Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I don't look at much mainstream media, but when I do I see so many killings taking place. If we as a society weren't so desensitized and uncaring, we would be screaming 'What the hell is going on? What is wrong with people?' There is not just one murder of a family member by a family member, there are two or three or sometimes more. There's a new report of a missing child nearly every day if not every single day, or of one having been found. Unfortunately, usually not alive. It used to be big news, with Amber alerts being put out and nationwide postings, but not anymore - it's a commonplace event. The world grows a little colder everyday. A Russian naval flotilla is now flanking the Syrian coastline in support of President Assad who vows to not give up power, and we know that the NWO folks don't take too kindly to not rolling over when they say roll over. Reports are coming out that Iran is enriching uranium underground. Whether they are or they aren't, matters not. The blood in the streets in Damascus have the people questioning if the fight is worth the price of the amount of immense blood being shed. Yet, it is time for more war. It is knocking on the door while we are busy with football and all the other circuses that we so dearly love and hold our attention. It is easy to look away when we are not directly affected. We talk about the weather because it directly affects us. But we cannot discern the time we are in. Just as Jesus said. Everything is just as Jesus said it would be and it is directly upon us as we go about our daily business, carrying on like things are normal because we don't know what else to do so we keep on doing things the way we always do; . Soon there will be much more than the weather directly affecting us and many mens' hearts will fail them for what we are about to witness. But there is no fear because everything is as Jesus said it would be. He said to not let our hearts grow faint because we know these things will come. And then they will pass. This whole heaven and earth will pass away. Can we imagine witnessing that? Now there's something we should be discussing because each and every one of us will be affected for eternity. No wonder then we have to work out our salvation with fear and trembling. As the dark darkens though, the light brightens. Our God is with us. Our God will not forsake us. How do I know this? Because Jesus said so. Good riddance to the evil and the corrupted ones. God's judgment is righteous and just. I pray for it to be coming soon.


Sandra said...

Your question FF "If we as a society weren't so desensitized and uncaring, we would be screaming 'What the hell is going on? What is wrong with people?'

The history of this country has been one of violence. A bible in one hand and a rifle in the other. Until this country comes to terms with it's true history it is in denial and racism and hate for others who do not think or act like you will continue.

Excerpt from link below: The powerful and hard-hitting documentary, American Holocaust, is quite possibly the only film that reveals the link between the Nazi holocaust, which claimed at least 6 million Jews, and the American Holocaust which claimed, according to conservative estimates, 19 million Indigenous People.

It is seldom noted anywhere in fact, be it in textbooks or on the internet, that Hitler studied Americas Indian policy, and used it as a model for what he termed the final solution.


faithful forever said...

Greetings Sandra. I seen that the other day and was going to post it for you, but didn't do it and here you are with it. It is a hard hitting documentary.

The world has always been a cold place as evidenced by the wars and genocides of certain peoples, but I was referring to the new depth of coldness with family members killing their own with increasing frequency - there's a report on AOL about a mother in Ohio that just killed her twins today. Any killing is inconceivable and unacceptable, but mothers and fathers brutally butchering their children is an even lower depth of depravity and it is rampant.

I don't believe 'they' will ever own up to any of their actions which is why they have to be destroyed. I am talking about those who are part of the ancient bloodline of satan and the fallen angels. They are behind every war and misdeed, every injustice, lie and all that is wrong in this world since it was turned over to satan for a time. I rejoice because their time is coming to an end. I know it will continue to get worse until the Lord gathers them up to be thrown into the fire. Until then, satan is devouring and destroying in every way and everyone he can.

Sandra said...

Thanks for responding. The violence in families has been linked to the bad economy. It is sad because that is when families should pull together but violence has gone up.

During these hard times we really find out where mankind puts their faith. To the world money talks but to, compassion and caring for your neighbor is what counts.


faithful forever said...

Amen Sandra. The signs of our times are deepening in many ways. People are desperate and placing their trust in the wrong places, which is easy to do when you don't have a personal relationship with Jesus, and you have no hope, anything can happen; even the unthinkable.

I am so glad and thankful we are still here together, you and me, my sister in Christ. I hope everything is good and peaceful in your world in these crazy times. I know you are a blessing to all who are around you, near and far, which includes me.

Sandra said...

Yes FF it is getting harder in life. I have had some sadness in my family and it has been heartbreaking but my faith has helped and sustained me through the grief. One relative died of stage 5 cervical cancer. She was working but did not have health insurance so did not go for preventive screening and ended up in the hospital and died one week later. She knew something was wrong but was one of the working poor. She left behind 4 young children. So sad...Another relative went over to Hawaii for a vacation with his family and got sick and died. He was a spiritual leader for the tribe and everyone was in shock.

Although the tribe is prospering with the Casino and tribal members are reaping the benefits with cash payouts we are fighting a drug epidemic here. The drug dealers know that tribal members are getting cash payouts every three months so they are here to get our young people hooked. We have lost so many tribal members to drugs this past year. Money can not bring peace to the community when drugs are so rampant. The community is starting to fight back and I pray that we overcome this addiction.

Putting all my faith in the Lord to deliver the community from this evil. Hoping everything is good with you. Even though it seems like there is darkness all around we know the light and love of the Lord sustains us through these difficult times. I have peace in the Lord.
Love and peace sister

faithful forever said...

So much pain and suffering in this weary world. Sorry to hear of those losses Sandra; extra prayers for the children all who are hurting, and there are so many hurting lately. First they ruined your people with alcohol and now the drugs. There is nothing new under the sun and I pray the Lord is getting ready to reveal Himself. I read the other day that at least 60 percent of American Indian children under the age of 5 are malnourished.

God knows everything and holds every tear in His hand. Whatever is done to the lesser among us is done to Him. We can understand why He is coming back with such a vengence.

I am blessed and thankful for the pleasure of your fellowship.

Stay blessed and keep looking up.

faithful forever said...

The love of money is the root of all evil, and I believe the beast system is hard at work making all, great and small, take the mark of the beast:

faithful forever said...

Awesome! Go ANONYMOUS!

faithful forever said...

A special prayer for all who have suffered hatred, injustice and oppression.

faithful forever said...

Tornadoes in the midwest last night, epic storm in Washington and hurricane-force winds hitting Oregon. The crazy weather continues to keep pace with the climate of the world. War with Iran has already began; just because the bombs aren't dropping yet or troops invading yet, doesn't mean it hasn't begun. It has.

But everything is by design. God's design. All hope, faith and trust in Him and Him alone for there is no other like Him.

Love and peace in His holy name.

faithful forever said...

Today the sun produced an M3 solar flare that is earth directed and expected to hit the earth's atmosphere on Saturday. The duration of this CME is getting some attention, but what does that mean? Copied from another site that explains:

But we get these CME’s often enough. Why is this any different? This is why……

It was a VERY LONG duration CME release. The amount of energy fly towards us is multiplied due to this. The impacting mass is obviously larger and will result like wise against the Earths magnetic field.

The longer duration means the tail side will endure more stretching over a longer period. Resulting in a more intense reconnection event. Meaning a LOT of energy could be inducted here on the ground.

Do not panic, be smart. If the power goes out everywhere, and you’ll know when it is TRULY DARK w/o any light pollution, do not run into the streets. (end)

..and meanwhile down here on earth, the weather wreaks more havoc. Washington and Oregon are getting hit with snow, ice and rain with flooding expected to be severe when temps rise. Southern India is having its coldest winter in over 100 years causing deaths and suffering, reports of fish falling from the sky in the Philippines, animal deaths still continuing, snow in the Sahara desert (yes, I said snow in the Sahara), and strange unexplained sounds like the ones heard at the baseball stadium last year in the States are being reported in various places around the whole world.

January isn't even over yet! The sounds are being called 'skyquakes' and are caused by all the disturbance in the atmosphere coming from the earth's core that is slipping. That is one explanation along with holes being punched in the stratosphere from HAARP as well as fluctuations in the atmosphere due to all the activity from Solar Cycle 24 which is to bring maximum solar activity until 2013/14.

The US allegedly took down some Megaupload site in 9 countries and 'Anonymous' is retaliating by hacking the FBI, DoJ and a large media site and has allegedly stated it is just the beginning.

It is getting more and more interesting at a quickened pace. The Lord is not slack. All praise and glory to God, the creator of all things - good and evil.

Love and prayers

faithful forever said...

An article about the retaliation by Anonymous for the takedown of Megaupload:

faithful forever said...

After reading and watching more, I tend to agree that 'Anonymous' is a CIA Internet false flag:

Heavy sigh. I was hoping it was a rogue part of the military or CIA using their resources to fight the system, but alas, I should have known better.

Love and prayers to all in these very tricky times.

faithful forever said...

Oh what a wicked web is woven when deception is the name of the game:

faithful forever said...

...speaking of the weather; my area had a really bad snow storm and now we are having a thunderstorm complete with lightning. It just keeps getting crazier. Volatile weather; volatile world. And here we are.

Another big quake around Antartica and experts say the activity is a precursor to a big one on our West Coast. The last fault in the Pacific Ring of Fire that has not had a big quake so all bets are on from Baja CA to Washington State.

It is most definitely going to be a wild ride this year.