Saturday, March 10, 2012


This worldly system is gasping for air; it is on life support and the plug has already been pulled and soon there will be no sign of this present way of life.  The world as we have known it is about to change as they begin to usher in their satanic new world order.  Moody's has declared that Greece has defaulted and is the beginning of the end of the Eurozone.  The downward spiral in the financial world markets will be immense.  It is all by design and it has all been foretold. 

While the financial world is just beginning to shake and tremble in a major way, our physical world is being rocked by more quakes and stronger quakes everyday.  Some describe the uptick in earthquakes as a 'global swarm' and I would have to agree with that...the whole world is swarming with tremblors and quakes as never before.   

With the one-year anniversary approaching for the Fukushima tragedy and disaster, there come reports that Tokyo may be next to be hit with a large quake in the very near future.  Seeing what the evil mad scientists are capable of these days with their skylar weaponry and such, makes a statement like that a lot more daunting.

NOAA reports the latest solar flare which was an M-6 flare, will hit the earth's magnetosphere on Sunday the 11th of March.  Some people believe 'they' may be planning to use the solar storms as a pretense to media blackouts and an internet kill.  Sometimes I think they tell us what they are going to do before they do it.  Like an out of control diabolical child, they can hardly contain their excitment at the thought of our demise.  We could speculate all day about what is going to happen, or what might happen, but none of it is as important as our current relationship with the Lord.  All trust and hope in Jesus, the Saviour of the world.

I will not weep when this corrupt system of things passes away.  And I believe it is passing away right now before our eyes.  I also believe it will continue to intensify as it has been, but at an even more quickening pace. 

All hearts and minds on Jesus.  This is all for His glory.  Peace be with you all who are in Christ Jesus. Amen.

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