Sunday, June 29, 2008

2000 RNC Convention: A Reminder.


Anonymous said...


It was interesting seeing all the inconsistencies in Bush's speech and the realities of the past 8 years. Don't think the democrats' have the answers because they refused to impeach him. Now they want us to vote for them. Vote Democrat at the end of this video does not answer the question I have. If he did so many illegal actions as president (which I believe he did) why did the Democrats have no real interest in the resolution of impeachment.

From the link at RAW STORY:

Law professor and constitutional law expert Jonathan Turley says that America's founders "would have been astonished by the absolute passivity, if not the collusion, of the Democrats in protecting President Bush from impeachment."

MSNBC's Keith Olbermann talked with Turley one day after Kucinich's historic presentation of 35 articles of impeachment against President Bush that garnered little mainstream media attention but was an Internet sensation.

Despite noting that not all of the articles Kucinich presented were "impeachable offenses" in a strict sense, Turley says "there are pleny of crimes there -- this is a target-rich environment."

Your wisdom on this question of "Why" there was little interest by the democrats to move aggressively on this would be appreciated.

Love in Christ


young brother said...

The Democrats have been seduced by the promise of power. They have betrayed their integrity to keep the public rallied behind them, (the more people hate republicans, the more they will presumably vote democrat). Their hope was to win this presidential election, but they have abandoned righteousness in their pursuit, and will face judgment (as we all will).

I have been a strong advocate of impeachment, as you probably already know. Voting democratic will not deliver us from this evil. Whoever made the video probably did in the run-up to the '06 or maybe the '04 election. To vote is good, but it's not the same as seeking justice.

Our political process has given immunity to many presidents. But that's man's immunity. "Be not deceived, God will not be mocked, a man will reap what he sews". HalleluJah!

Anonymous said...


Thank you for your insight. All men and women of integrity should be demanding justice but you are right. So many have been corrupted and will not stand up to this administration. My belief is they have sold their soul by not taking a stand. Some have taken a stand but as usual they are pretty much considered on the fringe. Our day of judgement is drawing near. Yes indeed God will not be mocked and we will reap what we sow so let us sow good seeds of Love, Compassion, Justice and humility. Praise to our Father in heaven.

I have a good mind to write in Jesus Christ on my ballot if I vote. It is not the first time I have done it. I did it on tribal elections because whether people want to believe it there is corruption in tribal politics too.

It is so hot in Washington State. After having a cool spring it went up to 95 degrees today. I am liking the sunny weather but not this hot so soon. If it warmed up slowly the body would have adapted better.

Yours in Christ Jesus

Anonymous said...

Here is an interesting story in todays CNN news site. Jesus for President

Love and Blessings

faithful forever said...

Thanks for the reminder, Young Brother. What a liar of the worst kind as you can see it in his face that he does not mean a word he says, merely tickling peoples' ears with what they want to hear. I turned him off when he said 'it's time to end the politics of fear.' Did we have politics of fear before we had him? I never paid attention until we had him. Now I can hardly pay attention to anything else! Not necessarily Bush, but the current state of the world.

Love and blessings.

Anonymous said...

As YB expressed in his reply to me the politics of fear and hate has been what this country has been about for quite awhile. Until he mentioned it I never realized how much the democrates have been doing the same.

My take is fear and hate is what politics is all about and I wonder why people don't realize it. Nathandave said and I quote from his blog "The biggest trap that we all can fall into is the same scapegoating habits of the imperial crew." That is so true.

Kelly said in her blog and I quote " Hate--it's such a strong word, but it is the blackest quality our society has. Hate, in my opinion, is a disease. Combine lack of knowledge, lack of empathy, and the inability to examine oneself; and you've got the recipe for hate. Why is it that we cannot get over ourselves, so we can help somebody else?" Again so true.

With the body of Christ here we all have a piece of God's insight. It is so wonderful seeing God's people coming together with such insight to help us all grow in God's love and mercy.

Glory in his Holy Name

faithful forever said...


I know what you are saying, but I was trying to show the lies Bush has perpetuated since the very beginning. All politicians lie (I think that is what they get paid for) which includes Dems and Repubs. I was referring to my own observation that I did not recall any politics of fear under Clinton. That is not to say that there wasn't, but if there was I was not aware of it and right away in comes Bush and says that it is 'time to end politics of fear' when they started with him in my opinion.

Impeachment has been taken off the table because they are all complicit in the act. Our whole government knows the truth about 911 and speaking the truth will get you outed for complicity or whatever it is they hold over you. You do not get anywhere in Washington where ~they~ don't want you to be. They marginalize the ones who can potentially make a difference (Kucinich, Nader, Paul) or just out and out kill them (Wellstone). It's the blackmail agenda that has thrived in Washington forever; politics as usual.

I was only aware of sex in the WH during Clinton's years, not fear. That was the only point I was trying to make that Bush's lies started before he even took office. No surprises there either.

Please accept my apology if I misunderstood your post or if you misunderstood mine. But I hope we are back on the same page.

with love.

Anonymous said...

Oh I was not correcting you just adding my take on what YB gave on his insight. No apology needed. You are right about fear. It really came into play during the Bush years and his presidency was one lie after another. I am so turned off to politics at this moment in my life. I wish they would just tell the truth and stop pandering to everyone.

We will always be on the same page because Jesus is our rock. World politics will never divide us.

You keep shinning and believe me FF, I was not in anyway trying to say your insight was not correct. We all are working together for the glory of the Lord.

Love you sister

faithful forever said...

"We will always be on the same page because Jesus is our rock. World politics will never divide us."

Oh, I love that, Sandra, and I love you.

Many members of our government, Pelosi included, are getting rich off of the wars and since greed has no limit, they don't have any desire to have it stopped. They are safe and they are getting rich - and getting rid of some useless bottom feeders at the same time; so it suits many of their purposes well.

But, there will be a day of reckoning though and what a tremendous event to have our redemption AND evil destroyed.

You keep shining too Sandra, and thanks for the blessing of witnessing your fire.

Anonymous said...

Amen FF

You are so rich in your faith that you have caused me to be more open with my own faith. I live in a community that has seen so much hypocrisy with Christianity and I understood their reasoning but I just tell them don't throw Jesus out with the dirty bath water. My husband was one of those but thank the Lord he finally came around and was a great witness before his passing. People told me it was my life and how I presented the true teachings of Christ that brought him around. I take no credit for it because it was the Lord who helped me live a life of witness to him without preaching. The Lord is the only one I give credit to.

FF you are such a blessing to me.

Love all you guys.

Kevin Mooseles said...

While Fear was not the main political drive of the Clinton years, it was a factor. Once the Berlin wall fell, and the "Evil Empire" crumbled under it's own weight, the world had a great opportunity for peace. That would have been a great time to pare down the military, to get rid of most of our stockpile of nukes, and to reach out as a leading nation in the world that was based on peace. That chance belonged to Bush sr. Bill Clinton, and W during his first 9 months in office.

But those days are gone now, and they won't come back.

Elements of "the politics of fear" we experienced during the Clinton years include our response to the first WTC bombing in '93 (which was an inside job), the bombing of Oklahoma City (another inside job), the bombing of Iraq (Dec 16th, 1998). Mostly, though, fear was pushed by the media throughout the '90s.

George W Bush took what Clinton had allowed, passed, and started...and he ran with it. There is no justification for Bush saying "The politics of fear are over" unless he really enjoys lying. It seems to me that Bush evangelizes with non-stop lies. Bush goes out of his way to say the exact opposite of the truth. For instance, when he compared Congressmen to Nevil Chamberlain, and Iran's President to Hitler, he was almost right. The only difference between what he said and the truth of the matter is that Bush is actually like Hitler, being appeased by spineless politicians; and who uses that appeasement to consolidate even more power, and continue his Satanic agenda.

The difference between an Iranian leader being like a modern Hitler, and an American president being like Hitler is a day and night difference. Bush gloated with that lie; he rubs our face in it. And most don't think twice about it.

faithful forever said...

Sandra, I am not ashamed of the Gospel or my faith, but if I ever get obnoxious about it, please keep me in line, would you?

Please tell your people that there are two kinds of 'Christians' in the world..the ones like yourself who follow Jesus and the other ones who are only called Christians for they know Him not.

You bless and edify my Spirit Sandra in so many ways lately that it brings tears of joy instantly and those goosebumps that you get when you are not cold and all I can think of is how God is drawing us together. People are placed in our lives for a reason, a higher purpose, just as you were for your husband. It is God doing the work and us being willing servants. I pray that we are always willing servants.

Your sister who loves you in a really big way, Susanne

faithful forever said...

'And most don't think twice about it.'

So so true young brother and just what satan is counting on - people not thinking or paying attention. Soon more will be paying attention though. I also believe people are starting to feel pretty scared.

Love you YB.

Anonymous said...

You have such insight into politics and bringing up issues I never thought about. Comparing the events of the past and how they all go together in todays world and and how they fit in with prophesy. I know it helps me understand issues more and to realize I am not alone in knowing the course of these "End Times".

People are worried and pretty scared on the times we are living in but we know all these things are to happen. When we put our faith in Jesus we are able to have peace even through these trying times. We just have to be a guiding light for those who will listen to us. You continue to bring your faith to those around you and on here. It helps us all. I like to be as wise as a serpent but as gentle as a dove when I try to explain to others the times we are living.

Love to you all