Sunday, January 30, 2011



Zechariah 12:8 King James Version

In that day shall the Lord defend the inhabitants of Jerusalem; and he that is feeble among them at that day shall be as David; and the House of David shall be as God, as the angel of the Lord before them.


Oh, come that day when the House of David shall be as God.

He has wonderous things in store for those who love Him. Have no fear and let not your heart be faint for all we are witnessing, rather give your heart over to the Lord and He will be your refuge.

His wrath is reserved for the wicked. His glorious promises for His children.

Love Him, trust Him, praise Him and give Him thanks for His mercifulness and faithfulness. Our mighty God is about to reveal Himself to this lost and weary world. And every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that He is King.

It's all about Jesus.
The Savior of the world.


Anonymous said...

You made some nice points there. I did a search on the subject matter and found mainly people will consent with your blog..

faithful forever said...

The tribulation intensifies as does the weather. 'The Storm of the Century' that is brewing across the Midwest and Plains is said to potentially impact one hundred million people.

They are most likley planning a false flag bigger than 911, and blaming it on the Arab/Muslim nation again.

faithful forever said...

The Storm of the Century has arrived in my area along with empty shelves. But no worries, Homeland Security has things under control, we are told from the Chicago area news. Feel safer? Ha! What a crazy world.

The volcano in Japan erupted with such force and violence early today that it blew windows out five miles away. Can you imagine the sound of all that.

Probably every square inch of this world has been descecrated in one way or another (heavy sigh):

Love and peace to all in this time like no other.

Sandra said...

I was just going to write on this blog to find out how you are doing because I have been hearing on the news about the storm and they said Chicago was getting hit hard with up to 2 feet of snow.

The Lord will keep you safe but I don't have to tell you that for your faith is strong.

Prayers for the homeless who could be out in the storm and the elders and disabled who might be affect by this strorm.

faithful forever said...

Indeed, Sandra, we are all in God's hands.

Extreme weather for extreme times.

The cyclone due to hit Australia is now a Category 5 but they say the eye is twice the size of what Katrina's was. This winterstorm hitting the midwest is huge as well. The satellite image made it look like the whole upper portion of the globe was covered. Really unusual to be coming from the south where they are now having tornadoes. We have had thundersnow here tonight that is of the brightest lightning I have ever seen. Maybe with the snow it appears more illuminated, but it sure is brighter than regular lightning. It is a phenomenon that used to be a rare event, but it is becoming more and more frequent.

While we're in the deep freeze, the Mid East is smoldering and could ignite literally any second or any day now. The stage has been carefully set and most of the players are in position. Obama is calling for change again, this time in Egypt which goes against what Israel wants. Their stooge Mubarak has been a faithful servant to Israel and they don't sound ready to give that up just yet. Egypt and Israel have been enemies far more than they have been allies. We have Kissinger saying that Mubarak will be replaced and Mubarak saying he will not run again but won't step down until September. The Egyptian people call him pharaoh. The world seems to be spinning headlong backwards to the beginnings somewhere. Or something.

John Bolton is out there spewing off again with such disconnected nonsense of 'if Mubarak fails in Egypt, then Israel should bomb Iran.' Why do we only hear from this menace to society when he is crying and begging for more blood in the streets. Creepy. They are all creepy and pretty soon all the creepy crawlies won't be able to find a place to hide nor to escape the wrath of the Almighty Lord and King Jesus Christ who is coming to rule the world. They will wish for death and it will not find them. Hell on earth for the wicked, and peaceful, glorious harmonious Heaven on earth for His flock.

The fear of the day is radical Islam, they would have us believe. They are the enemy of all mankind and masters of deception, and would like for us to believe their lies.

Our God is the light unto our path. He will show us, guide us, lead us and there will be no mistaking His voice.

Thanks for the blessing of your concern, Sandra. I pray with you for all those who are suffering immeasurably by all the injustices this corrupt system propagates. The whole world is groaning so loud and I know the Lord hears the cries...every single one of them.

faithful forever said...

Looks like the protesters in Egypt have a different date in mind for Mubarak's departure:

Seen something about Obama signing a treaty called 'New Start Treaty.'

Inquiring minds gotta know..

Stay blessed and keep looking up.

faithful forever said...

The New Start Treaty Obama is signing is a US-Russia disarmament treaty.

Anonymous said...

To better understand the uprising in Tunisia and the crisis unfolding in Egypt, it is necessary to understand the historical context of the situation.

During World War I, the British manufactured the phenomenon of “Arab Revolt” to breakdown the Ottoman Empire, which controlled most of the Middle East. The so-called Arab Revolt was lead by Lawrence of Arabia, an on-duty British officer. The flag of the Arab revolt bears a triangle.

But once the Ottoman Empire was dismantled, these regions were not given to “Arabs” or to councils representing Arabs. They were quickly transferred to certain secretive families within the Arabs, who may be neither Arabs nor Muslims (though they do pretend). These families went on the establish some of the most repressive governments in the entire history of the region. A good example are the rulers of Jordan and Libya. The rulers of Jordan now exclusively marry into Western ruling elite. Libya has such close secret ties with the British ruling elite that it seems that the Lockerbie bombing was “outsourced” to Libya instead of the MI6.

faithful forever said...

Greetings, Anonymous - and thank you very much for that link and for the history. I have been researching the background in order to understand this uprising. I would greatly appreciate to hear your thoughts on the matter. I am leaning toward a manufactured crisis. Prayers for all the innocents.

A staged manufactured crisis would fill their agenda and bring us closer to WWIII. I believe the temporary powers that be also want us to fear radical Islam in a very big way. Unfortunately, it is working like a charm...again, for many people around me are talking about the threat of radical Islamists. Heavy sigh. Will we ever learn who the real enemy is?

Love and peace to all.

faithful forever said...

Friday is the day the people have given to Mubarack to get out of office. Is it Friday over there now already?

I thought it was good news the other day when the military said they would not stand down and not interfere with legitimate, peaceful protests, but now it looks like it is not such a good thing as they are still standing down while Mubarack's thugs attack the people. What a wicked web is weaved when all they do is practice to deceive.

faithful forever said...

...the miitary said they would stand down and not intervene or use force with the peaceful protesters.

Note to self: proofread, proofread, proofread!

faithful forever said...

Protests appear contagious; and strange:

faithful forever said...

Interesting insight into the uprising in Egypt, and good comments as well:

faithful forever said...

Obama is in trouble from Israel:

Everything is a stage and I mean everything.

Really Anonymous said...

I donno for what reason, but I have a strong feeling that this is the beginning of a big war in the middle east. Watch for Egyptian story as it would get unfold.

faithful forever said...

Yep, I agree; more war is coming and rumors of more wars, and they will succeed for a time with their evil take over of the world, but the most important battle is being waged and those who are waging these wars, have losing marks on them - marks that mark them for destruction. God's people are sealed for protection.

The tribulation is increasing and intensifying. The Lord's plan is perfect and witnessing the unfolding and unveiling of prophecy is a tremendous blessing that I believe is going to continue to increase as well. God is good to those who love Him. He will finish what He has begun and an end to this evil that has been let loose upon the earth is a part of that plan. The Bible tells me so. This is a tremendously good thing even though the change of how it will take place is sealed until the end. I don't believe we will know how things will take place until the events happen. Anyone who says they know how this is going to happen would have to be a messenger of God or greatly deceived. I do know it will be an amazingly wonderous blessing that will take place in the blink of an eye. This is our God. Give Him thanks for loving us even while we are wretched sinners.

Our God is coming to reign. When the righteous reign, the people rejoice. Have no fear.

faithful forever said...

So it's no surprise that US warships are heading to Egypt:

Stay blessed and keep looking up.

Matt_333 said...

Hi FF,
Just letting you know that I still follow things on here.God Bless.

faithful forever said...

Hi Matt_333, How wonderful and what a great blessing to hear from you today. God Bless you Matt.

I see headines of 'conspiracy' sites being inaccessible today although I have not verified it for myself. Maybe I should verify before I bring it up, but time is always a pressing issue. We know they have been putting safeguards and laws into place to destroy the internet, so it won't be a great surprise. A brother in Christ once told me that if the Lord wants the internet to remain, it will. I believe it to be so as well. I read that it cost 90 million US $ to halt internet access in Egypt.

Interesting times and they are soon going to get even better.

Thanks for the smile Matt_333 and it makes my heart sing that you are still following things on here. Everything is for a purpose. All glory to God Almighty, the one and only who can save.

Stay blessed and keep looking up.

faithful forever said...

The sun can now be seen in its' entirety for the first time ever:

The earth's magnetic field was recently struck by solar winds and caused rare pulsating auroras. Scroll down a little to see the picture. This is a great site. Enjoy:

The wonderous beauty of His creation is astounding.

Psalms 6:17 (KJV)
17 I will praise the Lord according to his righteousness: and will sing praise to the name of the Lord most high.

...we should be praising Him all the day and night long for His righteousness is infinite.

Rejoice and give thanks unto the Lord, who all things were created through, by and for.

Love and peace to all.

faithful forever said...

Beautiful Berean:

Luke 12:37-40
(37) Blessed are those servants whom the master, when he comes, will find watching. Assuredly, I say to you that he will gird himself and have them sit down to eat, and will come and serve them. (38) And if he should come in the second watch, or come in the third watch, and find them so, blessed are those servants. (39) But know this, that if the master of the house had known what hour the thief would come, he would have watched and not allowed his house to be broken into. (40) Therefore you also be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect."
New King James Version Change Bible versions

In verses 37-38, Jesus pronounces a blessing on those whom the Master finds watching when He returns. It is not that they have their noses pressed to the glass, watching for His return. Instead, those who are vigilant and careful in their responsibilities will be blessed. They are watching over the Master's house, ensuring that all is in order, even if it means sleepless nights. "Be ready" in verse 40 is a simple summation of the "watching" He desires.

Verse 38 warns that He might return in the second watch or in the third. Regardless of whether the Master returns early or late (from our perspective), He wants His servants to be ready and His household in order. He wants them to be maintaining the house, diligent in their duties, so that all is prepared for His return. If they spend their days staring out the window, watching the road for His return rather than fulfilling their duties, they will be neglecting what He has charged them to do.

The duties of a typical servant include many mundane, monotonous, and repetitive chores. It is easy for a servant to think, "What is the use? Do I really have to do this right now? Since there is no sign of the Master right now, perhaps I can just relax, and prepare quickly when His return seems near." Such a servant would be inclined to spend more time watching from the window for the Master's return than he would be performing his assigned tasks. Yet, a servant's responsibility is to be prepared and to make sure the household (the church) is prepared, not to anticipate the timing of the Master's return.

Jesus says repeatedly that we will not know. If we believe Him, our focus will be on being faithful and vigilant in the things He has given us to do. His return will take the household by surprise—there is no other way to understand His many statements. The critical point is the state of readiness and the usefulness of the household and the servants when He returns. If the household is not ready, or if the servants have been sleeping rather than working, they will face His wrath.

David C. Grabbe

faithful forever said...

Gazans are planning protest for February 11th:

Sandra said...

Here is a young lady with a beautiful voice. 10 year old Ta'Kaiya Blaney is Sliammon First Nations from B.C., Canada. . Along with singing, songwriting and acting, she is concerned about the environment, especially the preservation of marine and coastal wildlife.


faithful forever said...

Hillary is allegedly calling 180 ambassadors home for a big meeting and Israel is calling for war:

That was a great clip, Sandra, and what a talented young person. Thanks for sharing.

Love and peace to all.

Anonymous said...

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faithful forever said...

Correction - seems it is 260 countries from which ambassadors are being called home.

faithful forever said...

Another blessing from the Berean:

Hebrews 11:1
(1) Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.
New King James Version

A clear understanding of faith in Hebrews 11 largely depends on how we perceive the word "substance" in verse 1. In Greek, it is hypostasis, literally "a standing under." A more complex definition is "that which underlies what is apparent." Amplified a bit further, it is that which, though unseen, exists beneath what is visible. It, then, has the sense of a foundation. Even as the foundation of a building is unseen, but the building above ground is apparent, the foundation, the hypostasis, is nonetheless real, supporting the building. Hypostasis is the unseen support of what is standing in clear view.

Spiritually, then, invisible faith underlies, supports, and thus motivates the visible action. However, that does not end the discussion of how hypostasis is to be understood. Should it be understood subjectively or objectively? In other words, should we consider faith to be a quality, a virtue within us (that is, subjectively), or should we understand it as something not a part of us but on which we can rely (that is, objectively)? Neither of these usages is wrong, but one seems better than the other within the context of the entire book.

If the translators believed it should be understood subjectively, then the first phrase in Hebrews 11:1 will be translated similar to, "Faith is being sure of what we hope for, certain of what we do not see." Another subjective variation might be, "In faith, things hoped for become a reality." This emphasizes conviction, an internal certainty about what we believe.

If the translators believed it should be understood objectively, then the same phrase will be translated, "Faith is the substance of things hoped for" or "Faith is the title deed of things hoped for." This emphasizes something outside the person that he can rely upon.

This issue is not an easy matter. However, the subjective perspective, conviction within us, is better, given the tenor of the entire epistle.

Certainly, Paul spends a great deal of time reminding the Hebrews of how great what they believe in is—that things pertaining to Christ are far better than anything ever before offered to mankind. This by itself would require an objective point of view. However, the real problem was within these Hebrews' hearts. Paul was exhorting people who were letting the things of God slip away from them through personal neglect. It was not that they did not have something to believe in, for the epistle clearly states they had formerly done much better. Rather, through their lack of conviction, and thus their neglectful personal application, they were slip-sliding away. The real issue is subjective.

Several times, Paul urges them to recall former days and recapture the bold confidence they once had. Thus, though neither of these approaches is wrong, the subjective perspective is better, meaning Hebrews 11:1 is better translated, "Faith is being sure of what we hope for, certain of what we do not see." The believer is convinced that the things he cannot see regarding God are real, and so, from that perspective, he will act in fullness of hope.

Many claim to believe God, but what influence does this belief have on their behavior? If it wields little or no influence, they are unconvinced people, people without conviction who are seeking only an intellectual righteousness. Such belief is without certainty, and so it lackadaisically, gradually retreats instead of going forward in growth. These Hebrews had become this way under the pressure of time and trial.

John W. Ritenbaugh