Old Testament. This was Antiochus Epiphanes (left). It was about him that "Daniel" wrote: "He shall make a strong covenant with many for one week, and for half of the week he shall make sacrifice and offering cease; and in their place shall be an abomination that desolates, until the decreed end is poured out upon the desolation. (Dan 9:27; New Revised Standard Version)

The "abomination" which "desolated" was the statue of Zeus which Antiochus had erected in the Jewish temple.

The Book of Daniel contains a style of literature known as "apocalyptic." The same style is also found in the Book of Revelation. Apocalyptic is the literature of crisis. Suffering people always turn to future hope in an effort to ameliorate their current travails. When reading apocalyptic literature, we need to understand the worldview of people suffering oppression, hardship, or persecution. Biblical examples: Daniel was written with the aim of comforting and supporting the faith of those suffering under Antiochus Epiphanes; Revelation was composed close to the year 70 CE to assist those who were suffering under the persecution of Nero. What these writings share is the idea that people were to look to the future rather than now for the day of their deliverance.

What then is "prophecy?" The dictionary says: 1: an inspired utterance of a prophet 2: the function or vocation of a prophet ; specifically : the inspired declaration of divine will and purpose 3: a prediction of something to come Most people focus on the third definition.

The primary definition of "apocalypse" is: "One of the Jewish and Christian writings of 200 BCE to 150 CE marked by pseudonymity, symbolic imagery, and the expectation of an imminent cosmic cataclysm in which God destroys the ruling powers of evil and raises the righteous to life in a messianic kingdom.

It is worthy to note, in English versions of the Bible, the Book of Daniel is found among the Prophets. In the Hebrew Bible, the Tanakh, Daniel is found in the third division, the Writings (Kethuvim.) The editors of the Tanakh did not consider Daniel a "Prophet" but something else. This is correct, because Daniel is not prophetic literature, but apocalyptic. The first six chapters of the book contain stories of the dream interpreter and faithful servant of G-d in difficult times. Chapters 7-12 contain the apocalyptic visions written under the name of "Daniel" during difficult days. These "visions" are simply intended to show that faithful men and women that, in spite of the power of their enemies, G-d was still the king of the universe, and that they need be unafraid.

The early Christians were mainly Jews who were familiar with their Scripture. They were people who found themselves in similar straights as their forebearers in the time of "Daniel." The genius in the Book of Revelation is that it was written in the same style as Daniel, but adapted to the author's time and place. Here the evil tyrant was Nero (left) and the rest of the "prophecies" were but thinly veiled social commentary. The original readers of Revelation understood the content in the context of their world.
With this in mind, the Book of Revelation should not be seen as a book of prophecies. It is evident down through history that much mischief has been made of this book when viewed this way. In today's world, not only is it stupid to see the Book of Revelation as containing prophecies for our time, it is also dangerous.
Although "evangelical/fundamentalist" branches like to believe they are the only true Christians in the world, thankfully, there is no one "Christianity" today. By the time the full consequences of their theology are made manifest, Nero down in Hell will be laughing at their expense. It will be the responsibility of the remaining branches of Christianity to denounce Dispensationalism as a heresy and engage in appropriate damage control.
For the last eight years we have endured yet another "antichrist" in the form of President George W. Bush. He was a "Christian antichrist;" therefore most of the evangelical/fundamentalist crowd did not recognize the hour of his coming. As of now, it appears the time of Antichrist Bush is drawing to a close. For those who were not deceived, they may rejoice that they have lived and remained faithful to the end. Yet it can not be emphasized enough that the kingdom Jesus spoke of was not of this world. The kingdom is within. Therefore, don't go looking for New Jerusalems to be dropping out of the sky.
The end of the end times can be a bit of a let down; especially if you're looking for some kind of cosmic justice. Perhaps a new revelation is needed.
Let me offer this. Daniel and Revelation were written during and about the times their authors lived in. They were written in a style that is vague and hard to understand today. A revelation written today will not need to be written in the same way. A revelation today will not gain immediate acceptance, but gain credence over time.
Here is what I propose to reveal. The United States is an empire. It is presumed to have a democratic form of state, but this is questionable. For the last eight years the United States Empire has been ruled by an idiot who is likewise the enemy of G-d and the entire human race. I speculate that he will meet his doom from alcohol-related causes. Those who were faithful and resisited Bush's evil will be rewarded by inheriting the world he created; they will have to make the best of it.
G-d save us all.


young brother said...

Hello Balor, and Happy Thanksgiving.

Interesting points, and thank you for contributing. I don't agree with your stance 100%, but I see where you're coming from, and I emphatically agree that we should remember that the kingdom of God is within.

First of all, did you know that 25% of the entire bible is prophecy about the end of days? Paul spoke about the end of days with certain clarity, and prophets such as Joel and Malechi were inspired by the Spirit to speak in great detail of wonderful days that the world has not yet seen.

Also, when Jesus spoke of the time of tribulation, he was very clear as well, and said things like, "Those days will be more dreadful and terrible than anything the world has ever seen, or will ever see again"...With that in mind, you'll probably agree that the events of World War 2 were more terrible than even the worst damage done by the Roman empire, and if the world goes through a third World War, it will certainly be more dreadful than that.

If George Bush leaves office, and we have a more peaceful transition to the future (which seems doubtful, considering what's going on right now in Mumbai)...we will definitely have a lot of work cut out for us. But it will be without the horror we have been bracing ourselves for...which would be a relief.

I am hoping for divine intervention; for the spirit of God to work through a body of people so that they might bring all of the enemies of Christ underneath his feet, once and for all. I hope for a return to the days of Pentecost, where the Holy Spirit filled the church, and demons and disease were submitted unto all of those who submitted themselves to Christ.

It's great to have you back in the conversation.

Balor1 said...

Hi Young Brother,

You said,

"Also, when Jesus spoke of the time of tribulation, he was very clear as well, and said things like, "Those days will be more dreadful and terrible than anything the world has ever seen, or will ever see again"...With that in mind, you'll probably agree that the events of World War 2 were more terrible than even the worst damage done by the Roman empire, and if the world goes through a third World War, it will certainly be more dreadful than that."

I don't want to play semantic word games here. I'll just point out that verbiage like, "Those days will be more dreadful and terrible than anything the world has ever seen, or will ever see again," is typical of exageration used to emphasize a point. It wasn't meant to be literal. Jesus was not speaking of a time thousands of years in the future; He was speaking of a time soon to follow.

Divine intervention may happen, but how will you recognize it?

Sandra said...

Since it is Thanksgiving I thought I would put something light hearted on here. Cynics will say it was all for the show on T.V. but he was a community organizer and met with people having hard times during his career:

President-elect Obama and his family volunteered at a Chicago food bank on the eve of Thanksgiving. Mr. Obama said times are tough and its important for all Americans to remember those in need.

God Bless

faithful forever said...

Balor, you said:
"In today's world, not only is it stupid to see the Book of Revelation as containing prophecies for our time, it is also dangerous."

Just call me stupid.

Many things are sealed up until the end but all will be revealed. This includes us as well.

Most prophecy has former and latter fulfillments as there are many layers to scripture. Prophecy can be fulfilled more than once. The Bible is a guide for ALL people of ALL times. How extraordinaire but so amazingly true just the same.

We are currently living under the fourth and final kingdom of this world and the Lord Jesus IS coming back to reign here on Earth. Before His return, it will be a time like no other; worse than any previous suffering through the ages, and men will beg to die rather than suffer, but death will not come - no relief for the wicked and those who have yet to turn to Him. This is real and it is written as so - in more than one Book besides the Book of Revelation.

The great and awful day of the Lord...come Lord Jesus, come quickly.

It is approaching whether we believe or deny.

I believe.

faithful forever said...

How do I believe divine intervention will be recognized? I believe those in His flock know His voice and hear Him. He has to give you ears to hear as everything comes from the Lord based on your heart's desires.

Thanks for the opportunity to express my faith Balor.

Balor1 said...

faithful forever,

We know that G-d is just. We know that evil always sows the seed of its own destruction. Is saying this a prediction of things to come? No. Is it prophecy? Possibly yes.

I probably should have said, "In today's world, not only is it stupid to see the Book of Revelation as containing predictions for our time, it is also dangerous."

You also say, "Most prophecy has former and latter fulfillments as there are many layers to scripture. Prophecy can be fulfilled more than once. The Bible is a guide for ALL people of ALL times. How extraordinaire but so amazingly true just the same."

I too believe prophecy can be fulfilled more than once, however, after the first fulfillment, there is no predictability anymore. Of course the Bible is a guide, but a guide takes you only on paths already known. Faith must take you the rest of the way.


young brother said...

Balor, please be prepared for dissenting opinions, since your first post on a blog called the "end times journal" is saying that we're misreading the Bible, and these aren't the end times.

I know your style, and admire your moxy. The differences between your perspective and some of ours is healthy, as it keeps us all sharp, and on our toes. We shouldn't just believe things because we prefer to, we should believe what evidence suggests.

I wasn't playing word games with you, I was trying to remind you of what Jesus said. Please read through Joel chapter 2, and Malachi chapter 3, to see some very fascinating visions of a time that the earth has not yet seen.
Also, ask yourself, what is the "Last Day" that Jesus referred to on many occasions? Doesn't that suggest a specific timeline in God's plan for the world?

Have you heard of the theory of the millennial days? It's difficult to tell when things should are meant literally, and when they are meant metaphorically. It is not wise for either of us to say that we know for certain what Jesus was thinking when he said anything. However in 2nd Peter, it is written, " not ignorant of this one thing, that one thousand years is as a day for the Lord, and a day is as one thousand years"
"be not ignorant" means: this is very important...stop, ponder, then continue.

I believe that this is a specific formula of God's timing. Now is the seventh millennial "day" since the fall from Eden, and the third millennial "day" since the death of Christ. Scripture says that on the Third Day, Christ rose from the dead, and on the Seventh Day God rested...Revelation further says that immediately after the judgment of the beast and the devil, there will be one thousand years of peace (rest) under Christ. Considering what has been happening in this millennium so far...are these all coincidences? I sincerely doubt it.

Be blessed.

faithful forever said...

Amen Balor, faith must take you the rest of the way. But it is not just faith alone; we all have the Holy Spirit. A most precious gift. A gift that gives the predictability because it is already written in our hearts. We have to learn how to follow it.

There will be many scoffers and I am a little disappointed that you are still one of them, but there is hope for all - even unto the very last minute. I still love you Balor, you know I do, but I believe the Lord would have you get past your head knowledge and into the Spirit wisdom of letting Him guide you instead of yourself. You are so intelligent but it is not the only component that is needed to accurately discern the time.

Love and peace forever.

I enjoy your moxy also!

I have one question for you if you wouldn't mind. Do you believe that Jesus is coming back to judge the quick and the dead?

Young Brother, I agree when you said that it is important to believe what evidence suggests rather than what we prefer to believe. More true words are seldom spoken and thank you for the blessing. Believing what we prefer to believe is a trap much like prefering to have your ears tickled instead of hearing the whole truth.

Kelly said...

Hello all, and hope you all had a wonderful many things I am personally thankful for, and absolutely consider you all a blessing!

The mess in Mumbai has been really tough to watch...amazing how it isn't covered more...but we do see the Black Friday shopping forecasts while dozens of people are losing their lives...does it ever end?

They were warning us in New York to 'beware' the subway system yesterday, which typically occurs around holidays or mass gatherings (like the parade yesterday,) but they stepped up the military presence around Grand Central Station and other large transportation venues.

New Yorkers don't even bother avoiding mass's just such a part of many's daily routine. It would simply cost too much for people to take cabs everywhere, so despite a 'terror warning,' many disregard it.

I would hate to see another 'terrorist attack' occur, but what with Mumbai and Pakistan and all the heightened worry surrounding that, I can't help but think another one is in the cards.

Anonymous said...

I tend not think there is an easy way out from the mess our world is in. And the divine intervention doesn't necessarily have to be one of a smooth transition where God would remove just only a few evil rulers and estabilish His 1000 years Kingdom on earth. There is trouble coming. If it is not so, God wouldn't promise to be with me in the fire and in the water and tell me not to fear. There is trouble coming when men want the mountains and the rocks to hide them from His Wrath. Trouble is on the way when many wish death and unable to find it. Trouble is coming when God is going to shake the heaven and the earth. I believe the Cleansing process is not just on the surface but inside out and upside down and every corner of the earth.

Stay blessed and keep watching!


faithful forever said...

More doublespeak from the master deceiver:

Sandra said...

Yeah, I saw that and thought Bush was being very delusional.

Hope all had a nice Thanksgiving. I am still tired from it all.

Today being Black Friday, so I thought I would share something that I have kept from a website a few years ago and share it with all here.

It is from a group that call themselves Jesus Christians and live a very simple life without all the material possessions that so many in this country think makes for the "American Dream" but in reality is a nightmare of debt and a slave to the banks:

A parody from the website:

The Christmas Spirit

Then spake Jesus to the masses and to his followers, saying, "The merchants and advertisers control the world. You can learn from them, but beware of their false values. They love to flaunt their wealth. Be not like them."

"Woe to you merchants and advertisers! For ye devour widows' houses and for a pretence play Christmas carols. Therefore ye shall receive the greater damnation."

"Woe unto you merchants and advertisers! For ye compass the airwaves to win customers, and by so doing, ye make the next generation twofold more materialistic than yourselves."

"Woe unto you, ye deceivers! For ye say that they need not pay anything until next year, then double your price in time payments."

"Woe unto you merchants and advertisers! For ye create sentimental Christmas displays to hide your willingness to sell your own mother to the highest bidder. Outwardly ye appear beautiful, but inwardly you are low-life scum."

Then came his disciples and said unto him, "Knowest thou not that the media and the churches will be offended if they hear this saying? For they too have profited greatly from the Christmas hype."
But he answered and said, "So what! They are blind leaders of the blind. They will go to hell together!"

Then he looked up and saw the shoppers spending billions on Christmas merchandise. He saw a certain single mother spending her rent money on a big Christmas dinner for her children, and he said, "Of a truth I say unto you, this poor mother hath spent more than they all. For all these have, out of their abundance, done their shopping; but she, of her penury, hath spent all that she had." (Mk 12:38-42)

Jesus damned rip-off merchants at the same time that he immortalised their victims. The innocence of those who waste money on materialistic expressions of love is commended... not because it is wise or right, but because it is sincere.

The real causes of sexual immorality, drug abuse, violence, and marital infidelity can be traced back to the love of money. It is the greedy merchants and advertisers who have exploited legitimate drives and appetites to create a godless and ideal-less world. We who fall for the lies of materialism must answer for our gullibility, but there can be no doubt that Christ felt the system leaders would receive "the greater damnation".

Love to all

Balor1 said...

young brother, faithful forever,

There is a word, "hierophony" which refers to the act of manifestation of the sacred. An example of this is the burning bush that was not consumed. The bush was not made sacred, but the sacred was made manifest in the bush.

When we see the mysterious act, the manifestation of something of something of a wholly different order, a reality that does not belong to our world, in objects that are an integral part of our natural "profane" world, then we are presented with an hierophany.

So it goes with the fulfillment of "prophecy." Each fulfillment is an hierophany. Trouble is, hierophanies tend to be subjective events rather than objective events. They are for those with "eyes to see and ears to hear."

Do I scoff, faithful forever? I too look for G-d acting in the world. Better yet, I would rather be G-d acting in the world - this is what Jesus taught us to do.

Do I believe Jesus will return to judge those who are alive and those who are dead? I believe He is already doing this every day. If He is in you and I and we are in Him, then this is happening.

Do you want some supreme G-d Man with "Jesus" on his nametag to show up and fix things? My heart can not long believe what my head rejects and my spirit warns me against.

Did you ever notice the New Testament never tells us how Jesus accomplished his miracles? My Jesus would not hide this from me. He surely showed his disciples how they were done and how to tap into the Source.

So I caution you about seeking "miracles." Rather, be the miracle you seek.

faithful forever said...


If one knows who Jesus is, then it goes without saying how He accomplished those miracles. And you are right, your Jesus and my Jesus does not hide this from us. He is God in a humble human form for our salvation. Jesus is God and this is how He performed all those wonderous miracles; proof for the unbelievers and believers who needed/wnated signs to really believe.

The disciples weren't 'shown how to tap into the Source.' Everything they had was given to them from God. We are nothing without Him just as they were nothing without Him, but ALL things are possible with God. He gives according to our heart's desires for it is only He who knows all our secrets and desires - there is no hiding place for there is nothing He does not know.

As far as judgment goes, I would never pretend to know the mind of God, but His word tells us that there is one final judgment upon all the inhabitants of the earth.

Actually, yes, I do very much desire His return; only He is the only one knows what His name is, but His followers call Him Jesus, KING OF KINGS, AND LORD OF LORDS.

Revelation 19:10-12
10 And I fell at his feet to worship him. And he said unto me, See thou do it not: I am thy fellowservant, and of thy brethren that have the testimony of Jesus: worship God: for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.
11 And I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse; and he that sat upon him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he doth judge and make war.
12 His eyes as a flame of fire, and on his head were many crowns; and he had a name written, that no man knew, but he himself.

My friend, I think it is you who should be cautioned for it seems that you not only scoff, you mock the word of God for He tells us He is returning. It is all written and He will give wisdom for understanding the testimony of Jesus Christ that the head will never be able to accept; rather only the heart. For when the truth is spoken, it resonates with what is already written there by our amazing Lord and Savior after his death.

What could your spirit be warning you against by having the Savior of the world return to exact righteous judgment as only He can upon the whole earth. A final righteous judgment with there being only two sides from which we get to freely choose.

In love and peace.

faithful forever said...

I was researching something else and just 'happended' across this and felt moved to copy and share in regards to choosing sides:

If you trust the promise of his unshakable kingdom, and set your heart on it, and lay up treasure in the unshakable kingdom, then the fire of God will consume your adversaries and refine your gold (2 Thessalonians 1:6-9). But if you reject the one who speaks from heaven and, like Esau, prefer the fragile, shaky kingdom of this world, then you will meet the consuming fire of God as destruction and not deliverance.

young brother said...

FF, please be careful in how you are reading what's being said here, and stay mindful in how you respond. Remember Proverbs 27:6 "Better are the wounds of a friend, than the deceitful kisses of an enemy."

It is so vitally important that we work together toward the common goal of serving God and seeking truth. God's plan for the last day is not to rise up any one individual with a perfect vision...he has done that through Jesus, and the world crucified him. God's plan for the end time is to bring together a group of people, a body of many members: which are connected by the mortar of His own Spirit. God has drawn Balor here for a reason. Please don't let yourself be too offended by his somewhat gruff approach. The heart of the matter is what counts.

I think Balor is worried that we are waiting for God to save the world for us, when the fact is that God plans to save the world through us. This will happen by the power of the Holy Spirit, and could not happen if Christ did not come and die, as a grain of wheat, to be buried and produce an abundant crop in due season (John 12:24). We must have faith to receive the blessings of the Holy Spirit, we must believe that all things are possible through Christ. FF, you have that faith, you have that belief (praise God!). These things cannot be shaken, and I don't believe they are being challenged. (if I’m wrong about that Balor, please clarify)

It is a temptation for us all to lose our tempers and let our tongues loose when we feel provoked. But this does not help us, or those close to us. You have seen me put my foot in my mouth plenty of times over the years online, and I have done it at least twice as much in the fellowship I have with my housemates (just ask Peter). I know what I'm talking about, and I risk being labeled a hypocrite by offering this advice. But the risk is worth it.

Our common goal must be to provoke one another to love, not anger; to accept one another's unique vantage points, and to receive one another in the spirit that none of us deserve, but all of us seem to have been touched by.

God's plan will not be confounded, will not be stopped, and so our hope and efforts must be to cooperate with God as he brings his body of people together.

It is a very difficult task for us to overcome our own selves when we are pursuing Christ, but it is the most vitally important task before us. The world needs a people who are conformed in the image of Christ: a body of many members, with many unique gifts, none of which are "better" or "worse" than the rest. In fact, according to Paul, in the Body of Christ, the less honorable parts are given special honor. We do not all have the same gifts, and we do not all see the world from the same perspective, but that's normal, that's part of the beauty of the body. None of us can stand alone; all of us need each other. What's important is that our hearts are all dedicated to the Lord. God is in command of his army, He will signal the trumpet in His good time. It is His will to empower a people living on earth in the Last Day, so that they might prepare the earth for Christ’s return. We do not deserve this power, but it has been promised. Our responsibility is to be ready to receive His Spirit when it is poured upon the earth (as in Joel 2). We must be hard at work: tilling the soil of our souls, rooting out the weeds, and removing stones. What more can we do? None of us was perfect when we were called, but our journey is one of refinement. It is a journey made possible, yet again, only by the blood of Christ, and the power of God’s own Spirit. There is a difference between those who are engaged in that hard journey, and those who are simply hoping for a rapture, or some other quick-fix solution from up on high. I believe that’s what Balor meant when he said “be the miracle you seek”…is that what you meant, Balor? Or did I misread you?

Annon, Amen! Sandra, I love the parody! Wonderful share! Kelly, your eyes and ears are pealed, as always! We should all pray that the spirit of God will comfort those who have lost loved ones in Mumbai, and that these days of violence will soon come to an end.

Balor1 said...

young brother,

You seem to be on to what I am about.

Did not Jesus say to his disciples that they would perform greater "miracles" than He did?

"I think Balor is worried that we are waiting for God to save the world for us, when the fact is that God plans to save the world through us. This will happen by the power of the Holy Spirit, and could not happen if Christ did not come and die, as a grain of wheat, to be buried and produce an abundant crop in due season (John 12:24). We must have faith to receive the blessings of the Holy Spirit, we must believe that all things are possible through Christ. FF, you have that faith, you have that belief (praise God!). These things cannot be shaken, and I don't believe they are being challenged. (if I’m wrong about that Balor, please clarify)"

You are not wrong, friend.

"There is a difference between those who are engaged in that hard journey, and those who are simply hoping for a rapture, or some other quick-fix solution from up on high. I believe that’s what Balor meant when he said “be the miracle you seek”…is that what you meant, Balor? Or did I misread you?"

Yes, you speak my mind, here. I am suspicious of instant solutions and magical thinking. G-d gives us the talents to solve our own problems. The problem of poverty, for example, is not solved by waiting for G-d to come and feed the poor, but G-d in us moves us to feed them.

A Friend wrote this to me recently and I think it is worth sharing:

"What I’ve found, what I’ve experienced, and what I understand from mysticism in various traditions, is that God/Divinity has two qualities, that is, there are two ways to understand and experience God – the transcendent and the immanent.

Transcendent means the grand, great, powerful, the feeling that you get of being part of something huge and mysterious that moves far beyond you, that you are just a tiny part of a something much greater, much more powerful than you. It’s the feeling you get when you stand in front of the ocean, or on top of a mountain. It’s majestic, and awe-inspiring. I don’t believe this is just projection. We are so tiny, in comparison with the Universe. When you let yourself be moved by this, you can feel it, and once you feel it, in your body, in your bones, the experience changes you. It changed me.

Immanent is the God that moves inside you, the personal god, the inner whisper of your heart that tells you of your personal heart’s desire and destiny. It’s the part of you that knows, that is connected to that great grand Universe, that holds the magic and limitless potential of the human soul. You can feel that too, if you take a deep breath, close your eyes, and sink into your own self. Ask your heart to show you."

Ali said...


Everything is okay! I think its time to go for Gaza.

Keep the faith,

Ali said...

I suggest you watch this interesting video:

Keep the faith,

Ali said...

"We have received a polite letter from the US Congress on parliamentary negotiations between the two countries," Larijani said in a Saturday interview with Farsnews.

How come it wasn't aired on mainstream media?

Keep the faith,

Balor1 said...

Thanks for the video on the time spiral, Ali. Something to think about.

Ali said...

Your welcome Balor1. Indeed things are gaining momentum.

Keep the faith,

Sandra said...

Your title is "End of the End days". When I read that my interpretation was that we are definitely at the end (literally) of the "End Days" You might have meant it differently but as with everything God will bring forth his truth to all. Jesus said you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.

With that being said I believe the last eight years was a time of tribulation with Bush in the White House for all believers. We knew the damage he was doing but the vast majority including elected democrats went along with him. People who did support him are coming to the realization of the real danger he did to this country and are now suffering from his policies. It is not a easy road ahead with all the damage he caused to the environment, constitution, and how others throughout the world view the U.S.

I personally don't think it is dangerous to realize that the world with it's fanatics are trying to destroy this world and bring about chaos and fear. Fear is what the Bush administration has continued to promote throughout his administration. Jesus said "Fear Not" but Bush managed to keep this country in fear. What he has left for the next administration is a mess. I did like your statement of being the miracle that you are seeking in the world. When ever we help another for the specific purpose of love and are not asking for anything in return we are furthering his kingdom on earth.

On your link on Obama I for one will give Obama a chance without judging him before he is even in office. We will see if he can stand up to the powers to do the right thing. Respecting another's religion is what I grew up learning so him going to the wall did not offend me. Since my people were slaughtered for their beliefs I have to admit I am more tolerant and respectful. We can not say that about the far right in this country. They promote hate of others who don't believe as they do. Your link on the prophesy was interesting. I liked the statement "the end of times could be a chance for a new beginning depending on the path we take. Do we promote and live in "fear" or "love." In the end it is a choice each of us has to make.

Interesting discussion.

God Bless

Sandra said...

Mission accomplished:

Blessing to all

Balor! said...

Hi Sandra,

"End of the End Times?" was the title of my contribution because Bush's presidency is set to end next January.

For those of us who have been following this matter from Steven Hanchett's blog site, time draws short.

Is George W. Bush the Antichrist? The answer is "Yes."

It is my contention that Nero and others have been the "Antichrist." There have been "End Times" before, so we must ask ourselves, "What next?" We who will be blessed to tell the generations who follow us what it was like during this time have a responsibility to get it right.

Rome didn't fall after Nero and neither will the United States after Bush. Nevertheless, those of us who bore witness to the truth were never more at peril than under Bush. Future attempts at suppressing our testimony against the evil of empire will ultimately fail.

Rejoice! Even though future persecutions are destined, they can not succeed. Halleluah!

Sandra said...

I was on Stephen's website too but left for a rest and when I got back they were starting up this site which I am thankful to see some of the regulars on the other site come over here. I also believed George Walker BushJr. was the antichrist. You must be in more danger since you work for the government.

I do rejoice in my relationship with Jesus and I feel very fortunate that I listened to the spirit within and realized the time we were living in.

I feel very blessed to have found true followers of Jesus in this small community. Jesus taught us how to live our life and how to treat others but that is so lacking in today's world. So many give lip service to Jesus with their words but it does not match their deeds.

Love to all

young brother said...

Amen, Sandra! This place is a terrific blessing, isn't it?

Balor, I'm glad that I read you correctly. Thanks for sharing the quote.

Ali, thank you for sharing those video links. The "Spiral of Time" video is especially interesting. Peter has a very advanced concept of time unraveling in cycles. I will see if he can write about it soon.

NathanDave said...

Balor, Great post. Hank Hanegraff of the Christian Reseach Insitute wrote a book which I think confirms many of your points. As Hanegraff points out, when the Book of Revelation says these things will soon happen, it meant soon, not in 2000 years (that is certianly not soon!). Great point about the use of hyperbole as well, for example when Jesus quotes the prophets when they talk of the moon turning red as blood, etc.

Ali said...

Pakistan to move troops if tensions with India worsen,

Keep the faith,

Ali said...

Indian air and missile forces on war footing, Pakistani armored units diverted from Afghan border.

Its getting heavy everywhere!

Keep the faith,

Ali said...

Will you Believe them again?

Keep the faith,

faithful forever said...

This place is such an incredible blessing that I would miss His people that gather here more than words can ever begin to express. God has brought us here and connected us for a purpose. And it is amazing to witness it.

I would like to ask for forgiveness for getting up on my high horse for misunderstanding Balor's words, and I deeply regret my declaration of faith sounding so argumentative. As always, the message is so much better when the reader understands the material at hand, and the delayed blessing will not soon be forgotten and I thank you Balor and rejoice with you, if you will have me.

Great posts everyone and just keep doing what you are doing and shining the light God has blessed you with.

Unfortunately, it looks as though the false flag in India has served the evildoers well as it is igniting the flame of the two nuclear powers of Pakistan and India very rapidly.

Got to go catch up a little more.

Love and peace to all.

Sandra said...

I know I might be outnumbered about my belief that Revelations is just as relevant today as to the first Christians during Nero's rein. I believe the Stock Market and Wall Street is the mystery Babylon and that we are told to come out of her. In my humble opinion it means get away from the consumer culture and debt. Tear up those credit cards if you can not control your spending and start living within your means. Times are going to get worse and I do believe we are at the End of End Times literally. People need to stop being a slave to the banks and financial institutions. Below is a link:

I too had problems with understanding the scope of Balor's blog but believed that through the comment section more and more truth of what he was talking about would come forth. YB was able to articulate his concept of what he thought Balor was saying and it was affirmed by Balor. I do believe Revelations was written for the first century Christians but is just as relevant today because the forces of evil did not die after Nero's rule. In fact it is worst today and mystery Babylon is alive in this country.

I personally think Revelations is not hard to understand at all and the veil has been lifted to understand it's meaning in todays world to followers of Christ.

God Bless

young brother said...

I also believe that the books of Revelation and Daniel are very relevant today, and while the fulfillments of Antiochus and Nero shouldn't be ignored; we haven't yet seen the fullness of the prophetic promises for the world. We will either make a softer, more peaceful transition to the future (if the torch is passed to Barrack Obama), or we will see World War three in the very near future; either way, a manifestation of the power of the Holy Spirit through saints is what I'm betting on.

faithful forever said...

And your hope is Biblically founded young brother, and praise God for this because certainly this has to be the reason we are told many times not to fear - imagine a manifestation of the power of the Holy Spirit through saints (we get to witness it and humbly hope to be a part of it)...Heaven on Earth; how amazing is our God. A time like no other, but in a very good way also for His believers. So exciting in such an unknown way with no real words to describe it.

It seems many people are talking about end times, and if the 'time spiral' is any indication, things are going to get a lot rougher starting next month which is tomorrow. Pray for the best but be prepared for the worst.

Sandra, your many kind words and understanding mean a great deal to me.

For all the great links, wonderful insights, and great fellowship, I would just like to give thanks.

Stay blessed and keep looking up.

Love to all.

young brother said...

Forever Faithful, you are an irreplaceable part of this group. We would not be the same without you, faithfully stationed at the watchtower. I hope you had a great holiday weekend.

faithful forever said...

My young brother, I feel as you have washed my feet and what a humbling blessed experience. Can we even begin to imagine having the Lord Himself wash our feet?

John 13:14-16 (King James Version)
14If I then, your Lord and Master, have washed your feet; ye also ought to wash one another's feet.
15For I have given you an example, that ye should do as I have done to you.
16Verily, verily, I say unto you, The servant is not greater than his lord; neither he that is sent greater than he that sent him.


Each one is an integral part for the whole plan God has in store - one not more important than the other but needed just the same. This is how we have become and my spirit weeps in joy and love at all the ways of the Lord especially this community of faith which I have no doubts about the Lord Jesus Christ placing His blessings.

It does just keep getting better and better. How amazing is our God and His people here are a shining example of just how amazing He is. And we are only scratching the surface...

Love and peace to all. In a world that has less certainty with each passing day, know how blessed you are that you have certainty of His promises and all His words.

Leave the world to the world and set your sights on His Kingdom for it is fast approaching. There is nothing to hang onto in this world except those whom we love.

And I hold tight to each of you; I cling for I have never known love quite like this before and I have always been blessed to have love in my life, but my brothers and sisters here, I need you more than you need me.

May we continue to be as one, just as our Savior prayed for us to be.

My heart is bursting.

faithful forever said...

They are certainly furthering the agenda in Pakistan in a big way; can hardly wait to see what's in store for the Christmas surprise:

A terminology I came across this morning: CBRNE which stand for Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear or any other high yield Explosive attack.

What a world.

But then again, there's you guys... so it's all good. And going to only get better.

Love, prayers and blessings.

faithful forever said...

Indeed, keep looking up:

faithful forever said...

The Dow plunged 680 points and the news is now reports it is official that the US is in a recession.

I don't know about anybody else's area, but people in mine are glum, very glum.

And our hearts are rejoicing.

What an amazing time, and there is much work to be done. All for the glory of our Master, the great I AM.

Praise His holy name, and never let your spirit be troubled for our redemption draweth near.

faithful forever said...

Truth or propaganda?

faithful forever said...

Guess who?

Interesting quote from the Christian right site that I found interesting, especially since lately I have been wondering if it is possible for peoples from the lost tribe of Judah might be imprisoned in Gaza. Things are so mixed up and backwards, nothing seems impossible. Thoughts anyone? The quote:

A person of the tribe of Judah is not a Jew. He would have been an Israelite Hebrew. The only way that a person of the tribe of Judah could be a Jew would be to become an apostate Devil worshipper and turn his back upon the Hebrew Scriptures. Neither Abraham, Isaac, nor Jacob was a Jew, and there was no tribe of Judah or any other of the twelve tribes of Israel until they were established through the sons of Jacob, who was the grandson of Abraham. There is considerably more that could be said about so-called world Jewry and the world Zionistic movement and the apostate, illicit, so-called religion of the Jews. World Jewry has virtually destroyed Christianity throughout the world through its relentless barrage of antichrist propaganda and continuing effort to completely misrepresent what the Bible actually says and teaches."
—Pastor V.S. Herrell, Christian Separatist Church Society, Kodak, Tennessee, "The Talmudic Jew Identified"

Balor1 said...

faithful forever,

I wouldn't invest too much in anti-semitic claptrap.

faithful forever said...

Thanks Balor, I will keep it in mind.

I enjoyed this article; hope someone else does also:

faithful forever said...

Some clarification that made it start to all make sense:

It is important to understand about names for Judah also. The word 'Jew' wasn't used until the split between the northern part of Israel and the southern part, and it can apply to someone of the bloodline tribe of Judah, or to someone of foreign birth who happens to live in Judea, and take the name 'Jew' (see Esther 8:17). Those Israelites born from the other tribes are not Jewish. So one born of the tribe of Judah can be called both 'Jew', and also an Israelite from their heritage in Jacob (Israel). Mainly then, the word 'Jew' purely applies to the tribe of Judah only.
For example, someone born of the Israelite tribes of Dan or Zebulun are not Jews, but they are Israelites, having Jacob also as their lineage. When one comes to realize this matter, and that those in Israel today claiming to be direct descendents from Isaac call themselves Jews, then where are the rest of the other tribes. It can easily be seen from Scripture that the number of the other tribes way outnumbered Judah, Benjamin, and Levi, with Ephraim being the largest before the split.

PursuingTruth said...

Are your views flexible, or are they set in stone? I must weigh in here and state that I believe your view expressed in this post is in error. The Books of Daniel and Revelation are prophetic and very much for today. Although I totally agree that the Christian right completely misinterpret these books from their materialistic viewpoint they are still expressing images of things to come. You said that Antiochus Epiphanies was the fulfillment of the abomination Daniel spoke of, but I will explain why that is not the case.
I will try to have a post concerning the interpreting of these books and prophecy in general ready tomorrow.
I must prepare for the Pursuing Truth Radio show tonight at 7 PM on The Micro Effect network
I hope you all will listen. I will be having Janice Mathews as a guest again tonight. She is the director of 911

Balor1 said...

Hi Pursuing Truth,

My views are flexible within reason. Most people would say that I am a preterist regarding prophecy.

If I say Daniel and Revelation are books of prophecy, then they are so only under the category of "inspired utterance" rather than as "prediction of things to come." You can't use them as a crystal ball!

People have a choice between blessings and curses. Act unethically and you choose curses. Act righteously and you choose blessings. This is true of nations as well as individuals. "Prophecy" merely reminds us where each path takes us.

young brother said...

Forever Faithful, That's a very interesting find. I never thought about where the term "Jew" came from, even though the split between Judea and Israel is well established in scripture. That would be worth some more research.

The guy you quoted from used the word "Jewry" a lot :) He also sounded very antisemitic when he blamed the demise of Christianity on Israel. Talk about a "blame game".

Unfortunately if you have a view that is against the agenda of Zionism, you can easily be labeled as "antisemitic". You are usually presumed guilty until proven innocent. It doesn't matter where you are, or who you talk with, the reaction is usually severe. I had a rift with my Aunt last year because of my views on Zionism.

It frustrates me that there is such a moral haze surrounding the Jews. To be friends, we must accept and endorse their every action without question; those who simply disagree with their agenda on a moral basis can be labeled as Nazis. This blanket judgment does not help to identify truly hateful, potentially dangerous people. Just like wiretapping every phone call in the United States does not help to identify real enemies of the state who are planning terrorist attacks.

I have several Jewish relatives, and knowledge and deep respect for the Jewish holy text. And it is precisely because of this text that I am against Zionism. Truly, the Zionist movement (regarding Christians and Jews), is a very high profile example of religion gone bad. Judgment is said to come, first to the Jew, then to the Gentile (likewise Salvation came, first to the Jew, then to the Gentile). All who are evil will be destroyed by the fruit of their actions. The challenge before us, of course, is how to overcome the evil with good. "Let the dead bury their dead".

young brother said...

I think this is a good time, and the perfect place to share something I've been reading lately. It is one of the pamphlets written by modern prophet, Bill Britton (who was a real pioneer of this modern movement of God through his church). He had a powerful vision of the end-times, spirit filled church that we hope for. The section is called, "A Corn of Wheat", and it's from a very encouraging, very inspiring message about God's plan for his "church". You can read different chapters from it by scrolling halfway down this page, and searching for "Reach for the Stars".

I hope all who choose to read it are blessed, and I would love to hear what your thoughts are about it.

By the way, FF, tahnk you for sharing the article about the Pakistan bombing. That planet/moon alignment was amazing, I sure hope Annon got to see it.

As far as the third clip: propaganda!

Ali said...

Blessings to all,

Keep the faith,

Sandra said...

Here is an article from a a Henry Makow who is a Jew and whose grandparents were victims of the Holocaust:

I did a search and found out this about him:

Henry Makow, Ph.D and is a Canadian conspiracy theorist, author, columnist and inventor of the boardgame Scruples.

Many of his articles cite evidence of a hidden hand shaping modern history according to a long-term occult (satanic) agenda. He associates this force with the "-isms" :Zionism, Communism, Liberalism, Secularism, Neo-Conservatism, Fascism, Nazism and Feminism. He argues that democracy today is a charade and serves as an instrument of social control; the mass media generally stifles information and channels thought; and popular entertainment diverts the audience from what it is happening and degrades us. The occult force, which operates through Freemasonry, is empowered by the London-based central banking cartel which must bring about world tyranny to defend its monopoly on credit (money creation.) Using the pretext of war, the goal is depopulation and ultimately, the enslavement of mankind, mentally and spiritually, if not physically. His most recent collection "Illumunati-The Cult that Hijacked the World" (Nov. 2008) documents this view of history.

I don't know how to take him because I am not anti-Semitic and have always respected the religion that Jesus was born into.

What do others think of his articles???

God Bless

faithful forever said...

Greetings Ali. I couldn't get that link to come up; don't know if it's me or the link! (No comments please?!)

young brother, I am glad you found that as interesting as I did - where the term "Jew" came from, and gives a new understanding to the Lord's warning words of 'those who say there are Jews and are not' but are of the Synagogue of Satan. Saying you are a Jew does not give you God ordained justification to kill and misplace millions of people.

'Israel' has become a very strong area of interest with all the paradoxes and double standards, and the lies that have been perpetrated by those who call themselves Jews but are not. I believe that many are following after the Beast and being led astray by supporting Israel unconditionally and while it is all done by design, makes it no less frustrating to witness. Indeed, it is religion gone bad in a very big way.

In their fervor for 'blessing Israel so they can be blessed,' the Christian right/evangelicals have no love for anyone other than those that agree with their narrow point of view, thus making them clanging symbols - they say the same thing over and over. The noise at their site makes me exceedingly glad to come back home here.

Thanks for the links (going to check them out now), but the priceless and that makes us very wealthy indeed.

Love in our Savior's name to all.

faithful forever said...

Hey Sandra, Holy kisses my sister and I was missing you!

I really like reading Henry Makow's articles, but I always keep in my that something doesn't sit quite right, and maybe it is because like Alex Jones, he is angry or restless. Complex world that requires much discernment from our Lord and Savior.

Many thanks for the blessing that you are.

Sandra said...

Yes I think you are right on discernment. There are some blogs that I go to and I can agree with some of the material and than I will read something that I do not agree with. That is the same way I feel about the 9/11 movement. Some of the people in the movement are so hateful and rude. They have to realize that so many bought into the governments explanation because they grew up believing this country could do no wrong. That this nation was the good guys. I did not grow up with that same belief because of being an Indian on a reservation. It was easier for me to see the flaws and to see how the country lied on the founding of this nation.

FF you are a blessing to me and I am very thankful for your faithful witness.

That was a beautiful picture that you gave a link to.

I am waiting for your input on Balor's writing. The more we understand the better.

I agree if you have any concerns with Israel and what they are doing it could be labeled as anti-Semitic.

Love to all

faithful forever said...

Well, it must be me because I still couldn't get Ali's link to open; maybe later.

I know exactly what you are talking about Sandra as I do the same thing over at Les' site. Just as you have said before, God will guide us.

In my limited understanding, ALL was fulfilled with Jesus' death and that means even the land promises that many feel justified spilling blood over. Since His death, we are all be equal. Much harder said than done apparently, but you have to love and worship your Lord more than anything else, which includes self or nation.

The Lord Jesus changed everything with His death and He is coming back to show those who have continued to reject the truth.

Sandra, I feel the same about you. Lots of love and holy kisses my amazing sister.

I love you guys more than words can say.

PursuingTruth said...

Sandra; I have not yet read the article by Henry Makow , but agree with what you have written about what he has said. I do believe it is truth. Those things only deal with what the problem is not with the solution. As FF pointed out he may have the wrong spirit as does Alex Jones. Alex claims to be a Christian but is of the wrong spirit.
FF I can't get the link to open either

faithful forever said...

Can I just say how nice it is to have you here among us, Peter. The radio show was another huge blessing last night and I am still rejoicing at Janice Mathews being one of us.

It's good to know that you can't get the link to open either - thanks, it's always good to have company!

I copied this comment from Les' site and thought we all could relate:

Nota, you echo my thoughts pretty closely, right down to the thing about kids and the feelings about wanting to go and stay at the same time. The thing I notice however, is that the part that says "run away!" is located in a part of my carcass that is always opposed to the part that says "hold fast, no matter what". One of them is running around screaming at me and throwing things, and the other just sits there with a smile and calmly says "be cool, it's not time yet". I don't know what is at work here, but I'm not going to be run by panic. Learning what the source of these feelings is has been the primary challenge and I trust one absolutely and reject the other because it isn't there to do anything beneficial. Good luck, brother. Hold those kids tight and feel what they bring to your life, and return it fully and then some.

Just as I believe there are forward positioned nukes, I also believe there are forward positioned humans that will be the real "leaders" when all hell breaks loose (and they will not be wearing nice suits and be officials in any capacity - they will likely be the opposite of those who seek out power and chase glory, and smile at you while planning your demise). Consider we are all in this together even if we are bunkered and isolated by choice or separated by oceans, and no matter where we go, there we are so - the notion of bugging out or running away seems silly. Avoiding a mob is one thing. Avoiding the world is quite another. Finding a physical area on this planet that will offer protection is a fools game I believe.

I see a train coming at me, too, but as I stand on the tracks watching it hurl toward me at full speed, all I can think of is "bring it on" and "good luck with that"


Our Lord is going to raise us up. This I know for certain.

Young Brother, I absolutely love Bill Britton's writings, and you are right, they are very inspiring and encouraging.

Rejoice and make a joyful noise for our God reigns.

Sandra said...

The link that Ali gave was a picture of the crescent moon, with one of the brightest planets. Don't know if it was Venus or Jupiter.

Sometimes when you highlight the link just go down to the next line than copy because if you don't you won't get the whole link. At least that is what I have to do when the link is long.

PursuingTruth said...

Well said FF
I am not quite done with my post so I hope to finish tomorrow

faithful forever said...

Peter, Thanks for the update and looking forward to your post.

I tried your trick, Sandra, but it didn't work for me although I did get more of the address it still wouldn't come up.

Just for the record before Peter's post, a 'preterist' is someone who believes that all prophesy has been fulfilled. I can't help but wonder where that leaves our own devices forever and ever? It is similar to that of the Deists, is it not, in that the Deists (the founding 'fathers' of this nation) give God credit for creation, but it stops there and the rest of the journey is then to man's credit.

Deists are not to be confused with Christians; they seem similar to what we would call 'new age' today in their beliefs. Anytime you intentionally take God out of the whole picture, the wrong path rises up to meet you.

Love to all.

young brother said...

The conversation over the past day is wonderful. It really fills my spirit to check up here.

FF, you're right that Israel is the center of a lot of strife. Isn't it ironic that Jesus was a Jew who was killed because of a Jewish conspiracy, to be the sacrificial lamb for all sin, and to plant the seed of righteousness and His own Spirit into the thousands of years later, those who claim to follow and identify themselves with Christ are using the entire nation of Israel as a scapegoat to explain and excuse the violence in their own hearts? And the result of this is the fruit of much unrighteousness: suffering, tribulation and judgments from up on High? I believe that Christ must return soon to complete the circuit...and he will come first through his elect.

I am reading a different section of the "Reach for the Stars" message from Bill Britton tonight. I think it holds answers to the dilemma you and Sandra (and me, and probably a lot of others here) experience on other sites. We don't fit too well in other fellowships. They're cramped, and uncomfortable, and in some ways stifling. It is by God's grace, his select mercy, that we suffer from this. Our eyes have been opened wider than a lot of people's. We have a seed of something much greater than anything the world could dwells in us. This is not a statement of pride, or condemnation of others who have a milder's a matter of fact. Some are not satisfied with salvation from damnation. Some seek to press on to the higher calling of the promise of the fullness of Christ. All who hunger will be fed, and as we're fed we all grow.

None of us chose this, it is God who has done the choosing. And Bill Britton saw what these days would be like over forty years ago! He is truly, an excellent modern example of a "Prophet".

The section I referred to is here.

Be blessed, all!

Ali said...


Forgive me if I am replying late. As Sandra has mentioned it too for copying the links you better copy until the first word of the next sentence. That way you'll make sure that full address is copied.

Rice fails to damp tensions:

Keep the faith,

Ali said...

I want to share something with my friends in this community and it is about that video about time. I have been in a bad depression ever since I watched it. I don't really know why!... but that thing struck me very bad. For me it is as if I am feeling the line of the time that passes through me !!

I am a sensitive boy :p but this time I am in a bad depression.

Thank you for reading this.

faithful forever said...

My brother Ali,

I am saddened to hear that your spirit is shaken or depressed. God will renew a right spirit in you and I hold you close in my thoughts and prayers. These times are trying and with knowledge, sadness can come but our Lord will see you through this. Let Him carry you and know how much He loves you.

No need to apologize for the late response my brother, for I am comforted just by knowing you are there.

I pray for you to feel your God strengthen you while He carries you and I believe you will become even stronger. Thank you for sharing, our dear brother Ali and we are all here for you. Who knows Ali, there is so much crap out there, maybe there is a subliminal message on that video. I know you will overcome this and be restored. I pray for sooner rather than later.

Philemon 1:4
4 I thank my God, making mention of thee always in my prayers.
5 Hearing of thy love and faith, which thou hast toward the Lord Jesus, and toward all saints;
6 That the communication of thy faith may become effectual by the acknowledging of every good thing which is in you in Christ Jesus.

Amen. Love you Ali.

My young brother, you uplift me and encourage me; you echo my heart and bless me continually. I know that this work is God's work in us and I know it is by His grace and choosing, but hearing you speak these words even though I know this, brings tears of love and joy while the humbleness is nothing I have ever experienced before. I lay myself at His feet for I am not worthy to be chosen but I want nothing else more than this; to bring Him glory that He so richly deserves for what He has done for us.

Nothing else I can say except I love you so much and I give thanks that He has placed us on this journey together, all of us. God is so good and I praise His holy name.

faithful forever said...

Sandra, In honor of your heritage in my love for you and your people; with tears in my eyes and sadness for love lost (from Les' site):

Vis, sir, want to share a quote from book I'm currently reading, Crazy Horse, the Strange Man of the Oglala, by Mari Sandoz, 1942:

"A council was called and with the two medicine men leading, some of the old Cheyenne ceremonials were made to give the people strength and courage...and after a while the dancers truly became of another world, and then the drummers, the helpers and the people melted into one power, and finally the circle of the earth and sky about them too, all becoming one sacred whole, as many small rivers give themselves to one great roaring stream.
Then the two medicine men, each painted and dressed in his own way, led the people to a little lake and, with everybody watching, dipped their hands into the water while they sang their medicine songs and made the medicine gestures. Now a warrior was called out to shoot at them. He did this, shooting first at one and them the other with a good gun from very close, but both of them held up their hands that had been in the water and neither was hurt. Seeing this, a trilling of joy went up from the women, and when the men picked the lead balls from the folds of their belts, all the people, the warriors and everybody, sang songs of praise and thankfulness and went back to the village to make a long feasting and dancing.
Now let the soldiers come."

...'melted into one power.' How harmonious; how beautiful.

Come Lord Jesus, come quickly.

Ali said...

FF, Thank you very much for all of the kindness my sister. Indeed I have no choice except letting him carry me.

Thank you very much.

faithful forever said...

from YB's most current Bill Britton link:

...tho you know in the deep of your heart that you have heard from God and the seed you have received is nothing less than the pure Word of God.


And this will sustain His people.

Sandra said...

The following statement you said hit my spirit with such joy because it is so true to me.
You wrote: "Jesus was a Jew who was killed because of a Jewish conspiracy, to be the sacrificial lamb for all sin, and to plant the seed of righteousness and His own Spirit into the world..." He has planted that seed in all of his true followers who accept him and follow his teachings. He works within us to help bring others into his Kingdom and to bring that light into a darken world.

I am sadden for your depression and know your faith will get you through. The video you linked to did not have the same effect on me but maybe because I have a way of filtering out the bad and seeing the good. The part in the video about "the end of times could be a chance for a new beginning depending on the path we take. Do we promote and live in "fear" or "love." struck me because I think that is what we all have been promoting here. Love is the answer and that is the path all true believers must pursue. Whenever I go to a site there might be areas that I do not agree with but there is also truth. Take the truth and throw off the BS. We are not to be followers of any group but only followers of the spirit of God within that guides us.

Thank you so much for your kind words. The feeling is the same with me and I just love your faith. When others start straying you gently bring us back to what is important. Not this world but the world to come with Jesus. We must be active to bring forth light to this darken world but with love and not hate.

I agree we have to realize the spirit that guides those who might have some truth at their site and to discern truth from misinformation.

Yours in Christ Jesus

faithful forever said...

Oh, the blessings, the love, the joy, the sorrow, the learning and growing...all of it; His amazing flock is more beautiful to behold with every passing day.

faithful forever said...

For all; enjoy:

Sandra said...

Nice picture. It is kinda like the picture Ali had a link to with the moon and two planets but I only saw one planet on Ali's link.

Here is something to enjoy too:

Ali said...

FF, such a beautiful picture. It is really happy and it influenced me too.

Here is the Youtube link of your beautiful song that you posted here:

Would you please rename the title of this weblog to something like "Intl. Association of Love Bombing" ?

:p ;)

Keep the faith,

Sandra said...

Thank you for the link. I love the beautiful pictures and the song is one of my favorites. Just beautiful....:)

We do have to be positive in the mist of the storm because we know LOVE will win.

God Bless

faithful forever said...

Beautiful links guys. One more for the road:

It makes me happy that the smile in the Heavens made you smile, Ali and now I am smiling!

You can bomb the world to pieces, but you cannot bomb it to peace. But love bombing, well, you can just never have too much of that!


It is the Good Shepherd calling you back into the flock and a blessing that you heed the call.

Missing you Annon....

Keep looking up. And smile, for you never know just when He might be smiling right back at you.