Wednesday, March 30, 2011



Anonymous said...

What a powerful video - I wish it was mandatory viewing for anyone wishing to enter the military. Why would anyone want to join an organized killing machine...I don't understand. Even the brainwashing does not excuse the ignorance entirely; The Father in heaven says 'thou shalt not kill' which sums it up in my eyes. Congressman Rangle has recently been calling for a draft because our troops are stretched so thin especially with the Libyan conflict.

Gadhafi has driven the rebels out of his hometown that was under heavy seige. Like I said, Libya is now part of the central banking system and this was the exact reason of Bush declaring 'Mission Accomplished' after the Iraq invasion. All they care about is control of the resources, and not about those who are volunteering to kill and maime or to be killed. Enough of the nonsense already and the senseless killing. I hope the people in the military are really waking up more and more everyday and wouldn't it be a great if the majority collaborated and simply laid down their arms and said the words of Chief Joseph, "I will fight no more forever." That would be a slice of heaven on earth.

Thanks for sharing that PeterZ and giving me the opportunity to vent a little.

Japan is still being shaken with many quakes, Thailand is awash with flooding and landslides, Haiti has a severe cholera outbreak that is not being addressed (not surprising, and where did all the money go for relief?), and here we are watching prophecy be fulfilled everyday. There's a turning in here somewhere. How, when and what are sealed up until the end. The end of this system of things is drawing to a close and this I know for certain.

I rejoice. I give thanks and pray for His will with the wisdom to recognize and accept it, whatever it may bring, with all trust and faith in all His ways.

...until He comes there will be no peace on this earth.


faithful forever said...

I had heard something about a new discovery relating to Jesus a short while ago, and stumbled across this. Someone might enjoy the video located at the bottom of the article; I did. Enjoy:

Stay blessed and keep looking up.